National Lottery officials ask Peter Tatchell about banning grants to Churches he judges ‘homophobic’

Senior officials of the National Lottery have invited Peter Tatchell, the militant gay activist, to met with them to discuss his demand that Churches he judges ‘homophobic’ are banned from receiving lottery funding.  Peter Tatchell, the UK’s gay Czar, has set out his demands:

‘My concerns are very widely shared across the LGBT communities and by our straight allies: that the Lottery should not fund any organisation that does not fully comply with equal opportunities and non-discrimination – or which encourages prejudice of any sort.

“We assume that the Lottery does not fund racist organisations, even if their bid is for benign activities like literacy classes. Our expectation is that the same criterion should apply to homophobic organisations.’

“No lottery money should be given, directly or indirectly, to organisations that promote prejudice and discriminatory values. In a free society, extremist churches are entitled to believe that homosexuality is wrong, but they should not receive money that comes from the public and is intended to support good causes. Anti-gay bigotry is not a good cause.

“The government and national lottery need to establish tighter controls on grants, to ensure that homophobic and other hate-mongering organisations do not get funding.”

Peter Tatchell’s campaign already has the support of a  MP so expect to see it being raised in Parliament – Chris Bryant, the homosexual Labour MP for Rhondda, condemned lottery distributors for supporting faith groups with extremist views. He said: “I don’t object to religious charities being supported by the lottery, as many churches and religions do a great deal for society. But most people would be scandalised to hear that lottery money is being used by groups that peddle fundamentalist prejudice and bigotry.”

The Lesbian and Gay Foundation, a campaign group, said: “It is very concerning if organisations have been able to access funding if they openly discriminate against LGB people. It is important that faith groups can continue to access funding to undertake vital work within their communities. However, it is equally important that when applying for lottery funding, such groups believe and abide by equality values.”

Protect the Pope comment: Peter Tatchell has just announced the next phase of the militant gay political agenda against Churches that uphold the apostolic doctrine that homosexual acts are depraved, that homosexuality is an intrinsically disordered sexual desire, and that same-sex ‘marriages’are an impossibility.  The Catholic Church believes that homosexuality is wrong and therefore according to the UK gay Czar we  are condemned as an extremist church that promotes anti-gay bigotry. If Tatchell has his way the Catholic Church will be excluded from receiving National Lottery grants.

The homosexualists’ objective is to force us to bend the knee and offer incense to their depravity by threatening our finances.  Their cynical hope is that our leaders will put money before the moral doctrines of the Catholic Faith, as most dioceses did over the issue of gay adoption and Catholic adoption agencies. The Archdiocese of Southwark’s alleged acceptance of Stonewall ‘anti-homophobic’ workshops in one of its Primary Schools is a worrying indication of how some of our dioceses will respond to such threats. How will the dioceses respond when their charity status is threatened if they don’t comply to Caesar’s demand that we worship him?

32 comments to National Lottery officials ask Peter Tatchell about banning grants to Churches he judges ‘homophobic’

  • Michael B Rooke

    In his Bull, Mira Circa Nos* canonising St Francis of Assisi in 1228, Pope Gregory IX quoted Psalm 124:3 that seems a fitting statement of what we should seek.

    2. Behold how the Lord, when he destroyed the earth by water, saved the just man with a contemptible piece of wood (Wis. 10:4), did not allow the scepter of the ungodly to fall upon the lot of the just (Ps 124:3). Now, at the eleventh hour, he has called forth his servant, Blessed Francis, a man after his own heart (I Sam 13: 14)….

    The KJV (Ps 125:3) expresses the direct quotation perhaps most succinctly.

    For the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous; lest the righteous put forth their hands unto iniquity.


  • Karla

    No comment about banning funds from Mosques or other religious places of worship? Only Churches get targeted once again.

    • Deacon Nick Donnelly

      Yes, the only examples given in The Guardian report were Christian ecclesial communities, no mention of others, ‘Churches linked to online homophobia say lottery awards were used for community, not religious, purposes’

    • Matthew Booth

      Islam is no friend to homosexuals, either. This could just be selective reporting.

    • Pedro de Luna

      Peter Tatchell is well known as an outspoken critic of Iran and Islamist extremism. He has also taken the resultant death threats that go with such a stance. To suggest that he doesn’t stand up to bigots who are Muslim the way he stands up to bigots who are Christian is simply not born out by the facts.

      I would be proud to have half the courage or integrity of Peter Tatchell.

      • Karla

        Where is he saying that Mosques or other places of worship shouldn’t get funds? Islam isn’t exactly friendly to homosexual practice and yet Tatchell says nothing about funds not being available to Churches. It is so predictable.

        • Pedro de Luna

          Tatchell consistently refers to “religious groups” and “homophobic organisations”. The quote about “extremist churches”, which is taken out of context above, refers to a specific example that Tatchell was commenting on.

          Tatchell is far more forthright in his condemnation of homophobia and other civil rights violations within Islam than any other campaigner I know. Your attempt to portray him as cowardly or two faced says considerably more about you than about him.

          • Karla

            Tatchell does not mention any other Houses of worship other than Churches that should not receive national lottery funds in the context of National Lottery Funds and that is what this thread is about, not about what Tatchell condemns in other countries on other issues.

          • Pedro de Luna

            I have already explained to you that the comment about churches has been taken out of context.

  • Matthew Booth

    This comes down to funding, again. The Church cannot expect to fund discriminatory behaviour with public money. What it does with its own money is its own business.

    Flip the tables: in the US, Catholic employers object to paying for health insurance policies which also cover contraception. It is offensive to the Church that any proportion of the money it spends might be used in this way. The analogy is clear: it is offensive to the majority of the British public that any proportion of its money is spent on hate speech. I wholeheartedly agree with Peter Tatchell on this one.

    The majority of the British public does not share the Church’s view that homosexuals are depraved and intrinsically disordered. An appeal to the Bible and Church canon doesn’t even work on all (many?) Catholics, let alone anybody else.

    • Rifleman819

      Matthew Booth,
      How does your crystal ball work then?
      You have the intimate insight into the minds of millions of voters….the same voters who have just cost the Tory party nearly 400 councillors over two main issues-the EU and gay marriage.

      The RCC does not consider homosexuals “depraved”-where is your evidence for this assertion?
      And Peter Tatchell has never ,ever used any “hate speech” against Catholics ,has he?

    • Karla

      Matthew – why are you and Tatchell being selective in stopping funds to Churches? If you want to stop funds from going to Churches then do yo also support funds being stopped from going to Mosques and other Houses of worship that do not support practicing homosexuality? That is going to be a long list of Houses of worship having to stop funds too I bet and what about all the faith based charities that receive National Lottery funds? Want to stop funds to them too?

  • Joseph Matthew

    If Peter Tatchell in any way supports the Catholic Church, there is something wrong with the Church. If he condemns us, well and good.

  • Joseph Matthew

    I would have to agree with Mathew Booth to some extent. We now live in a culture of death and we have to learn to become counter-cultural. It is better for Catholic schools and charities to close rather than dissent from Church teachings. Let us pray that CAFOD and the Catholic School in Wimbledon which invited homosexuals return to the Church or close down.

    • ms Catholic state

      Joseph….parents have not even been consulted on anything in Catholic schools have they?! We are deemed unimportant…because we act like helpless mindless sheep in front of intimidatory educational ‘officials’. I would like to see this change before any schools were closed. I would like to see head-teachers who are loathe to teach the Catholic Faith…but so enthusiastic about teaching every anti-Catholic fad…sacked before any Catholic school were to close.

      Not everyone is able to home school or afford private education. Our Catholic schools are precious. Where is Greg Clovis when you need him?! We need parent power in our schools.

  • Rifleman819

    For Matthew Booth,
    In the few years of civil partnerships matched against civil heterosexual marriages in Register Offices-the percentage is about 3% over 7 years-excluding Church or Chapel weddings.(Source:ONS)

    So 97% of the adult marriageable population is not gay….and I dare say a number of them play the Lottery.

    By what status /elected standing does a Mr P.Tatchell….presume to dictate to the Lottery Funding bodies who should/should not receive funding?
    Can you tell me who elected this person to any representative office in a democracy comprising 60 million people?

    • Matthew Booth

      I am not gay, but I find discrimination against homosexuals offensive. Even if your 97% figure were well founded, it would be meaningless.

      • Andrzej


        Do you find discrimination against people who enjoy sex with multiple partners offensive?

        I mean, schools don’t invite people with such sexual desires to give lectures to kids, presumably because they don’t approve of such behavior. Yet there is no reason to believe that such behavior is any less natural than gay sex. There might be some individuals who really find it the only way of expressing their sexuality.

        So would you support a school that wishes to invite a multiple-partner sex enthusiast to come talk to the kids about alternative love arrangements and to help fight irrational abhorrence of such behavior?

      • Rifleman819

        Matthew Booth ,
        As meaningless as the “we are up to 15% of the population” -as touted by Stonewall some years ago?

        But again who is this Tatchell person?

        What standing or status does he have to tell the Lottery playing public what should be done with their own money?

        I find discrimination against Catholics offensive BTW.

      • peter

        Hi Matthew
        I am a catholic, and i agree with you in some ways. The church should not discriminate against homosexuals and we state in our teaching that ‘[Homosexuals] must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided’. If lottery money is given to the catholic church for a particular project and that particular project is discriminatory no funds should be given. However most lottery funding that goes to the catholic church is for projects for inner city projects, refugee and asylum work and such like. Peter Tatchell should not complain about these projects as they are some of the best social justice projects in the country and society would be poorer without them.

      • JamesM

        I find your views towards Christianity to be bigoted and offensive.

    • ms Catholic state

      Because basically….straight people are second class citizens now!

      • peter

        Hi Ms Catholic state
        I’m a straight man and do not feel second class – I’m not sure why you feel second class. Heterosexual men and women are not discriminated against in the UK, and catholics are free to believe whatever we want.

        • agent.provocateur

          That’s a lie, Peter. Christians are harassed in this country for their public display of faith (whether by deed or word). There have been numerous examples when people were fired from jobs for their Christian views.

          • peter

            hi agent.provocateur
            ‘That’s a lie’ – when all else fails use an ad hominem attack.

            Christians and people of any faith can believe whatever they want this country. Anyone who is harassed in the workplace, for whatever reason has recourse to the law. Can you give me an example when someone was fired for their Christian views.

  • ms Catholic state

    Peter Tatchell is guilty of discrimination and bigotry himself. He is practising Catholophobia. If this goes ahead….all Christians (and all people of goodwill) should make a fuss….and boycott the National Lottery, or better still set up one of their own. And as we must make clear while educating the public…Catholics regard all people as equal…but not all behaviours. Some are sinful.

    Strange how it is only Churches that he is targetting! Hmmm.

  • Joseph Matthew

    Was this the same Peter Tatchell who has written that man-boy love is not that harmful? What is he doing anywhere near a Catholic school?

  • David

    The government has promised to tackle extremism in all its forms.

  • Rifleman819

    For Pedro da Luna,

    Peter Tatchell and acolytes have disrupted Mass at Westminster Cathedral.

    Can you tell me when he did the same at Friday prayers at the Central London Mosque?
    Tatchell was a key player in the (sic) “Protest the Pope” demonstrations in London…..I may be wrong but I have never seen him leading a similar “Protest the Caliph” movement.
    Why is that? Can you explain? Perhaps on reflection don’t bother; because we both know the answer, don’t we?

  • I really believe that one of the main drivers of this problem is that the gay community – it’s militant branch, that is – have an organised, effective lobby whereas we do not. That’s the problem.

    I wonder when and where and how we are going to start fighting back??

  • Rifleman819

    Jack Regan,

    Laser-like analysis there. The Tatchell lobby group with friends in all sections of the media have set the agenda.

    We sit like frightened rabbits in the oncoming headlights of the Stonewall lorry.

    Time to throw a few Catholic caltrops onto the carriageway I think.

  • SteveD

    I really cannot understand why the government wishes to encourage an activity that is far more dangerous than e.g. smoking. Homosexuals live on average for about 20 years less than heterosexuals. They are many more times likely than heterosexuals to be in an abusive relationship and suffer domestic physical and sexual abuse, to be addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, to be promiscuous, to suffer from an STD, to become HIV positive, to die from AIDS, to commit suicide etc. etc. These facts hold no matter how ‘accepting’ a society happens to be. I have asked my MP this question but have not, of course, received any reply. Is it a matter of self loathing? Should we not be telling our bishops and MP’s about these very clear links between homosexuality, living with multiple associated risks and illness and consequent early death?

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