Pope Francis thinks Benson’s novel ‘Lord of the World’ describes the threat we face from secularist totalitarianism

One of Pope Francis’ favorite novels that he loves to cite is Robert Hugh Benson’s prophetic novel ‘Lord of the World’ that depicts the Church’s final struggles with the Antichrist and the Second Coming of Christ.

Sandro Magister writes:

‘Pope Francis sees the most terrible threat in what he calls “adolescent progressivism,” an enthusiasm for progress that in reality backfires – he says – against peoples and nations, against their Catholic identity, “in close relationship with a conception of the state that is to a large extent a militant secularism.”

Last Sunday he broke a lance for the legal protection of the embryo in Europe. In Buenos Aires his tenacious opposition against the laws for free abortion and “gay” marriage is not forgotten. In the spread of similar laws all over the world, he sees the offensive of “an imperialist conception of globalization,” which “constitutes the most dangerous totalitarianism of postmodernity.”

It is an offensive that, for Bergoglio, bears the mark of the Antichrist, as in a novel that he loves to cite: “Lord of the World” by Robert H. Benson, an Anglican priest, son of an Archbishop of Canterbury, who converted to Catholicism a century ago.

In his homilies as pope, the very frequent references to the devil are not a rhetorical device. For Pope Francis, the devil is more real than ever, he is “the prince of this world” whom Jesus defeated forever but who is still free to do evil. In a homily a few days ago, he warned: “Dialogue is necessary among us, for peace. But with the prince of this world one cannot dialogue. Ever.”

Protect the Pope comment: During this time of great evil in which 1.7 billion babies have been murdered through abortion, a Silent Holocaust that is presented by the media and politicians as a great good, God’s providence has given us a pope who is alive to the reality of the Devil stalking our world and to the smoke of Satan in the Church. Robert Hugh Benson’s novel ‘Lord of the World’ prophetically describes the atheistic secular world that is taking shape around us as we speak. Read it.


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  • KLM

    Your readers may be interested to know that ‘Lord of the World’ is available to download for free at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lord-of-the-World-ebook/dp/B00846TDR8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1368778275&sr=8-1&keywords=Lord+of+the+World
    I will read it with interest.

  • Rifleman819

    Deacon Nick,

    I haven’t read Benson’s book for many ,many years.It was published in 1907/8 and has many futuristic aspects.RH Benson was the son of Edward Benson(1829-96)who was the Archbishop of Canterbury(1883-96).

    Benson’s novel is becoming truth before our eyes as the Western world unravels through humanistic , totaliterian secularism….and indeed nearly all expressions of Christianity in Europe appear to be on the back foot.

    The one prophetic element missing from Benson’s pen is the stupendous rise of European Islam in the last 50 years.

    My own view -in the long term-is that when the humanists think they have “won” and Christianity is defeated, apart from the stubborn enclaves of suppressed Catholicism…..the final denouement will then be a showdown between secularism and Islam.
    Whilst this is bloodily contested on the streets of European cities….underground Catholicism will re-emerge and flourish.
    Christus vincit ..as was , is and will be.Amen.

  • Wake up England

    Benson not only became a Catholic, he was ordained a Catholic priest

  • Paul Priest

    That is spookily synchronicitous…totally unaware of this I bought the book on kindle last night – merely because I was reading mgr Benson’s brother’s Mapp & Lucia books!!!!

  • Jadis

    A wonderful book, which improves with re-reading, as the delicate brush strokes are the most frightening parallels with the world of today. It is a huge relief that Pope Francis likes this book. I wonder if a certain cardinal who thought his election held supernatural portents would agree, though…….(Spoilers follow)

    Of particular interest is the “feminine” Fr Francis who defects to the dark side – and the abomination set up in Westminster Cathedral – shades of Assissi ecumenism. Masons get a good drubbing. King William of England converts and lives in Rome….Government reserved car lanes on motorways… carpet bombing of non-military targets…A cardinal is a traitor…..oooh do read it. You will pinch yourself to remember it was written in 1907

  • John Gramstadt

    I read that book avidly on a long haul flight. It is remarkably prophetic and sobering and when Pope Francis speaks I listten. It behooves us all to guard the depths of our souls by frequenting the Sacraments and performing Works of Mercy as we fortify ourselves ahead of the trials that await

  • Ian

    What an apalling mangling of the English language. Take out the Catesby plot and the revenge, in this case the destruction of ‘Rome’ and Armageddon the rest makes the Westboro Basptist Church sound reasonable.

    If this is one of the favourite pieces of literature in the pope’s list he is not as intelligent as you would might like to believe.

  • Ian

    Sorry about the mangling!! last line should read ….. you might like to believe ;o)

  • Sonja

    Benson`s vision of Europe`s fate is extraordinarily precise and almost prophetic given the date of its composition. A work of enormous intelligence and a neglected catholic masterpiece. — directly from an Amazon reviewer. Ian – By being judgmental about intelligence levels to appreciate and quote a book that put today’s secular problems into perspective over 100 years ago — maybe the lack of intelligence lies with you and not with the Pope?

  • Ian

    You could say it was prophetic if that is your judgement, but that is all it is, your judgement. The re-telling of the Catesby plot, which of course just happens to be a Catholic plot to blow up Parliament in the early 17th Century is ok, and the retribution by destroying Rome as against the burning of Guy Fawkes at the stake is one thing but to claim in your words that ‘it is extraordinary precise’ is stretching things a little.

    It may be what you wish, ie ‘the final battle’ etc but Catholicism has always been seen as a death cult. Realists like me see this chance of life as one to be seized with both hands and get what you can out of it. My aim is to leave my imprint on the planet better for my existence; what I do, I do because I consider it to be the right thing to do and not because I want to impress some ‘non-existent deity’ that I am pious. What are your motives?

    As far as my comments of intelligentce are concerned I suggest, with respect, that you should read it again this time more carefully. There is more mangled and meaningless verbage in that book than in anything else that I have ever read, especially in the second half. Spouting nonsense does not make it great literature even if you have decided that it carries a message that you think prophetic.

    Please realise that the OT myths upon which the bible is based were in existence for centuries before being written down and according to the biblical textural experts believed, for the most part, to have been written down by the Prophet Esther on the release of the Israelites. The NT gospels were not created until the second half the first century of the CE, Mark being the first, Mathew and Luke were based on that and John on Luke; the entire ‘book’ of canonical gospels was written for a specific audience and that does not include 21stC Europeans. One of the biggest issues with the NT is that the township of Nazareth did not exist until somewhere between the middle of the 1stC CE and the 4thC CE.

    If you are going to accuse me of a lack of intelligence please do me the courtesy of at least spending some time on research before leaping to erroneous conclusions.

  • Sonja

    You are obviously a well researched scholar and love shredding the content of the book and its prophetic visions to shreds. I don’t pretend to have the scripture or history insight that you obviously have. But to publicly rebuke the Pope’s intelligence based on his reported ‘love of a book’, and then to rebuke anyone that dares to question your comment — now leads me to think that you value your intelligence above respect for the views of others, including our Pope, recently presented to us by the Holy Spirit.

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