Enda Kenny talks about being a dad watching his children grow up while planning to kill Irish babies

During his commencement address to students at the Jesuit university Boston College Enda Kenny talked about the joys of being a dad watching his children grow up while at the same time he is planning to legalise abortion in Ireland, which if it becomes law will mean that he is personally responsible for thousands of Irish children in the future not having the opportunity to grow up or ask their mums and dads the delightful questions that Enda Kenny so obviously enjoys.

Enda Kenny said:

“Today, you might feel as if you blinked, only to find your child here, grown, radiant,” he said, addressing the parents of the graduates.  “Their newly-minted degrees imposters in a life where a whole five-minutes ago, you yourselves, were the font of all knowledge.

“How do bees buzz? If we can see the wind, how come air is invisible ? Why is Green? What does it taste like?  As a Dad, I know that for us, these are areas of both natural brilliance and acquired expertise.”

Today…above all, it’s a day to be thankful for your parents, your step-parents, those who have been as good-as-parents, and your grandparents,” he told the class.

“To them, I say look at what you did. You made these young men and women. You made them with your love, exhaustion, exasperation, imagination,” he added.

“Today then, as your newly-graduated son or daughter, crosses the lawn, You might find yourself catching your breathing at the turn of the head, a fleeting expression, that you know has its origins deep in generations, histories, secrets long past.

But today, those very generations are exhaling long and proud and deep. Because, today, they have been proved right. Today, their descendants and yours are living proof of the power of their imagining.”

Protect the Pope comment: Enda Kenny’s celebration of the joys of parenthood and the poignant joy of watching children grow up at the very moment that he is planning to legalise the murder of unborn children reveals  the moral disconnect that individuals create to enable them to contemplate and then perpetrate great evil. We are all familiar with the accounts during the Holocaust of SS guards committing acts of utter depravity and then going home to play with their children in the garden.  To be able to commit evil acts the individual has to strictly compartmentalize the different parts of their life – the depraved evil that they support, facilitate and do and the normal, good life of ordinary people that they share. Many Catholic politicians appear to have perfected this unnatural compartmentalization of their lives into an abominable art. For God’s sake will some bishop have the courage and love to challenge this deadly sickness of the soul?


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  • Lola

    “Today, you might feel as if you blinked, only to find your child here, grown, radiant…”.

    What a farce! The other side of the coin which his pro-abortion position supports is: “Today, you might feel as if you blinked, only to find that you are a parent of a dead child!”

  • Karla

    Those in Boston College who thought it was acceptable for Enda Kenny to be honored with an honorary doctorate went against:

    1. Boston’s own Cardinal, O’Malley, who stepped down from attending the commencement address.

    2. Protest signatures of more than seven thousand people:


    3. Following statement from the USSCB that, ‘The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.’


    Boston college is going to have this shame on its record forever and people are going to look at this college with this record which now taints this college.

  • Karla

    Boston College Betrays the Unborn. Catholics Protest.

    • Wake up England

      Where is our Pope (sorry, Bishop of Rome)? One assumes Cardinal O’Malley has told him what’s going on. Surprising, in my opinion, that he chose not to put a stop to this. Am I alone in so thinking?

  • ms Catholic state

    Our Lady Queen of Ireland…..please stay the hand of this executioner….we beg thee. Amen.

  • comte de Frebonius

    Can we really blame Enda Kenny for this? it was reported that when the Dail voted to bring in contraception, his father made all possible haste to vote for that motion; like father, like son! The fact today also emerged in the Irish Catholic newspaper, that Irish army personnel, were barred from attending a Mass offered for the dead of the 1916 Rising, so it looks now that they will probably attempt to do away with chaplains to the Irish Defence Forces, as a means of economic necessity!!

  • Joseph Matthew

    It would be an utter scandal for Kenny to present himself for Holy Communion.

    • Wake up England

      Yes it would. But I don’t suppose the Irish bishops will have the guts to order all priests to refuse him Holy Communion (if he ever goes to Mass). We’ll see won’t we?

  • Richard

    As someone with Irish connections I think that English people have little conception of the immense damage the Irish church has suffered following the Ryan and Murphy reports. In many areas of society there is now the most intense and bitter anti-Catholic feeling and angry sense of betrayal. People here seem to think that in just a few years all this will be easily healed, but it will not. The younger generation in Ireland has been very largely alienated from the Church and is not going to be impressed by demonstrations of superior Catholic morality on abortion or any other issue. In fact that is likely to exacerbate things even more. There is a big dilemma for the Church here, as it clearly must continue to be true to itself, but setting itself against the government is not the way to go. The Irish church will need to hang its head in shame for a long time to come. Its claim to moral high ground is in ruins.

    • Michael Petek

      The Catholic Church in Ireland was felled by a one-two punch.

      Punch number one was the infiltration of the clergy by paedophiles.

      Punch number two is now delivered by a fist named Enda Kenny.

      And so, off goes Ireland to its destruction on the bandwagon of abortion, followed by a cavalcade of euthanasia and unrestrained promiscuity and barbarism.

    • Denis

      Richard what many Catholic priests and nuns in Ireland did was quite literally so appalling as to be unbelievable, but the answer does not lie in a descent into a narcissistic orgy of self destruction.

      • Michael Petek

        Denis, what I think Richard is saying is that the younger generation of Irish has turned its back not only on the Catholic Church, but on Jesus Christ Himself. The clergy sex abuse scandal serves them, and Enda Kenny, as an excuse. As St John wrote, they went out from among us because they never were of us.

      • Richard

        Who would say that “a descent into a narcissistic orgy of self destruction” is the answer? Not I for one.

        To Michael Petek I would say that “infiltration of the clergy by paedophiles” is a very strange way to put it, as if paedophilia were not endemic in the Catholic priesthood – all over the world, it seems. I think the younger generation of Irish people might say that they are not rejecting Christ, but that they cannot recognise him in the Catholic Church. I find it appalling that even after the Ryan and Murphy reports people are still making excuses for the Church, not accepting proper responsibility for its failings and and trying to shift blame for these elsewhere – anywhere in fact rather than where it belongs.

        • Michael Petek

          Paedophilia is no more endemic in the Catholic priesthood than in any other occupation. The case I am making is that we might well suspect -reasonably orotherwise – that there may have been a conspiracy of some kind to destroy Ireland as a Christian country, first by getting men into the priesthood who were already paedophiles. Then, once they had done their work, the conspiracy moves to phase two, and that’s where Enda Kenny comes in.

          A sign that the younger generation are rejecting Jesus Christ is that they’re not exactly lining up to join Ian Paisley’s church.

          • Jonathan Marshall

            Richard and Michael,

            Paedophilia isn’t – and never was – the problem. Paedophilia is a sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children; the vast majority of the sexual abuses were committed by homosexual priests on teenage boys. That’s not paedophilia, that’s predatory homosexuality.

            But of course we’re not allowed to criticise sodomites, are we?

          • Michael Petek

            Jonathan! If you visit this blog often enough you’ll see that I do criticise sodomites, and in doing so I use the ‘s’ word quite liberally.

    • Dave

      Richard, I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to be more wrong than you are. I AM Irish and I’ve watched this country turn into an open sewer as the influence of the Church has receded. The intense anti-Catholicism you speak of did not come from any sense of betrayal by the Church (although we did screw up royally, both through the paedophile scandals and post-Vatican II liberalism). Despite the hot air expended in the Irish media, few people over here care about the victims of paedophile clergy. To those who control public discourse, they are merely a stick to beat the Church with. If you doubt what I say, consider this: last year, a report of the Irish government admitted that between 2000 and 2010, 190 children in the care of the state (NOT the Church, the state) died from suicide, drug abuse and basic neglect. That’s 19 a year for ten years. When the report came out, it merited barely a word in the Dail from Enda Kenny – the same Enda Kenny who excoriated the Church for historical abuse in the same chamber barely a year before. The media reported the matter without comment and the whole story has been completely submerged ever since. Nobody cared. No follow-up, no checking to see if any changes had been made, no investigative reporting, nothing. The media didn’t care because in a liberal republic there’s an unspoken covenent between state and people: the state won’t criticize the citizens for living like pigs, and in return the citizens won’t critize their government for neglecting their responsibilities.

      The Church, on the other hand, is hated because (at least some of) its prelates are willing to stand up and shout out the difference between right and wrong. The Church is a drag; the Church is a nuisance; the Church should just be nice and “compassionate” towards us when we act like pigs in a sty, and if it doesn’t, well, now with this whole paedophile thing, we’ve got stones to throw at the Church. Doesn’t matter that we don’t care a rap about the 190 children dead in state care; doesn’t matter that the clerical abusers coming to trial now are from points ever further back in history; doesn’t matter that no new abuse cases are being unearthed. All that matters is that the Church won’t tell us that we’re good people when we’re acting badly. That’s not “nice”; it makes us feel bad.

      And that’s the reason why the Church MUST stand up to the government. Because if it doesn’t, if it lies down with the likes of Enda Kenny, it’s going to get up with fleas. The Church in Ireland was contaminated by its connection with profane authority in the past. “Reaching out” and being “inclusive” will just perpetuate that contamination. Let the Church be incendiary and subversive, as it was always meant to be, for like the Founder said, the gates of Hell will not prevail against us.

      • Richard

        Maybe it depends on which Irish people you talk to. And surely “open sewer” is a grotesque exaggeration. Have a look at Hogarth’s pictures of 18th century Britain, a time when the Christian religion was in the driving seat and when every social problem people ever face was far worse than anything we meet today.

        • Alpha Rabbit

          “Let the Church be incendiary and subversive, as it was always meant to be, for like the Founder said, the gates of Hell will not prevail against us.”

          I agree. The Catholic Church needs to return to it’s radical roots and become relevant once more amongst its founding European flock. The liberal marxist regime of the 1960s is beginning to crumble and a new order will define the future. Just like the fall of the evil anti-human Soviet Union, the Catholic church needs to be at the forefront of this struggle.

          Take a look at the huge anti-gay marriage protests in France. 200,000 largely healthy young European mean and women taking to the streets to proclaim their objections to this gross immorality. A policy purposely designed to damage the family unit as the cornerstone of a civilised European society.

          We should also follow the lead of German Cardinal Joachim Mesner who has been one of the first brave high profile figures in the Catholic church to speak out about the injustice of the genocidal anti-White system. Flooding all and only White countries with mass non-White immigration and then implementing policies of forced assimilation is genocide as defined by the United Nations.

          White genocide is about to become THE defining issue of our time. Let us hope the Catholic church rediscovers its purpose and stands united with the European people against the evil and injustice we are facing today.


    • Lynda

      Your analysis is completely wrong. The Church in Ireland was mostly ruined way before any Govt commissioned reports on how dioceses dealt with allegations of child sex abuse. The destruction happened mainly in the seventies and eighties, finished off in nineties. It was mainly due to the truth of the Faith not being taught in parishes and schools, but rather heresies. I was born in the late sixties and heresy has abounded in parishes and schools all my life. Catholic morality is the morality of natural reason that everyone can recognise as true.

  • Richard

    Maybe they don’t want to have anything to do with organised religion as such, but this is not necessarily a sign that people are rejecting Christ or God. God is not confined to the Catholic Church and after the abuse scandal it is not surprising if people turn their backs on the Church, not God.
    Since paedophilic abuse is widespread in the Catholic Church I think it fair to say that it is endemic, though of course the great majority of priests are good caring hard-working people who would not dream of abusing anyone. Your theory of infiltration to destroy the Church in Ireland sounds quite barmy to me. Enda Kenny has been PM for about two years. The abuse was going on for decades. To make him responsible for the downfall of the Church is as shameful as Deacon Nick tarring him with the same brush as the SS.
    One thing that might make me despair of the Catholic Church is the way in which people are still downplaying the scandal and blaming everyone else for it. If the Church is ever to recover it can only be on the basis of truth, not crackpot conspiracy theories.

    • Michael Petek

      If people are not rejecting Christ, then one would expect them to see them joining or forming independent Evangelical congregations, abstaining from abortion and euthanasia. What we do see, especially in Enda Kenny, is a spitefully anti-Christian enthusiasm for abortion.

  • Joseph Matthew

    Richard, we now know that the majority of victims of clergy abuse are adolescent males. So I agree with you that there has to be a holy intolerance of individuals with deep seated same sex attraction joining the priesthood.

  • Lynda

    Morality is based on reason. When objective morality is denied, so is reason. This is the eventual result of denying God. Might becomes right. The systematic killing of children in utero is the most grave evil imaginable. If innocent defenceless children who rely on others to care for and protect them, are systematically targetted and their right to life taken from them by the state, this is outright totalitarianism where the state will decide who has human rights and who hasn’t on any given day. And of course, the proposed legislation is in fundamental breach of constitutional and the natural law. It can never be valid and must be referred to the Supreme Court if the oireachtas purports to pass it (which, of course, it doesn’t have the authority to do).

  • It is a very sad Time for Ireland which has always been a jewel in the crown of CatholicismHowever you cannot expect that after years of Church domination and women finally feeling free from this that there would not be a backlash The history of the church in Ireland has been one of subjugation of women and sexual abuse has been endemic Now the church cannot take the high moral ground because it has lost all credibility with the Laity in matters such as these Young people have become part of this movement of freedom from the the restrictions of the past the a catholic priest is no longer a demi God to diff the cap to You cannot compare a democratically elected politician to the Nazi regime and set the church against the state Look to the history of the Church in Ireland to find the reasons for its demise

    • Wake up England

      Maureen: To get back to the subject, do you support the Jesuits at Boston College in their decision to honour Enda Kenny given his stance on abortion? Or do you think it’s a matter of grave scandal for the world’s Catholics?

  • Wake up England

    I cannot understand why the Vatican did not intervene. Surely this matter must have been drawn to The Pope’s attention? What is one to make of this silence?

    • Wake up England

      AND: instead of “Boycotting” the proceedings, why didn’t the bishop forbid this scandal? The message being sent out is that abortion is not that big a deal at the “grassroots” level.

      • Lynda

        Exactly. Refusing to attend is simply what any person of good will and right reason would/should have done. As the Bishop responsible for the upholding of Faith and Morals in Catholic educational institutions in his diocese, he ought to have exercised his ecclesiastical and moral authority and ordered them to not honour Mr Kenny or be disciplined. It is farcical. It seems that many Bishops are doing and not doing things which tend to encourage people to lose their Faith, and their knowledge of good and evil.

        • Wake up England

          You have put it much better than I did. What you say is glaringly and obviously true.

          Many of our bishops are a disaster and would not have been promoted to high managerial rank in any company; or if they had been they’d have been sacked by now. This inept nonsense from the successors of the apostles is truly shocking. And what, I ask, are the Top Brass in Rome doing?

          It appears to me that the Jesuit order must approve of abortion. What other logical conclusion CAN one reach in the face of this business?

  • Joseph Matthew

    Maureen, I appreciate that many non-Christians in once Catholic Ireland have your point of view. The Irish removed themselves from the “shackles” of Catholicism in order to enter the European dream only to find the dream turning into a nightmare. As with Europe,Ireland will soon have abortion on demand and euthanasia. Humanly speaking, Ireland is dying.

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