Is this the start of the Soho Masses Pastoral Council taking over the 18:15 pm Farm Street Masses?

The latest newsletter of the Soho Masses Pastoral Council indicates that they have taken over responsibility for music at the 18. 15pm at Farm Street  every two weeks, and plan to introduce music at other 18.15 pm Masses. The newsletter states:

‘Forthcoming Masses: June 2013: The Jesuit Church of the Immaculate Conception, 114 Mount Street W1K 3AH, 18.15 – 9 June & 23 June.  It is hoped to introduce music at other 18.15 Masses over the next weeks.’

No one can complain about Catholics wanting to praise the Lord with music but the whole point behind Archbishop Nichols stopping the Soho Masses was that those homosexuals who accepted the move to Farm Street would be integrated into the parish Mass. It appears that the Soho Masses Pastoral Council are taking responsibility for music at the 18.15 pm Mass as the Soho Masses Pastoral Council not as ordinary members of the Farm Street parish. No doubt this is the same Soho Masses Pastoral Council music group that conducted music at Warwick Street, Soho.

It is clear from their newsletter that the Soho Masses Pastoral Council remains a distinct group after the move to Farm Street, that is organizing a parallel pastoral structure to the parochial pastoral structure of the Immaculate Conception, Farm Street. The newsletter still shows Terry Weldon as the member of the Soho Masses Pastoral Council  Member responsible for Readers, Extraordinary Ministers Rota and Pastoral Planning. Now that the SMPC appears to have taken over music at the 18.15 pm Masses how long until they also take over bidding prayers? How long until the Farm Street Masses are just the same as the Warwick Street Masses?

The newsletter also makes it clear that the Soho Masses Pastoral Council is supporting and promoting the London Gay Pride, the annual celebration of the active homosexual lifestyle. The Soho Masses Pastoral Council intend to have a stall advertising their work, as they have done in the past.

Protect the Pope comment: No one can complain about the provision of pastoral care to persons suffering the condition of homosexuality, because it is an act of mercy to help others with a disordered sexual attraction lead chaste lives according to God’s purpose for sexuality. But this is not what the Soho Masses Pastoral Council does. The Soho Masses Pastoral Council celebrates and affirms this disordered sexual attraction.  Archbishop Nichols must know this, but he decided not to disband the Soho Masses Pastoral Council and instead gave them his mandate to organise pastoral provision for homosexuals in London. This one move on his part has guaranteed that they will not integrate into an ordinary Catholic parish but will remain a distinct group. The concern must be that the SMPC plans to gradually take over the 18.15 pm Masses at Farm Street until it is in a position to reproduce the ‘rainbow’ Masses of Warwick Square.


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  • Lynda

    Why have Archbishop Nichols and other disobedient Bishops and priests not been disciplined, removed from Ministry? All of these scandals put souls in jeopardy. It makes one suspect that there is blackmail or some other such preventing the necessary action in very many cases.

  • Pat

    Exactly. Abp Nichols kept up the pretence that the Warwick Street Masses were ordinary parish Masses, until one of the SMPC Mass sheets with a ‘hymn’ which contained the phrase ‘Lesbian! Gay! Bisexual! Transgendered! became public . . .
    I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before the SMPC wear the Farm Street priests down, and then all the shenanigans that used to occur at Warwick Street will happen again here. The SMPC are very persistent, if nothing else.
    Please email Fr Cameron-Mowat at Farm Street and share your concerns, or at least alert him to this article. Also, regarding the SMPC’s involvement in ‘Pride’, they will dishonestly claim, as they have done in the past, that it is right and proper that they should be an outreach to those who feel rejected by the Church because of their sexuality, and where better to find such people than on a ‘gay pride’ rally. If they were helping souls away from the sexually active lifestyle and leading them to Christ, that would be fine, but that isn’t the case. They mislead them by telling them that Church teaching has changed (or rather that Church teaching on homosexuality isn’t binding on the faithful, being ‘lower down in the hierarchy of truths’) and that they can receive the sacraments while still being sexually active.
    Farm Street is already facilitating promotion of ‘Pride’, by permitting the SMPC newsletter to be given out at the 6.15pm Mass.

  • Peter Northcott

    This blog actually has nothing to do with protecting the Pope. It provides no apologetic in defence of the Office of Peter and the Papacy, but your own, moralistic crusade (although all the issues you tackle are very important indeed, but they’re nothing to do with protecting the aforementioned).

    This Blog simply allows you to vent your spleen and do absolutely nothing constructive. Take the lead. Give us reports of what you’ve done, especially copies of letters you’ve written to the relevant people/Bishops condemning what they’re doing. Set an example: enthuse us with your courage to confront them to their faces. Then I’d be right behind you.

    If you don’t do anything serious about it and take the lead, it seems to me this blog is simply for a coterie of sad people who love scandal, gossip, detraction, and calumny, just like the ecclesial equivalent of Sun readers, and you provide the ‘Page 3′.

    Every time one of these issues raises its ugly head, you should write to the relevant authority. Get Finigan, Briggs, Boyle, etc, to petition the Bishops with this, and don’t just whinge. Make it very public. Present it to the Bishops – or whomever – and have the Catholic Herald there to take photos.

    • Damian

      I think you will find this site came into being in the run up to Pope B16 visit to the uk in reaction to the virulent anti Pope agenda of Protest the Pope. It has always been a much needed forum for debate of Papal and hence Catholic Church issues and has evolved accordingly. It is not designed as as a site for boasting activities although many have described their humble activities and encouraged others by providing links and addresses.
      Faithful Catholics on this site have as much right to express concerns & frustrations as anyone else, and much is said out of love and charity. Faithful Catholics are also entitled to rebuke those who are promoting behaviour that contradicts the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church.
      If you don’t like PtP, there is no obligation to visit or post comments , you would probably be happier.

    • Andrzej

      This blog provides information to those who wish to read it. No one expects a blogwriter (nor a journalist in general) to act on the information or analysis provided.

    • Pat

      Blogs such as this one exist PRECISELY BECAUSE the clergy and lay faithful are sick and tired of complaining to their bishops about abuses, and getting absolutely nowhere.

    • Melchy

      I don’t see how this blog can be seen as doing anything except protect the Pope, not to mention the rest of the Church. It is alerting us to a problem. How is that not ‘taking the lead’? It isn’t ‘gossip’ either. And when has the Catholic Herald stood up against the gay onslaught? Do I take it that Peter is waiting for someone to take the lead in order to support them?

  • Genty

    No surprise there. I’d suggest writing to the estimable Nuncio, but who knows what’s down the road?

  • peter

    I think this needs to be seen in context of the increasing number of cardinals and bishops who are openly stating that gay civil partnerships should be respected. And it is not the usual liberal bishops who are saying this.


  • AsItIs

    A G A I N ……The Second Message of Garabandal
    JUNE 18, 1965

    As my message of October 18 has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world, I am advising you that this is the last one. Before, the cup was filling up. Now it is flowing over.
    Many cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. You should turn the wrath of God away from yourselves by your efforts.

  • Michael Voris reran this week an earlier Vortex episode about the homosexual sub-culture in the Catholic Church. It can be seen on You Tube here.

    The Vortex episode, which is well worth a watch, is about a report written by a Polish Priest, Fr Dariusz Oko, which exposes a powerful “gay mafia” operating within the church. It can be found here:

    The report is very troubling.

    In the same order of ideas:

  • I was criticised in some quarters for pointing out that Pope Benedict had deliberately snubbed Archbishop Nichols when he omitted him from the list of cardinals created at the consistory of February 2012 (I submitted a piece on this, demonstrating clearly that it was a snub and had nothing to do with Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor still being a cardinal elector, to The Catholic Herald but it wasn’t published; in fairness, my reference to it in an article for the Scottish Catholic Observer was edited out). Clearly, the Archbishop either (a) misreads our new Pope entirely and thinks he is a trendy liberal who will be impressed with his bending over forwards to accommodate the SMPC in a Jesuit parish, or, (b) has finally accepted that his visions of ever fulfilling an appointment at Fratelli Gammarelli (located in a wee street just behind the Pantheon) are a product of his delusions of adequacy and so has decided to issue a defiant V-sign to the Pope by bending over forwards to accommodate the SMPC in a Jesuit parish. Either way, it is beginning to look more and more likely that the incumbent on the banks of the Clyde will be deemed worthy of the Sacred Roman Purple before an incumbent (I nearly wrote “encumbrance”) on the banks of the Thames is.

  • Joseph Matthew

    The Holy Father has with amazing courage spoken of a gay lobby that is damaging the Church. A Polish priest speaks of a “homoheresy” afflicting the Church. Humanly speaking, the gay lobby is winning and we need to confront this issue with charity.

  • Nicholas Dyson

    What this group needs is a Mass that has not been emasculated such as the Traditional Mass.

  • It’s always the Jesuits, isn’t it? I don’t know what happened to them, but they are now so far off the reservation they barely qualify as Catholic at all anymore. Time for another suppression, anyone?

  • Francis

    O do give us all a break from your unhealthy obsession with homosexuals and homosexuality! Anyone thinking of becoming a Roman Catholic would be totally put off by the nasty, busybodying, holier-than-thou people who write in Pope Francis would have very little in common with you! And nor, I suspect, would Jesus Christ.

    • Rifleman 819

      Francis ,

      Indeed……..that really really nasty,busybodying, holier -than-thou text called the “Catechism of the Catholic Church”-to whit No 327..placed just below wilful murder….”the sin of Sodom”…………as one of the 4 sins crying to heaven for vengeance

  • Rifleman 819

    Deacon Nick ,

    Your comment is almost probably going to be 100% true in its prediction.

    What is GV Nichols scared of?

    Is an outing threatened??-and I don’t mean a day trip to Skegness, either.

  • Rifleman 819

    As a follow up……,

    As ABW Vincent Nichols has been granted the authority of the pallium in his archdiocese…to uphold and maintain the teaching of the Catholic church.

    In this whole business he has pandered to the ever growing and extravagant whims of a disordered community in the ADW.

    This is not within his mandate as the Archbishop.

    If he does not wish to be in or remain at the Archdiocese of Westminster then he should have the good grace to let the people he is supposed to be leading to know of that position and then submit his resignation.

    At some stage you have to display leadership.The diocese has been waiting over 4 years for any evidence of it.

  • Joseph Matthew

    Thank you Deacon Nick for pointing this out. Fully believing Catholics do not like bad news but we need to know, so that we can make it public, present it to the bishops and take the lead.

  • peter

    Maybe the The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has a greater insight into these matters than we do.


    • Rifleman 819

      Maybe the Papal Nuncio has a greater insight into these matters than the Catholic Bishops’ Conference has.

      • peter

        Maybe the Papal Nuncio has a great insight into these matters but he is not a member of the Bishops Conference. His role is not as a ‘snitch’, rather a link between the diocese of England and Wales and Rome. His task is to help the bishops conference not to run back to Rome with tales of Farm Street.
        The Nuncio has no supervisory role over any bishop in the UK, any bishop still has the right to deal directly with Rome. I would add that on this particular point, as it is about liturgy, the Bishop is the chief liturgist in any diocese and a Nuncio will be very aware of this.

        There is no need to set the Nuncio against the Bishops Conference, there aim will be to work together for the greater good.


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