Belgium and Netherlands ready to expand euthanasia to children, babies and dementia patients

In two separate developments the Belgium parliament and the Dutch Medical association are ready to extend euthanasia to children, babies and adult patients with Alzheimer’s and other dementia diseases who are judged incompetent, who will be killed without their consent.

LifeSiteNews reports:

A consensus among members of the Belgian Federal Parliament has reportedly formed in support of legislation to allow children to choose to undergo euthanasia in certain dire cases, according to a report in the Belgian daily newspaper Der Morgen, as translated by the Paris-based news agency Presseurop.

If child euthanasia is legalized in Belgium, the country would become the first in the developed world to have a law on the books formally allowing the practice.

The bill, introduced by the Socialist party last December, lays out guidelines for doctors to decide on a case-by-case basis whether or not a child is mature enough to make the decision to end his or her own life, as well as whether a child’s health is grave and hopeless enough to warrant euthanasia.

“The idea is to update the law to take better account of dramatic situations and extremely harrowing cases we must find a response to,” Socialist party leader Thierry Giet said shortly after the bill was introduced.

“On both sides of the linguistic border, liberals and socialists appear to agree on the fact that age should not be regarded as a decisive criterion in the event of a request for euthanasia.”

The decision to consider the bill follows months of testimony by medical experts, doctors, clergy members and others, and it marks a turning point in the nation’s approach to the rights of young people, some of whom would be able to choose to die if the law were to pass, even while still being legally barred from driving, marrying, voting or drinking liquor until they turned 18.

The bill would also likely allow euthanasia for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and other diseases leading to advanced dementia, who may otherwise be deemed incompetent to make the decision to die. There were 1,133 cases of euthanasia recorded in Belgium in 2011, accounting for about 1 percent of the country’s deaths that year.

A majority of members of the Belgian Parliament are reportedly ready to pass the child euthanasia bill.

The Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG), which represents doctors in the Netherlands, has said that distress felt by parents can justify euthanasia of a dying newborn.

The Netherlands has since 2005 not prosecuted doctors who perform euthanasia on some minors as long as the doctors act in accordance with a set of medical guidelines dubbed the Groningen Protocol, drafted by Dr Eduard Verhagen in 2004.

Verhagen reported in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) in 2005 on 22 babies with spina bifida who were given lethal injections under the protocol over a seven year period.

However, in a new policy document, ‘Medical decisions about the lives of newborns with severe abnormalities’ the KNMG now explains why it is acceptable, and perhaps even necessary, to euthanase children.

What is new about this statement is that it says that the parents’ suffering may be a reason to kill the newborn.

The criteria for euthanasing newborns are as follows (from page 54 of the report): if the child is suffering, if it cannot express its own wishes, if death is inevitable and if the dying process is prolonged, then the child may be euthanased in order to spare the parents further severe suffering.

Protect the Pope comment: As if coping with a seriously ill or dying child was not bad enough now Belgium and Dutch parents are facing the hellish situation of doctors pressuring them to allow medical staff to kill their children. What is the state of palliative medicine in Belgium and Holland? How is the hospice movement doing in these two countries?  The extension of euthanasia will grab all the headlines, allowing the legalisation of compulsory euthanasia to dementia sufferers to be slipped in without notice or much comment. Then we can expect the scope of compulsory euthanasia to be widened in successive acts of parliament.

19 comments to Belgium and Netherlands ready to expand euthanasia to children, babies and dementia patients

  • Lynda

    Satan is worshipped by many people and many states. We should be in the streets. If Catholics are not being persecuted by these regimes, they are not standing against the most extreme manifestations of evil. Blessed Michael the Archangel defend us in the hour of conflict …

  • Michael Petek

    This, I fear, is the point at which God walks out on Belgium and the Netherlands and abandons them to destruction.

    • Tim

      Surely that would be a logically impossible action for a god to perform. Or have I misunderstood the meaning of omnipotent?

      • Michael Petek

        Ehat I mean by this is that God removes his hand of protection over a nation and allows it to suffer the consequences of its own sins: social chaos and collapse. Then – possibly – the Muslims take over.

  • Peter

    That is so far from catholic theology of the incarnation I don’t know where to start.

  • Mike2

    In 1908, Henry Graham (a former Church of Scotland minister) wrote:
    “I visited that truly Catholic land, Belgium; and saw all that was to be seen there of Catholicism. I was delighted beyond measure with the grand cathedrals and monasteries, the pictures and shrines, and all the other evidences of faith and devotion.”
    Obviously Belgium has changed a lot since those days.

  • Joseph Matthew

    So this is where things end when we legalize assisted suicide.

  • Michael Petek

    What has this to do with the Incarnation?

    There can come a point in the life of a nation where there is, from God’s perfect vision of all thing past present and to come, no prospect that a nation will turn from its sins and return to Him. My understanding of the Incarnation is that Jesus Christ, true God and true Man, has the power to punish a nation by erasing it from the face of the earth.


    Bastards. That’s what they are. Utter bastards. Utter murdering bastards.

  • Jadis

    They have learnt the lessons from the Nazis – and introduced it much more slowly this time. About ten years till it becomes compulsory then.

  • Andrzej

    This is horrible. Please also note that this opens up a precedent for other crimes: if a 12-year old can be “mature” enough to decide to commit suicide, then surely, it will be argued, such a child is mature enough to consent to sexual relations…

    • Jadis

      Of course – and girls are groomed from the age of five by advertisers for this

    • Bob Hayes

      Yes indeed, Andrzej. The incremental expansion of ‘mature’ will inevitably follow. With the creative use of language (George Orwell’s Newspeak) arguments will be turned on their head. Opponents will be accused of trying to deny children’s ‘rights’ – in this case the ‘right to death’. Opponents of this culture of death will be told we are guilty of ‘age discrimination’.

  • Simon

    This is absolutely disgusting. As a father who lost a baby son I find this extremely distressing. Some medics saw my sons life as worthless (“incompatible with Life” was the term used). There is not a day goes by that I don’t think about my son who died seven years ago this Saturday. We put ourselves and our son into Gods hands and simply loved him for the 1 Month and five days he was with us. He was comfortable, not in pain and God decided when to call him home. His life had value, had meaning and fundamentally changed our lives. The thought that at such a difficult time someone could suggest ending a childs life prematurely is clear evidance that we are in an era of spiritual warfare. We need to use what God has given us (prayer, the rosary and fasting) to combat this and ensure that we bring the good news to all. With this news no one would consider this. All life is sacred. I pray for all parents and for the children in such situations. These acts are inherently evil.

    • Lynda

      One of the first things the evil globalist cabal does to reeducate people to its anti-people, anti-family, anti-God ideology is to change the meaning of words, make words serve their false assertions. And so absurd notions are constantly pushed by the flagrant abuse of language, primarily by the MSM, to the point that the reeducated majority no longer question the false assertions. Thus, we get “termination of pregnancy”, “incompatible with life”, “non-viable”, “quality of life”, “pro-choice”, “right to die”, etc., all used to justify the unjustifiable. Lord, awaken the minds, hearts, consciences. Get your children out of their “schools” ASAP.

  • Wake up England

    Perhaps HE Cardinal Danneels might have something to say?

  • peter

    In the simplest terms – The incarnated One stated ‘I will be with you always – ’till the end of time.


  • Mark Thorne

    It is becoming all too apparent that the temptation to totalitarianism is clearly too strong for the countries in the Occidental world. Crackpot racial theories led to Nazi Germany, and a political philosophy that suppressed all notion of humankind in favour of overweening State authority led to the Communist states. One wonders, after the darkness that is settling on Europe as the morass of moral relativism coupled with the glorification of individualism is finally ushered in – and which will make martyrs out of those who stand defiantly against it – has passed, what other approaches to totalitarianism the human race has yet to discover?

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