Protect the Pope’s three hopes for the Holy Father’s visit

I have three hopes for the Holy Father’s visit to the UK. The first is that in his speeches to this secular state he witnesses to the splendour of the objective, perennial truth, in order to challenge the blight of subjectivism, and utilitarianism in our culture and politics. It is only the truth of the sanctity of life and the dignity of the human person made in the image of God that can set us free from the culture of death that has this society so firmly in its grip.

My second hope is that in his homilies to the Church in this country Pope Benedict exhorts us to be 100% faithful to the doctrines of the Church, to remain loyal to the Holy See and to have the courage to witness to the faith come what may.

My third hope is that Pope Benedict will challenge the damaging disunity in the Church in this country.

The days must be over when an official of the Catholic Education Service, an employee of the Bishops’ Conference, publicly demeans a bishop in a national newspaper for teaching the faith of the Church.

The days must be over when Catholic schools are encouraged by the CES to co-operate with Connexions, a government agency that promotes contraception and abortion.

The days must be over when CAFOD, the development agency of the Bishops’ conference, has a not so secret policy to promote the use of condoms in its work throughout the world.

The days must be over when the Tablet publishes an article by a Catholic theologian that not only advocates abortion but mocks the Church’s teaching and no one challenges it, let alone criticises it.

The days must be over when a diocese is met with opposition  and hostility by professional catechists and clergy of other dioceses for promoting the use of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The days must be over when seminarians are summoned to the rector’s office to be berated for kneeling during the consecration.

The days must be over when the Maryvale Institute is mocked and derided by Catholic clergy for teaching the theological tradition of the Church and the fullness of the truth.

The days must be over when the governing body of a Catholic adoption agency votes down the recommendation of its bishop to follow the Church’s teaching on gay adoption.

The days must be over when a bishop of England and Wales is called a ‘fundamentalist’ by a Member of Parliament and summoned before a House of Commons select committee and no one speaks out in his defence or stands by him when he faces his accusers.

Jesus teaches us that a house divided will fall.  I pray that the Holy Father’s visit will save us from this headlong fall.

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  • Annalisa

    This is off-topic but I would like to make you aware that London School of Economics have scheduled a lecture on Pope Benedict and the abuse scandals that according to LSE’s own description seems to be very biased against the Pope:

    • Karla

      That is very biased, and they have no other speaker giving the alternative TRUE view? It’s just that guy. Unbelievable. Brainwashing people again to believe in those lies. After all these months no one has been able to present any single piece of evidence that Pope Benedict was involved in any covering up of abuse, and I don’t see why that would change now. And God knows how many lawyers they had trying to find something, and they found nothing. Well their individual failures on the part of the Bishops, yes, but was the Pope involved, no. Please post that link up Deacon of the website. The Pope has enacted a zero tolerance policy, among other reforms, so any individual Priest who is accused of abusing a minor, is immediately dismissed and suspended until POLICE investigations have taken place. So how are accused Priests exactly above the law? Apparently they have transcripts of their speeches on the economic website, so maybe, after the speech has been given, the Deacon here can post it and refute the claims?

      • admin

        Hi Karla, Neil Addison QC has already refuted many of Geoffrey Robertson’s false allegations in his legal document that he kindly sent to Protect the Pope and is posted under the section, ‘Benedict XVI’. It really is worth careful reading.

  • John

    Great post. Let’s face it – Britain needs a revolution. Not a violent one, obviously, but a spiritual and intellectual revolution.

    I’ve become a student of American history in my spare time and it strikes me that we need the spirit that our former colony had. Take their Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident – that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights; that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    They understood the importance of God and Natural Law. We need this kind of spiritual revival today. Unfortunately, if I am to be honest, I think too many Christians have a shallow and infantile understanding of Christianity and their responsibilities. We have sacrificed our faith and devotion to our fellow man for the comfort of an all-powerful government that has taken away our charity and love for each other.

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