Cardinal O’Malley bans leader of Austrian disobedient priests from speaking in Boston Archdiocese

Cardinal O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston and a member of Pope Francis’ advisory group, has banned Father Helmut Schüller, the leader of the Austrian Priests’ Initiative, from speaking in one of his parishes. Fr Schüller is the instigator of the ‘Declaration of Disobedience’ that has been signed by many Austrian priests and deacons, advocating women and married priests, lay preaching and admission of Protestants and divorced and remarried to Holy Communion.

The National Catholic Reporter reports:

‘Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley says  Father Helmut Schüller can’t speak on archdiocesan property, forcing a rescheduling of the Boston leg of his 15-city tour, which begins July 15.

Last week, Boston Auxiliary Bishop Walter Edyvean called St. Susanna Parish — Schüller’s scheduled speaking stop for July 17 — to inform them that O’Malley had ruled that “Father Schüller could not speak at any Catholic parish because he espouses beliefs that are contrary to the teachings of the Catholic church,” according to parish Deacon Larry Bloom.

Schüller’s talk will be moved to the First Church of Dedham, a Unitarian Universalist church down the street, Bloom wrote in an email to NCR Monday.

St. Susanna tends to attract parishioners with a lot of questions, so “we often have speakers who represent various, sometimes controversial, points of view,” wrote Deacon Bloom, who serves as director of adult faith formation for the parish.

This, however, is the first time in my eleven years at the parish that we have actually been told we could not allow someone to speak at the parish,” Bloom wrote. “We did not expect that the talk on parish property would be prohibited, but we were not shocked and proceeded calmly to complete a resolution.”

In a statement released Monday, organizers of Schüller’s speaking tour, titled “The Catholic Tipping Point,” called O’Malley’s decision “distressing.”

“Cardinal O’Malley’s action is particularly distressing since it is taken by one of the eight cardinals appointed to help reform Church governance,” they said in the statement. “This attempt to suppress these long overdue discussions is a disservice to Christ’s body.”

The tour, sponsored by 12 progressive Catholic organizations, will begin in New York City and travel across the country to California and Seattle, ending Aug. 7 back in Long Island, N.Y.

Protect the Pope comment: Thank you Cardinal O’Malley for defending your flock from this dissenting and disobedient priest. When you meet Pope Francis in October please, please ask the Holy Father to establish as a canon throughout the Church that dissenting Catholics cannot speak on Church property because they espouse beliefs that are contrary to the teachings of the Catholic church. If only Archbishop Nichols and the Archdiocese of Westminster followed this principle of the regula fidei. 

It appears that Deacon  Bloom is responsible for inviting Fr Schüller to  speak at St. Susanna Parish in his capacity as  director of adult faith formation for the parish. His response to  his cardinal banning Fr Schüller from speaking in any Archdiocesan property seems to have been to arrange for the talk to go ahead in a local unitarian church. As he explained to the NCR, ‘We did not expect that the talk on parish property would be prohibited, but we were not shocked and proceeded calmly to complete a resolution.’ He does not say that as a deacon of the Archdiocese of Boston he accepts his cardinals decision to ban the talk going ahead because Fr Schüller  ’espouses beliefs that are contrary to the teachings of the Catholic church.’ Did Deacon Bloom not make a solemn promise of obedience when he was ordained? Did Deacon Bloom not swear the Oath of Fidelity to the Church’s Magisterium?


21 comments to Cardinal O’Malley bans leader of Austrian disobedient priests from speaking in Boston Archdiocese

  • Rifleman819

    Excellent.It’s called leadership.

    A rare commodity at Mitre level these days.

  • Wake up England


  • Lynda

    They should all move down the road to the Unitarian “Church” – it’s a lot closer to their hedonistic “religion”. I hope the Bishops in Ireland will follow Cardinal O’Malley’s example, in respect of the comparable ACP (aka the Anti-Catholic Priests) in Ireland, instead of treating them as a most honourable and loyal Catholic organisation.

  • Karla

    Cardinal O’Malley has shown leadership in his decision to not to attend the commencement address where Enda Kenny received a honorary doctorate and again now. God Bless Cardinal O’Malley.

  • Lola

    “This attempt to suppress these long overdue discussions is a disservice to Christ’s body.”

    They make it appear as if the issues they raise are new. They aren’t. They have been floating around for many, many, many years. The issues have been considered and the Church has clarified Church teachings. If dissenters cannot abide by Church teachings, then there are other ecclesial communities who would welcome them and where they would be most happy and “fulfilled”.

  • Michael B Rooke

    Excellent news.

  • Joseph Matthew

    Thank you Cardinal O’Malley ! Now what about ” Cardinal Brady bans abortion supporting politicians from Holy Communion” ?

    • Wake up England

      Dear Joseph M

      Well said!

      If Cardinal Brady won’t do his job properly then he should be asked to step-down. And quickly.

      Tacitly supporting (by silence) the murder of the unborn is not what we want from our princes of the church, your Eminence. “Those who are not for us, are against us”.

  • BJC

    And so we see the liberal technique again:

    1. Get yourself a job inside the Church as either a religious, adminstrator, academic or journalist. Failing that start up your own group or magazine, e.g. ACTA, the Tablet
    2. Say you’re ‘just asking questions’ and be very careful not to come out and openly reject Church teaching; always stay this side of heresy
    3. Be ultra careful not to put your true positions in print because that’s hard evidence of your heterodoxy. It can be used against you and blow the whole liberal project apart.
    4. Play the victim when the Church catches up with you and try and get the sympathy vote. Tell everyone how ‘distressed’ you are and how big a bully the ‘institutional Church’ is. Twist reality and see if anyone notices, e.g. Catholic KGB
    5. If the Church does try to do anything to you ignore it, continue as before and test the Church’s resolve.
    6. At all costs stay inside the Church and work from the inside. The Church has got all the resources, reputation and trust and without that your meetings and essays are worth nothing. You’re finished.

    When it comes to being cynical and manipulative the liberals/modernists have few, if any, equals

  • Good for Boston!
    Over here, it is Catholics who are faithful to the Magisterium of the Church who have to rent properties from other ecclesial communities for their conferences. See the Latin Mass Society organising its conference at the Salvation Army last year and Pro Ecclesia and Pontifice this year. Two yeard ago, it was Cardinal Burke who was banned from speaking in the Westminster Archdiocese, and I am told, he was not even due to speak on Catholic premices! God bless Cardinal O’Malley.
    Let us pray for a return of common sense in our Bishops.

  • tro

    This is a bit more like it!

  • I wonder where else Fr. Schuller is scheduled to speak. It would be nice to forewarn their bishops too.

  • Sonja

    I am sure the bishops of the 15 US Cities that this rogue Austrian (cannot call him by the F or P word) are well aware of his schedule. Interesting enough when looking at the schedule, none of the talks are taking place on Catholic territory (it appears). So Cardinal O’Malley was right to take the line that he did — otherwise the “Future Church” mob organising it – would have regarded it as a coup.
    Also — BJC — brilliant comment, if you don’t mind I will steal your points — when next embroiled with ‘lib’ friends. I have a few……

    • BJC

      Thanks Sonja. I’ve been thinking about it for a while.

      By all means steal my points and start repeating them. Its time for liberals to start looking in the mirror and stop behaving as if they are Snow White.

      I’ve seen that Futurechurch link. I was looking at it this morning whilst trying to figure out who this Fr. Helmut Schuller was. Obviously the liberals are now trying to build an international network.

      • Sonja

        I’ve found a bit about Schuler on Wikipaedia in German.
        If you opt for translate you can get a general idea of his bio. Seems he lost the Monsignor status back in Nov. 2012. (A Benedict move most likely). – Probably not something that will not be part of his cv profile for the tour.
        The Catholic Tipping Point site seems to be the primary promo vehicle — with some contradictory stats of how many Austrian priests support him (or not). Pity they are able to use the word Catholic. More prayers to the Holy Spirit to keep the Catholic Church safe and true.

        • BJC

          Yes, I saw this or something similar. He was the Monsignor to Cardinal Schonborn – but that I hate to say was entirely predictable.

  • Lionel (Paris)

    Cardinal O’Malley is totally right

  • Robin

    I am not from the diocese of Boston, but I am wondering if the good Cardinal allows Bishops who moved offending (with children) priests to new parishes. Cardinal Sean was considered a very acceptable choice for pope this last round. I was excited about him possibly being pope, but it sounds like he wants to repress conversations to improve the church…. which our blessed church so sorely needs. When a very high percentage (most) of parents of child bearing years practice birth control (in ways that don’t allow a fetus to even occur), when our younger people are not attending church with any regularity …oh one could go on and on with examples… why don’t we explore what is real and what is extrapolated from vague opinions and listen to the ideas of people who are obviously devoted to the Catholic Church.

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