The links between the dissenters behind A Call to Action and the Soho Masses Pastoral Council

Readers of Protect the Pope have contacted the website to inform us of the links between the dissent movement A Call to Action and the Soho Masses Pastoral Council that promotes active gay lifestyles.

Chris Larkman

Chris Larkman is a member of ACTA’s core group. ACTA’s website gives the following biographical information about Chris Larkman:

‘Chris Larkman lives in Wimbledon with his wife, Clare.  He was a priest for 10 years in Southwark diocese during the 70’s, having studied at the English College in Rome during Vatican II.  He now works as a social worker in Tower Hamlets. ‘

Chris Larkman is also mentioned in the latest news letter of the Soho Masses Pastoral Council which gives details of a pilgrimage service that he offers with the recommendation ‘Chris Larkman, who manages these, is an occasional visitor to the Soho Masses.’

Terence Weldon

Terence Weldon is a leading member of the Soho Masses Pastoral Council and the writer of the website Queering the Church, which presents itself as a Catholic site promoting homosexuality including homosexual genital acts and homosexual ‘marriage’. Terence Weldon has made it clear on his website that he holds that the Catholic Church’s teaching that homosexual genital acts are intrinsically disordered is a ‘relatively low order of teaching’. Elsewhere on his website he explains that he has never ‘entertained even a moment’s doubt about the validity of a gay sexual life in faith.’

The ACTA website lists Terence Weldon as the moderator of the ACTA’s Arundel & Brighton Diocesan Forum. Also, the official list of participants at ACTA’s national conference at Leeds named Terence Weldon as representing the Soho Masses Pastoral Council alongside diocesan representatives, as if the SMPC was an entity equal to a diocese.

Protect the Pope comment: In a previous post on ACTA Protect the Pope revealed links between leading members of ACTA and the  Women’s Ordination Conference, the Roman Catholic Caucus of the Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement and Catholic for a Changing Church.  Now it has been clearly established that there are links between ACTA and the Soho Masses Pastoral Council.  A Call to Action is an umbrella organisation for Catholics who actively dissent from the doctrine and discipline of the Catholic Church. It is to be hoped that there will be no further meetings between the Bishops Conference and ACTA.

8 comments to The links between the dissenters behind A Call to Action and the Soho Masses Pastoral Council

  • Rifleman819

    Dear Deacon Nick ,

    About as unexpected as discovering that bears poop in woods, isn’t it?

    However…..I bet both groups must be severely annoyed that their little liaisons have been rumbled so soon and so openly.

    Bet you’re not on their Christmas card list, either.

    But where would we be without you….and how much more damage could these two organisations do without the presence of the internet to cast light on their deeds?
    Keep it up!

  • Lynda

    What a surprise!!!

  • Sonja

    Probably a daft question – but does the Papal Nuncio read this blog? It is certainly a mine of information (of the very sad kind)

  • BJC

    Let’s not forget of course the academic links and historical links. Core commitee member Fr Gerard J Hughes connects ACTA to the ‘London School of Heresy’, Heythrop and feminist ‘theologian’ Mary Grey who addressed the inaugural ACTA meeting in Kensington (which had been scheduled to have been held at Heythrop) connects them to St. Mary’s University College, Twickenham. Further, in a previous post you’ve shown the connection via a ‘Justice and peace’ invite between core committee member Fr. Joe Ryan and Tina Beattie of University of Roehampton.

    If we look at ACTA historically we can also see links with the dissenting past of this country. Sr Myra Poole SND who like Mary Grey addressed the inaugural ACTA meeting is a veteran of the dissenting scene (as is Mary Grey). She was on the committee of the innocently named Pastoral Development Group, led by Dr. Oliver Pratt, which was the focal point for dissent in this country from 1969 onwards shortly after the promulgation of Humanae Vitae. So she connects them up with characters like Oliver Pratt, Peter Hebblethwaite and Nicholas Lash. Anyone interested in the dissenting history of this country should read ‘The Alliance of Dissent’ (1993) by Fr. Michael Clifton who commented on one of the threads a few weeks ago. It’s a fascinating read. Come to think of it though, with the average age of dissenters in this country 65+ I would think it highly likely a number of the ACTA foot-soldiers and maybe committee members will have connections with this country’s inglorious dissenting past. Take someone like Terence Weldon, how far back does his dissenting history go?

    On a completely different point I think I’ve figured out why Fr. Derek Reeves, Fr. Gerard Hughes, Fr. Ian Byrnes, Fr. Gerry McFlynn, Fr. Paul Sanders and Sr. Marian Short don’t want to put Fr./Sr. in front of their name on the ACTA website. Is it because they think they can get around Canon Law by claiming they are just giving their views as lay people? So for example in the event that ACTA do get found out for promoting teachings contrary to those of the Catholic Church they can just say those are my views as a lay person and therefore they are beyond the reach of the discipline of their Bishop or religious superior? Perhaps by doing this it makes the whole process of disciplining them much more complicated and they’ve figured out there’s some kind of loophole which will keep Rome tied up for years. The reason why I say this is that you see a similar thing with the Tablet, e.g., Fr. Daniel O’Leary suddenly becomes plain old Daniel O’Leary.

    Anyone interested in reading some of the chapters of ‘The Alliance of Dissent’ see link below on the ‘’ website. You need to scroll down for the link and you’ll see Sr Myra Poole and Mary Grey’s names come up a couple of times.

  • Damask Rose

    Fascinating info BJC. But it’s not surprising. And with Beattie (among others) and the Catholic Department at Durham University, you have the gay influence in Catholic academic circles.

    “It is to be hoped that there will be no further meetings between the Bishops Conference and ACTA.”

    I won’t be holding my breath.

    Great ivestigative journalism here, Deacon Nick.

  • Joseph Matthew

    Thank you. I have read about Sr Myra Poole. Is she a real nun ? Some of these people are so extreme that surely they can’t take themselves seriously?

    • BJC


      Yes, she is a real nun. She is the ex-headteacher of Notre Dame Battersea (SND means Sisters of Notre Dame) which is my sisters’ old school, although I don’t think she was the head when she was there. My sister is lapsed now by the way.

  • Joseph Matthew

    Thank you BJC. I am certain that the Communist Party expels people promoting capitalism. Why don’t we Catholics expel these poor heretics?

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