Since France legalised gay marriage the police have brutalised and arrested over 1000 pro-family protesters

Le Figaro has estimated that since François Hollande’s government legalised pseudo-marriage for homosexuals the French police have brutalised and arrested over 1000 pro-family demonstrators, with 500 detentions.  Gregor Puppinck, a Human Rights lawyer for the European Center for Law and justice (ECLJ), has filed complaints against France in the UN Human Rights Council for brutalizing peaceful demonstrators. Videos show French police beating marriage demonstrators, using tear gas and clubs against women, men, elderly and children.

Here is video of Police brutality against women, men, elderly and children seeking to peacefully defend the family against gay marriage:

C-Fam reports:

‘French authorities have decided pro-family demonstratos are a public threat. Riot police show up anywhere the demonstrators appear. They have been subject to baseless identity checks, arbitrary arrests and detentions, as well as police brutality through physical assaults and tear gas. Included in those roughed up by police has been Christine Boutin, former Cabinet Minister for the Sarkozy government who was tear-gassed, and Jean-Fredrick Poisson, a Member of the French National Assembly. ‘

A report in Le Figaro has estimates of over 1000 arrests and 500 detentions since May 26. More than 150 individuals have filed complaints through different redress mechanisms.

In comparison, when violent riots erupted following a victory of the Paris soccer team in May only 11 people were arrested. Nearly 300 were arrested at a La Manif demonstration the same month.

Many were arrested solely for wearing a t-shirt with La Manif’s logo, an outline of a mother and father with two children. Forty-eight parliamentarians have demanded Hollande end the arbitrary detentions and arrests.

According to organizers, three massive gatherings of up to one million demonstrators have taken place since January. The French Minister of the Interior, Manoel Valls justifies the presence of riot police by citing brief clashes between riot police and “a few hundred” protesters at the end of some demonstrations.

But videos show French riot police charging peaceful protesters and families with children and elderly or disabled French citizens blinded by tear gas. Images of undercover police suggest they were under orders to instigate violence and then violently repress protesters.

A human rights lawyer has brought a complaint against France at the most recent session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. Gregor Puppinck of the European Center for Law and justice (ECLJ) laments that France, a country which claims to have an exemplary human rights record, is the first European country ECLJ has filed a complaint against at the United Nations. The ECLJ hosted a discussion of the repression of La Manif at the Council of Europe this week. ’

A rally on Monday protested the trial of one peaceful demonstrator, 23-year old Nicolas Bernard-Busse, who was arrested and given four months in prison for “rebellion”. He took part in what French Police called an unauthorized demonstration. He was arrested on Sunday, June 16, 2013 following a demonstration outside the studios of a TV station where President François Hollande was appearing. He went from there to the Champs-Élysées in central Paris with friends.They were wearing T-shirts with the slogan “Manif pour tous” and the now recognizable logo of a father and mother with two children. His lawyer calls the the Courts order of arrest grotesque. He is arguing that this was a wrongful arrest made to intimidate Nicolas and this movement. The supporters of Nicolas have a facebook page which calls him a political prisoner. He is a political prisoner. They also have a petition online which demands his release.

Protect the Pope comment: What has been the response of David Cameron’s government to the French police brutally attacking peaceful protesters seeking to exercise their freedom of expression and association in defence of marriage and the family against pseudo-gay marriage? On the 29th June the British embassy in Paris displayed the ‘rainbow’ flag of the homosexual political activists from their property, clearly signaling that Cameron’s government has sided with the forces of totalitarian repression against the family. Be sure that you won’t be hearing or reading about this on the BBC or other MSM.

British Embassy Paris

33 comments to Since France legalised gay marriage the police have brutalised and arrested over 1000 pro-family protesters

  • Matthew Booth

    I just want to be clear on a couple of things:

    1. There is a large conspiracy of French politicians and senior Police officers to brutalise peaceful families in the streets. Why would they do this?

    2. The British embassy flying a rainbow flag wasn’t, as the casual observer might naively believe, a symbol of friendship towards gay people. It was, instead, a secret symbol denoting membership of a cabal of conspirators determined to make us all gay. Or something like that.

    Have I got that about right? Incidentally, I recently found this great website: You’ll love it.

    • Deacon Nick Donnelly

      Matthew, Thanks for the link to Deacon Nick

    • Wake up England

      OOOH Matthew, you are a wag and no mistake.

    • Michael Petek

      This is what you get when you vote for the Socialists in France.

      The Socialist Party is the political wing of Grand Orient Freemasonry.

      • Michael Petek

        And here is the address of the aforementioned criminal organisation:

        Grand Orient de France
        16, rue Cadet
        75009 PARIS

        As Ken Dodd would say, what a beautiful day, what a beautiful day to storm the the GODF followed by a Wikileak of all the members’ names and addresses!

      • That’s one of my favorite (and funniest) conspiracy theories. Mostly because GODF *actually* is responsible for the formation of Parti Radical in 1901 and has *nothing* to do with the Socialist Party. In fact, Parti Radical only recently cut their ties with Sarkosy’s UMP. Wikipedia has a pretty thorough history page:

      • Lionel (Paris)

        Indeed, you are right in some ways!…
        However, we did not vote for the “badger” Hollande, but against Sarkozy who is as bad, as he proved it in many circumstances…
        These leaders are either freemasons or close to these criminal organizations… They all are determined enemies of the Holy Church; they even say it, just like Vincent Peillon, Minister for Education, who declared “that the Catholic religion must disappear”
        Those who would like to protest at the Embassy on the issue of the deployment of the “rainbow” flag of the homosexual political activists, on 29th June 2013, can send their message to the following address: . Could it possibly stop these arrogant politicians in their provoking and grotesque initiatives?
        All this reminds me of the persecution of the early twentieth century when the freemasons had supplanted the Church in schools and banned congregations until the outbreak of the War of 1914/18.
        We really shall have to make block if we want to survive.
        Yours sincerely LD

    • Joseph Matthew

      No conspiracy theory required Matthew. There is a concerted campaign to get rid of the family in Europe. We do not need to speculate on Bilderbergs and Trilaterals.

  • tro

    Militant homosexual activists and their camp followers are the willing tools of the forces seeking to destroy the Catholic Church.

  • Damask Rose

    “French authorities have decided pro-family demonstrators are a public threat.” “Included in those roughed up by police has been Christine Boutin, former Cabinet Minister for the Sarkozy government who was tear-gassed, and Jean-Fredrick Poisson, a Member of the French National Assembly.” If they can do that to these politicians, let’s hope and pray they don’t set up gulags for dissidents. Do you think Amnesty International would represent pro-family Christian/Catholic dissidents? Frightening isn’t it? But at least with the lawyer taking a complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, we are also playing the UN/EU Human Rights game. Let’s hope they judge in favour of equality/human rights for Christians/Catholics. It would be interesting to see what the outcome is.

    How and why did the French public vote in this socialist Hollande? I wonder if this is the reason: Why are these politicians so ready to betray their own (Christian) heritage and people? It’s only right and proper I guess that Hollande would throw in with Islam after the French threw out Catholicism with the Republic. It’s a little like the betrayals of the Fourth Crusade led to the takeover of Constantinople by Islam. Perhaps the (Christian) French will vote en masse for a better government next time round.

    “On the 29th June the British embassy in Paris displayed the ‘rainbow’ flag of the homosexual political activists from their property, clearly signaling that Cameron’s government has sided with the forces of totalitarian repression against the family. Be sure that you won’t be hearing or reading about this on the BBC or other MSM.”

    Absolutely disgusting isn’t it. Whatever way you look at it. That Cameron, a family man, could do this.

    Politics and politicians is more about the “me, me” and “who they’re in with” now and increasingly less about democracy and representing the voter.

  • Tim

    The police in France are fairly unenlightened, unaccountable and thuggish. Trade Unionists, protesting farmers, lorry drivers and student demonstrators, ethnic minorities etc have known this for many years. I guess the political right are only just realising this.

  • Peaceful? Non-violent? Not according to the many, many videos available on YouTube that CLEARLY show anti-gay protesters battling the riot police with bricks, flaming smoke bombs, and in one occasion, with a Molotov cocktail. At one anti-gay rally, protesters *literally* shouted “On met les enfants devant, on met les enfants devant!” as they used their own toddlers as human shields against tear gas. The “peaceful” Manif Pour Tous has been run by members of France’s far-right neo-Nazi National Front, members of the anti-Muslim “French Spring” group, and members of Citivas, which literally demands a Catholic theocracy for France. None of what I just wrote is in dispute, least of all by former Manif head Frigide Barjot (her stage name), who denounced her own movement as being run by violent extremists who called for HER death when asked them to stop attacking police officers.

    • Wake up England

      My God, Joe:

      What enlightenment can you shed on Damask Rose’s comments above about Madame Boutin etc?

      • Well, like the owner of Le Figaro I mentioned below, Boutin is one of France’s most vile homophobes and her anti-gay crusades predate the marriage movement by many years. Several years ago she announced that she would not run against Sarkozy for president and she was later exposed for having taken an €800,000 payoff from Sarkozy’s party in a secret agreement not to oppose him. More recently, she declared that George W. Bush had ordered the 9/11 attack on New York City and just a few weeks ago she denounced Angelina Jolie’s preventive mastectomy by claiming that the surgery was actually the start of Jolie’s plan to become a transgender man. She’s also opposed the use of condoms to prevent AIDS. Boudin is REALLY quite a nut.

        I don’t know too much about Jean-Fredrick Poisson, other than he belongs to the same anti-gay group that was founded by Christine Boutin and is considered one of her top operatives.

  • Joseph Matthew

    Joe, Sadly many worthy causes attract extremists. Think of the civil rights movement, the animal rights and peace movements. The majority of us who support traditional marriage are opposed to extremism and this includes the intrinsic extremism involved in the abolition of the family.

  • In my earlier comment, I should have pointed out that Le Figaro (cited in the post) is owned by billionaire Serge Dassault, one of France’s most-notorious anti-gay figures and a major backer of the right-wing UMP (Union for Popular Movement). Dassault’s fortune comes from the military weapons company he owns and in 1998 he was found guilty of bribing government officials. Perhaps most tellingly, Dassault is a Jewish-born convert to Catholicism and like many such people he has turned his conversion zealotry into a national campaign against France’s gay population by using his newspaper to prop up the Catholic-run Manif Pour Tous. He is nothing more than a French version of Fox News chairman Roger Ailes (much worse, actually) and citing his newspaper without noting who runs it does your cause no good.

  • Raymond

    The rainbow flag reminds me of the swastika and the politically correct elite seem hell-bent on hoisting it from public buildings (can you imagine them hoisting the papal flag when the Pope came to visit these shores !) .The homosexual political rallies often called ‘pride’ have an echo of the Nuremberg rallies about them too .Just as the jews were mocked , today it is Christians and in particular Catholics – I allude to the cruel mockery of people dressed as obscene caricature of Catholic Religious Orders eg nuns .Can you imagine someone dressing as a cruel caricature of a rabbi or as an imam ? – you would get cautioned by the police and rightly vilified as being an anti-semite .I wonder what the police would say if you reported someone for insulting the Church and Catholics ? The police seemed schooled in routing out so-called ‘homophobia’ , trained by the thought-police Stonewall et al – what about homosexual led Rome-o-phobia ?

  • Lynda

    This totalitarianism is blatant in the unjust and unconstitutional treatment of those who stand for the objective timeless truths about man, by the states’ enforcement agencies. It is the same brutal treatment in Ireland and the UK – the only difference is that in the latter two countries, the state regimes have been more successful in intimidating and conditioning people into not publicly resisting the unjust attacks by government on Faith, marriage, family, life, freedom of speech and conscience, etc.

  • Michael B Rooke

    It might be noted that the phrase ‘pseudo-mariage’ has common currency in France.

    A search produced

    Environ 5 170 000 résultats

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