A Call to Action’s web of dissent further exposed through its Core Group members

A reader of Protect the Pope has posted an  exposé of A Call to Action’s history of dissent, showing further links between its Core Group members:

Let’s not forget of course the academic links and historical links. Core commitee member Fr Gerard J Hughes connects ACTA to the ‘London School of Heresy’, Heythrop and feminist ‘theologian’ Mary Grey who addressed the inaugural ACTA meeting in Kensington (which had been scheduled to have been held at Heythrop) connects them to St. Mary’s University College, Twickenham. Further, in a previous post you’ve shown the connection via a ‘Justice and peace’ invite between core committee member Fr. Joe Ryan and Tina Beattie of University of Roehampton.

If we look at ACTA historically we can also see links with the dissenting past of this country. Sr Myra Poole SND who like Mary Grey addressed the inaugural ACTA meeting is a veteran of the dissenting scene (as is Mary Grey). She was on the committee of the innocently named Pastoral Development Group, led by Dr. Oliver Pratt, which was the focal point for dissent in this country from 1969 onwards shortly after the promulgation of Humanae Vitae. So she connects them up with characters like Oliver Pratt, Peter Hebblethwaite and Nicholas Lash. Anyone interested in the dissenting history of this country should read ‘The Alliance of Dissent’ (1993) by Fr. Michael Clifton who commented on one of the threads a few weeks ago. It’s a fascinating read. Come to think of it though, with the average age of dissenters in this country 65+ I would think it highly likely a number of the ACTA foot-soldiers and maybe committee members will have connections with this country’s inglorious dissenting past. Take someone like Terence Weldon, how far back does his dissenting history go?

On a completely different point I think I’ve figured out why Fr. Derek Reeves, Fr. Gerard Hughes, Fr. Ian Byrnes, Fr. Gerry McFlynn, Fr. Paul Sanders and Sr. Marian Short don’t want to put Fr./Sr. in front of their name on the ACTA website. Is it because they think they can get around Canon Law by claiming they are just giving their views as lay people? So for example in the event that ACTA do get found out for promoting teachings contrary to those of the Catholic Church they can just say those are my views as a lay person and therefore they are beyond the reach of the discipline of their Bishop or religious superior? Perhaps by doing this it makes the whole process of disciplining them much more complicated and they’ve figured out there’s some kind of loophole which will keep Rome tied up for years. The reason why I say this is that you see a similar thing with the Tablet, e.g., Fr. Daniel O’Leary suddenly becomes plain old Daniel O’Leary.

Anyone interested in reading some of the chapters of ‘The Alliance of Dissent’ see link below on the ‘catholic-feminism.co.uk’ website. You need to scroll down for the link and you’ll see Sr Myra Poole and Mary Grey’s names come up a couple of times.

Protect the Pope comment: At the inaugural meeting of ACTA in London Sr Myra Poole SND and Mary Gray addressed 70 priests and deacons.  Prior to the meeting, in 2010 Sr Myra Poole SND, a notorious advocate of women’s ordination had  compared Pope Benedict with BNP leader Nick Griffin. Her organisation, Catholic Women’s Ordination, had also funded a £10,000 advertising campaign during the Holy Father’s UK visit protesting the  Church’s teaching on the priesthood being reserved to men.

Mary Grey, a visiting professor at St. Mary’s University College, Twickenham, is a self-described feminist theologian, specializing in ecofeminist theology. She has made it clear that her grandiose goal is to topple ’3,000 years of patriarchy’. In an article published in The Tablet during the pope’s UK visit Mary Grey wrote with others: ’But in fact no one believed that it would be that easy to topple patriarchy, a system reigning triumphant for nearly 3,000 years. It was obvious that the very enormity of the task would be a catalyst for retrenchment on a massive scale, which we note has come to pass. And it is not only women who suffer and feel a deep shame at a clericalised, top-down system that has lost touch with the grass roots: the heart and soul of the Church is wounded. It has frequently been women in the past, like Julian of Norwich, who tried to fight corruption with her mysticism of love. And  she, who tells us to keep faith in the  ongoing redeeming love of Christ, for, in the  end, all will be well.’





38 comments to A Call to Action’s web of dissent further exposed through its Core Group members

  • Joseph Matthew

    Thank you for this. We need to know our enemy. Fully believing Catholics must never despair but we really need to pray for those promoting the diabolical disorientation within the Church.

    • Richard

      “Thank you for this. We need to know our enemy. Fully believing Catholics must never despair but we really need to pray for those promoting the diabolical disorientation within the Church.”
      This puts very well why those who are not dissenters but merely have honests doubts and questions about aspects of what some call “the teaching of the Church” will continue to resist the sinister thought police (aka traditionalist Catholics) who compile these sorts of dossiers and who clearly cannot abide the glorious liberty of the children of God, but want to enforce a narrow rigid doctrinaire uniformity in everything. They are the true enemies of God and his Church. Their diabolical disorientation could reduce the Catholic Church to a tiny obsolete sect, but thank God they are a powerless minority who are only talking to themselves. The great majority of Catholics will continue to turn to God and place their hope and faith in him, not in nostalgia for a supposed Golden Age of religion that never was.

      • Deacon Nick Donnelly

        Richard, its not a dossier. Its publicly available information on the internet. What you call ‘narrow rigid doctrinaire uniformity’ we call the Catechism of the Catholic Church. As a Catholic priest, which parts of the Catechism of the Catholic Church do you have doubts and questions about? Deacon Nick Donnelly

        • Richard

          As a faithful Catholic I accept fully the authority of the Catechism. It is interpretations of it and how it is to be applied which can be called narrow rigid doctrinaire uniformity.

          • Wake up England

            Father Richard:

            Please can you expand on “Glorious Liberty”? One is most interested

      • Wake up England

        And, Dear Richard,

        Which particular “honest doubts and questions” do you have about “aspects of what some call “the teaching of The Church”?

        This “Glorious Liberty” about which you write: liberty to do what?

        You appear to be fearfully unhappy about something, and cross too; but it’s rather difficult to guess what particular “aspects” of Catholicism provoke such ire from you.

        Do, please, enlighten us Richard.

      • Sonja

        Richard — Heretical exposure is obviously getting you hot under the collar — but seriously – with your last comment – who are you are you kidding? Yourself?

      • BJC


        You are deluded. Liberal Catholicism is a busted flush. It had its hey-day in the late 1970′s and 1980′s and now its finished. Look around you, your average age is 65+ and people laugh at both writings and liturgies. You are the only group in the Church with no youth group and you have no representation at all among families. The only thing you’ve succeeded in doing these past 40-50 years is create mountains of lapsed Catholics who neither respect you or even know who you are. They’ve all left.

        ACTA is your last hurrah but you are doomed to irrelevance. The biological solution is taking over and the worm has turned. Hence the increasing annoyance one hears in your comments and those of Chris McDonnell and John Ryan yesterday. No doubt you can kick the can down the road for another 20 years but whose listening anymore? Certainly not me and I was born in the year Vatican II started. I was supposed to be brainwashed by now but instead I’ve turned on you. As for the next generation you haven’t a chance. I know several of our seminarians in Allen Hall and they know all about liberal catholicism, the Tablet and all the trouble you’ve caused in the Church since the 60′s. They don’t want anything to do with you and as one commented to me “we are all orthodox”.

      • Sonja

        Father Richard — Just re-read your earlier rant aimed at those of us who are faithful to the Magisterium. If you are indeed a Priest, the language you have chosen to use in this Forum is unacceptable (‘enemies’,etc.) You seem to have quite simply ‘lost it’. You need our prayers, and a reminder that “to be a Catholic is to accept Tradition, both Divine and ecclesiastical. Divine or Sacred Tradition comes to us from the apostles and is built up, by way of dogmatic development, by the Magisterium (teaching office) of the Church, exercised by the Apostolic College (the bishops in union with the Pope) or the Pope personally. Sacred Tradition requires the adherence of divine and Catholic faith and only the Magisterium has the supernatural charism to authentically interpret its content”

        I am a fan of Robert Baron’s sermons and teachings — and I think it might help you to see your position more clearly if you listened to the reasons (half way through this 8 minute piece), why Blessed John Henry Newman abandoned Protestantism for Catholicism. (You are of course always free to depart in the other direction). A key section of this piece is the discussion inspired by an Oxford Professor and Protestant theology historian on ‘Who ultimately has the Authority to interpret the word of God”. The closing analogy by Father Robert Barron of the role of a referee in a soccer match, I think could be particularly relevant to this forum.


  • tro

    Is it just possible that the homosexual activist agenda is the figure in the carpet here?

  • Paul Smyth

    “… they can just say those are my views as a lay person and therefore they are beyond the reach of the discipline of their Bishop or religious superior?”

    Can you really imagine a Jesuit or Redemptorist Superior disciplining a dissenting priest, or the Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, or any other of our archbishops and bishops? All but Egan and Davis are likely to join with dissenting faction, after all the bishops sent their Secretary along to give ACTA credence.
    What priest has ever been “disciplined” for dissent? Most have get wealthy parishes.

    A fish rots from its head.

    • BJC


      Completely agree with you. What I really meant was that in the end some of the liberals/modernists do actually end up getting dealt with by Rome because vigilant lay people compile ‘dossiers’ of what they write and say as our friend Richard has complained about above, e.g. Fr. Tony Flannery founder of the dissenting Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland and a Redemptorist. In that sense the Redemptorists are forced to discipline him even though they (and of course there will be exceptions) are in on the scam. Another example would be ++Vincent Nichols being forced to deal with the Soho Masses even though he obviously didn’t want to. Again it was vigilant lay people who brought this about from what I heard.


  • Denis

    I seem to recall Margaret Hebblethwaite at the time of Pope Benedict’s election running after Cardinal Arinze like an infatuated school girl and gushing about him being the new face of Catholicism, oblivious to the fact that he was not and never will be a liberal.
    Perhaps that says so much for this ultra bourgeoise, liberal elite and their tiny clique of supporters, though what they lack in numbers they more than make up in noise.

  • Richard

    By their fruits you will know them. To judge from the last three comments, another common characteristic of traditionalist Catholics is their predilection for vicious mindless abuse.

    • Deacon Nick Donnelly

      Father, and calling others on this site ‘…the true enemies of God and his Church’ isn’t ‘vicious mindless abuse?’ I’ve noticed that dissenting clergy and laity can dish it out but you can’t take it. For years you’ve had power over us through the pulpit and your domination of Church structures, and what you can’t stand is that now through the internet we have a way of making our voices heard. Your days of liberal ‘clericalism’ are over. You don’t really want lay people to have a voice, you want lay people to repeat your voice. Deacon Nick Donnelly

      • Wake up England

        This Richard’s a priest, then is he? Where does he do his stuff?

      • Rifleman819

        Deacon Nick ,

        Well said-they have had 40 years of ruling the roost…but it’s all coming to and end-and they dinna like it!

        ACTA (given the age profile you quote) ought to restyled ACTO-A Call to Oblivion

      • Charles

        Well said Deacon Nick. I could not have said it better myself.

        I am more than surprised that Richard is a Catholic priest. Like Father Vincent Malone, Father Richard sounds more like a secularist. I do not recognise our Roman Catholicism in their writings. They huff and puff like the notorious Peter Tatchell and all the other secularists when we disagree with them

    • Wake up England

      Sorry Father Richard.

      Kindly explain how my comment “What’s a figure in the carpet” can be construed as “Vicious minded abuse”. How very odd.

    • Lynda

      I hope you are not a priest. You show disdain for the Truth – of the Faith and morality. If you are a priest, please repent and convert; or, be honest and admit your renunciation of the Faith, stop pretending to be a faithful, obedient priest – and fight the Church honestly from without. This way you will endanger fewer souls.

  • It is good to know what is going on but to be honest Mary Gray, Sister Myra Poole, et alia, are yesterdays people. Like Fr Richard they make their voice heard by pitiful cries that everyone else is intolerant but they are the nice people but they are a corpse in which rigor mortis is beginning to set in. Yes, they can comet together and make a noise and feel strong, but the vast majority of the laity, the vast majority of women no longer are listening. Do not attack them for it only spurs the corpse into a spasm, the Holy Spirit left their body a long time ago.. Let us look to the new Church that is rising from the ashes and give thanks to God.

  • Joseph Matthew

    See how these liberal Catholics love one another…and spit at everyone else.

  • Enid Ecumaniac

    We at the St. Martina Luther Feminist Institute of Advanced Ecumenical Heresy have only one question for new Postulents to our HND course “Majick and the Ecofeminist: Stoats, Badgers and Black Masses”:

    Do you ecumenate?

  • Benedict Carter

    Don’t these ACTA idjuts understand that, like those appalling 1960′s high-rises that lefties like them lauded to the skies as the communal living utopia of the future, the philosophies that underpin their dissent have all been pulled down? Granted, these things take a long time to die, and turning back from a lifetime of doing what they can to destroy Christ’s Church is next to impossible, but all things are indeed possible to God. I hope they do manage to recant before they die because I truly wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when they meet Our Lord. They will discover that He loves His Church, His Bride, more than anything else and He does not take kindly to those who seek to ruin it.

  • Old Biddy

    As a furiously active member of ACTA who is absolutely furious with the patriarchal, mysognistic anti-gay Catholic Church (of which I may or may not be a Bishop), I wish it to be known, furiously, that unless whoever amongst you horrible Tradionalists removed my zimmer frame from where it was left in the green eco-friendly anti-global warming (or cooling) bike sheds behind my Cathedral puts it back immediately, I will instruct all priests in my diocese to start wearing rainbow vestments in support of me and my friend Jeremy.

    • Wake up England

      Old Biddy:

      Never mind, love.

      You can always borrow another Zimmer frame from all your friends at ACTA. Apparently they’re all of Zimmer frame age, and as they’re all dying off there’s bound to be some spare wheelchairs knocking around too.

  • Frere Rabit

    The point about the age profile of the ACTA bunch is very interesting. Some of us from the same age group remember the relentless onslaught of Marxism in the Church in the 1970s and 1980s. Please remember, ACTA members, that some of us Traditionalists you despise were part of the all-singing-all-dancing Marxist love-in of that time. Then we gradually learned our lesson, seeing the dark place that the Church has been led into by the heretics and deluded lefties who have watered down the faith.


  • Excuse my ignorance (it happens a lot), but one of the ways that the Magisterium has developed over time is that those things which have been deemed as opposed to the teaching of the Catholic Church are declared heresy. Now I understand that we cannot declare Vatican II as heresy (to be honest I’ve read a lot of it and it does not sound very heretical to me, despite the oft noted contradictions).

    The problem comes in the misinterpretations. So why has at no point anyone declared the misinterpretations of Vatican II heretical? It makes sence to me that this could happen. The primary factor is the ‘over’ inculturation of the Vatican II i.e. making the church secular to appeal to the secular world etc.

    Why has there never been “heresy” cried out over this e.g…..

    The Heresy of the Super Inculturation of Vatican II (super – meaning over in Latin).

  • Benedict Carter

    Ora pro nobis, Bishop Schneider of Kazakhstan called for exactly this about two years ago in a speech to a meeting of Bishops in Rome.

    Google “bishop Schneider, Syllabus of Errors” and you will find the speech which was apparently enthusiastically received.

    Nothing more happened of course.

  • Catholicus Fidelis

    This place is called “Protct the Pope”.
    I beg you to do some homework and find out what the Holy Father has been saying recently, I suppose it must have be been a bit of a shock to discover that a member of the hated Societas Iesu had the effrontery to accept appointement as Summus Pontifex Ecclesiae Universalis.
    It is a cause of great regret that I observe the venom and hatred shown here towards your fellow Catholics who wrestle with their angel (Genesis 32:24-30) in all conscience in their sincere and heartfelt effort to live their lives as Catholics prayerfully and in a spirit of charity to others.

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