Why the rise of Militant Islam and Militant homosexuality in the West? – Prof. Peter Kreeft

Peter Kreeft, the Catholic philosopher and writer, has given an interview to LifeSiteNews in which he explains the rise of the two greatest threats to Christianity in Europe – Militant Islam and Militant homosexuality.

LifeSiteNews reports:

‘Asked about the simultaneous rise of militant Islam and the homosexual activist movement despite their opposing ideologies, Kreeft replied: “They’re the only two movements in Western civilization that will fight and die for their beliefs.”

“It is an amazing paradox that they’re opposites in almost every way, and yet they’re similar in that they will still fight,” added Kreeft. “Christians are supposed to fight too, the notion of spiritual warfare, the true meaning of jihad – a war against sin rather than flesh and blood. This is central to Christianity and we’ve lost it, and therefore opposite forces are entering the vacuum.”

Kreeft explained that as the Christian faith has weakened in the West, it has caused a vacuum.

“Well, in Western civilization, at least, there is certainly a moral and religious decline…we’re losing the faith. Europe is already almost lost,” he said. “Nature abhors a vacuum, spiritually as well as physically. So when the Faith weakens, another faith enters, because no one can live without faith, and Islam is a very strong faith. It has its good points; it has its bad points. But when we withdraw from the battlefield, someone else enters. It’s as simple as that.”

Asked specifically about the reason for the rise of the homosexual activist movement, Dr. Kreeft replied:

Because we became sheep. We said, “Abuse us. We’re polite. We’ll smile at you. We are tolerant of everything.” When people are that way, someone who has principles, bad or good, enters. We so worship equality that we are afraid to be different, to be distinctive, to have a distinctive message. And equality is a good defensive weapon, but it has no offense in it. We need equal rights to protect ourselves, but we need something much deeper than equality: We need distinctiveness, we need identity. And if we abandon that, others will come in and take over.

Kreeft stressed however, that in confronting homosexuality Christians are being loving, in the truest definition of the word.

“Love fights. Love cares. Love discriminates. And therefore there is in Scripture, very clearly, a thing called the ‘wrath of God’. God hates all enemies of love as the doctor hates the cancer that’s killing his beloved patient. If you really love a human being you will hate all the dehumanizing forces that are harmful to that human being,” he said.

“If on the other hand you don’t really love a human being but just tolerate a human being, then you will hate nothing,” Kreeft added. “So, love and hate go together. Love of a human being, no matter who he is, and hate of a human being, no matter who he is, are exact opposites, they are black and white. But love of all humans and hate of all sins – that goes together.”

How can Christianity experience a renewal in North America and Europe?  Kreeft answered in his characteristic rapid fire style stating simply: “It must recapture its essence, its identity. It must return to Jesus it must do what Vatican II did – go back to the sources and plant the roots in the only possible foundation.”

Protect the Pope comment: The West is undergoing the toxic combination of militant homosexuals, and their political and media friends, marginalizing and stigmatizing Christianity, and   proselytizing Islam moving into the vacuum.  Though militant Islam and the militant Gay Lobby are opposed to each other in so many ways they have two things in common – first, both hate Christianity, and in particular the Catholic Church, with an equal determination to deny our right to exist; and second, both Islam and the Gay lobby are treated with kid gloves and deference by the MSM. The Liberal media admit that they treat Islam and Christianity differently because Islam is the ‘religion of oppressed minorities’, and therefore falls within the liberal sacred ground of racism taboos. All Muslim militants need to do is shout ‘racism’ when asked searching questions and the MSM run a mile.  And nowadays the MSM don’t even bother to be neutral or balanced about homosexuality and gay marriage. Thank you Peter Kreeft for having the courage to face down the PC totalitarians by raising this issue that we all know threatens our freedoms and  existence in Europe. If you want to see the future of the Church in Europe go visit Egypt, Iraq,Syria or the West Bank in Palestine and see how Christians are treated. They are fleeing for their lives.



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  • John Dare

    I googled for attacks on UK catholic churches, nothing.

    • ms Catholic state

      I think we should be vigilant all the same. Just remember the spate of attacks on Churches and the toll of murdered Church-goers worldwide….and then remember that no Christian has ever fire-bombed a Mosque! Such restraint needs to be admired and praised.

      But defence and vigilance becomes ever more vital. We cannot remain like helpless sheep in the face of such a vicious threat.

      • Michael Petek

        For reasons I state in another posting here, in which I discuss the subject of the biblical character of Amalek, you are correct. Turning the other cheek is for injuries you sue for in the County Court. It isn’t for cases of genocide.

    • tro

      “I googled for attacks on UK catholic churches, nothing.”

      I googled for UK Christians beheading British Moslems – nothing.

      • John Dare

        Try googling ‘random nutters’ tro.

        • Wake up England

          john Dare:

          If Tro were to Google Random Nutters I feel sure you’d be the first in line.

          What a dull troll you are; not even remotely witty.

          • John Dare

            Morning WUE. I think that anyone who chops a lad in the street into collops is fairly described as a ‘random nutter’.

        • tro

          Lee Rigby’s murderers killed him because they claimed that the Koran enjoined them to commit such acts. There was nothing “random” about it.

          • John Dare

            I think it was really tro, if chopping people up was so approved then we would have had a few of these by now (given Rifs view of the UK), but the reality probably is that the great mass of UK muslims were horrified by the act, and p*ssing thereselves at the potential for organised nutters like the EDL to use it as an excuse.

            Don’t get me wrong, I suspect there are other muslims who would like nothing more than a good dust up, but overall, yes, I’d stick with random nutters. Young lads (and former Christians I believe) panting to show how zelous they were.

    • Gurn

      I think we both know that the EDL is behind most of the Mosque attacks, I don’t think Christians are that interested in firebombing buildings of any kind.

      • John Dare

        Must admit Gurn that wasn’t even in my mind. Just interesting that these big bad muslims are so inactive after half of their mosques get torched (or similar).

  • Rifleman819

    Deacon Nick ,

    And for John Dare ….try googling “UK Homosexuals stopping UK Muslim academies.”…….Nothing either.
    Funny that?

  • Michael Petek

    Peter Kreeft says of Islam and homosexualism that “They’re the only two movements in Western civilization that will fight and die for their beliefs.”

    I believe this is true about militant Islam, but not about militant homosexuality. Homosexuals are hedonists who live for this life only. If their lives are threatened they will do whatever it takes to save them, even if it means converting to Islam.

    Militant Islam does not surrender so easily, because Muslims believe that there is a divine judgement after death where God will ask them what they did to cause Islam to dominate the nations.

    Last year Dr Wagdi Ghoneim, a prominent Muslim bigwig in Egypt, openly threatened the Copts with genocide. The date (see Esther 3:13) was 13 December. That he made the threat on that date gives me the creeps. We are dealing with Amalek, the ancient enemy who has always been obsessively preoccupied with the physical extermination of the people of God, and of whom it is held among the Jews that the ban of destruction is permanently in force (Exodus 17:16; Revelation 22:3).

    No sooner did the Ark of the Covenant (Our Lady) appear at Fatima than the way opened for the Jews – the people who are commanded to exterminate the seed of Amalek (Deuteronomy 25) – to return to the Land of Israel and set up their own State. Isn’t it serendipitous that Israel is the only country in the world in which genocide is a capital offence?

  • John Dare

    Wev’e missed you Rif :)

    • Rifleman819

      John ,
      Ta, for that …..now …nothing contraversial today….ooh go on ….give us all high BP by dropping a pebble into the fountain!
      Xcuse the pun….Dare you!

  • ms Catholic state

    Thank you for this timely piece, Mr Kreeft and thanks for drawing attention to it Deacon Nick. As Catholics, maybe we are just beginning to wake up. We cannot keep our eyes shut forever to harsh realities.

  • Rifleman819

    Deacon Nick,

    An additional point occurs here….with the turmoil in Syria and perhaps in Egypt now coming to a head …there is no guarantee that various Islamic political factions will not take action here in Europe generally or in the UK in particular against their perceived enemies..ie fellow Muslims.

    It could get very bloody. In Damascus Avenue, Kidderminster or Cairo Crescent, Gosport.

    And it is interesting that C4 is going to announce the call to prayer during Ramadan..wonder if they’ll do a midday Angelus for us in Lent?

    • John Dare

      You tease Rif ;)

    • John Dare

      Will they be from the half of British mosques that haven’t been attacked Rif? Have the attackers not heard your views on miltitant islam; they should be more careful.

      • Rifleman819

        John ,

        Onward to Ascalon……soon to be refought inevitably in several European cities.
        Next year it is 100th anniversary of WW1….and looking at the flickering footage of diplomats and generals in that hot July 1914….I am always struck by that certainty (borne by all sides) that they “were in charge” …it will all be over by Xmas.They weren’t and it wasn’t.
        Watch this 3-cornered tussle between secularism , Islam and Christianity….I feel that the underlying dynamics are now set in motion across Europe……just like the impossibility of demobilising in 1914 because of the train timetables.
        The funeral of poor Lee Rigby awaits…no one knows what the consequences will be.

        • John Dare

          The trouble with history Rif, is that its a lesson, but not a promise. Its a pov, and the way things did turn out. Its not the only way that they could have turned out.

          • Rifleman819

            Yes agree with you -but we don’t learn much from history, sadly.

            But my thesis has a dreaded plausibility….and think back a few years-no one dreamed of airliners diving into skyscrapers nor shrapnel bombers on the underground.But they both happened.

            And in the UK….bear in mind that ,at the end of a week’s simultaneous rioting in major UK cities in August 2011,the Regular element of Britain’s police force was barely holding its own.And that is 140,000 officers. And don’t call in the Army-you’ve just made 4,750 of them redundant.

      • Wake up England

        I am extremely bored with all this “winking” icon nonsense.

        OOh Nudge-nudge, wink-wink: it’s like a bad Carry-On film “Whoops There Goes My Credibility Again”

        I’m all for camaraderie but cut the Carry On camp please.

  • tro

    Kreeft is good guy, but it’s high time he got the memo about the fundamental meaning of jihad.

    He should have a chat with Dr Andrew Bostom, author of ‘The Legacy of Jihad’.

    In any case, perhaps one of his former students can shed some light here: ” … jihad means “struggle. While that struggle can take the form of self-improvement, the primary meaning of jihad in the Qur’an and Sunnah is warfare against unbelievers in order to subjugate them under the rule of Islamic law.”

    • Wake up England


      Having lived in Morocco for 7 years I can tell you (and anyone else who’s reading this) that the goal of ALL practising Muslims is world conversion to Islam.

      Dear Tro:

      I have also to tell you (and anyone else) that hanving lived in London for 40 years the goal of MOST Catholics is nil.

  • Tim

    “no one can live without faith”
    plenty do. Have you ever been to Sweden?

    “So when the Faith weakens, another faith enters”
    that is clearly nonsense. The Muslims are not people who would be Christians if Christianity was stronger. They are almost all new arrivals and their off-spring. The fact that 4% of England dissribes itself as muslim flows from our immigration policies, imperial past etc. Not because Christianity is dying.

    • Rifleman819

      Tim ,

      Ever been to Malmo….see what’s happening there recently?

      One in six “Swedes” is now not ethnically Swedish…certainly Sweden has a “faith” and a great deal of its new composition has a faith …except it is not Christianity.

      For a nation of 9.5 million people that has profound consequences for the future of Sweden.

      • Same old, same old

        One in six of 9.5 million is roughly 1.6 million. You seem to be suggesting that these are all of a single faith and, from your previous low-level Islamophobia, I suspect that you want us to think that they are all Muslim.

        The registered Muslim population of Sweden is just over 100,000 and even the most outrageous racist sites put it at a maximum of 600,000.

        • Rifleman819

          Same old ,
          Oh how interesting -as usual it depends on which stats you use.

          Try saying Islamphobia to Christians in Syria or Iraq or Egypt.I take it you have never been to any of these places?

          And even of course the riots convulsing southern Sweden were led by chanting Lutherans, weren’t they?

          Your ability to live in an alternative universe is quite astonishing.It really is.

        • ms Catholic state

          Sorry, ‘Same old, same old’. You forgot to mention that other sources put the number of Muslim Swedes at 450.000 to 500.000. I bet it’s even higher now! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam_in_Sweden

  • Nicolas Bellord

    Careful now or Baroness Warsi will be accusing you of the new crime of Islamophobia.

  • Rifleman819

    Same old-according to EU research-the “official” registered Muslim population of Sweden is 6.05% and 4.59% in Denmark-but excludes illegals.Husby the suburb of Malmo that went up in riots is 87% registered Muslim.

    I did not suggest that all immigration into Sweden was Muslim-do not put constructions on what I say/did not say but by 2040 there are internet predictions due to differential birthrates of Sweden’s population becoming 30-40% Islamic.

    And all that rioting in Husby was actually caused by blonde ,big boned, Lutheran lager louts called Sven , Bo, Henrik and Lars-all 13% of them, wasn’t it?
    Yes , of course -silly me.

  • same old, same old

    So that’s at least one million of the 1,6 million “non-Swedes” that aren’t Muslim. Most of them are Finns and my guess is that they’re not all called Ahmed or Adnan, or whatever Muslim-sounding name you decide to conjure up to support your somewhat creepy inference that “a great deal of its new composition has a faith …except it is not Christianity”. Actually it is Christianity – that’s probably why you don’t recognise it.

    You’re right that I haven’t been to Egypt or Syria (reigned over by that RC knight, Assad) but I’ve been to Belfast, Paris and Rio. Care to pontificate on the religion of rioters there or is that different?

    • Rifleman819

      Same old ,

      Terribly touchy aren’t we…….Yes I’ve been to Belfast alright and Paris …could never afford Rio.
      About the” 1 million that are not Muslim”-wrong ! Because Sweden has very strict laws on registered affiliation-if you don’t register you aren’t affiliated and so there are probably several thousands more who do follow the religion of peace and who do not officially appear as Islamics.
      I take it “creepy” is the word you use when you are losing.?..you had the same tactic I recall when you could not admit the statistical link between HIV/Aids and death rates in practising male homosexuals.

      • same old, same old

        Not that it’s anything to do with this subject, but I fully accept the statistics about the death rate from HIV/Aids among male homosexuals. My question in turn was that I really couldn’t understand what point you were trying to make. Whatever it is then please make the same point about the devastating death rate in some parts of the world among heterosexuals of both sexes and the extraordinarily low rate among female homosexuals. It’s almost enough to make someone believe in the use of condoms.

        Back to Sweden and your maths is way out. You claim one in six people in Sweden is not ethnically Swedish – that’s 1.6 million at most. The highest estimate for the Muslim population is 500,000 – registered or not. That’s one million “non-Swedish” Swedes who are non-Muslim. Two thirds of the section of the population that you seem to be in such a panic about are not Islamic. You’ll need to look for some other bogeymen.

        • Rifleman819

          You are confused again , aren’t you?
          I made the careful statement that 1 in 6 of “Swedes” are not ethnically Swedish..not that 1 in 6 was a follower of the religion of peace-which you then enthusiastically red-herringed all the way up Mistaken Inference Creek , didn’t you?
          But what is factually , utterly correct is that the rioting and disturbances in Malmo were confined to a suburb that is registered as 87% Muslim , bearing in mind the strict criteria the Swedish authorities apply to religious affiliation.
          Make the distinction between ethnicity and religion.Having said that even 300,000 Muslims in a population of 9.5 million will have a very significant impact on the future of Sweden, given the differential in Muslim/non-Muslim birth rates.
          All Ias doing was to correct Tim’s usage as Swden as a non-religious society-it isn’t.Except it would not surprise me that there are probably more religiously observant “Swedish citizens” who follow a non Christian faith than those who do.Notice I distinguish between Swedish citizens and ethnic Swedes-they are now not synonmous….and never will be again.

          • same old, same old

            You needn’t worry. I did notice that, as usual, you made some very careful statements, left out most of the pertinent facts and presented it as a whole to ‘allow’ people to make up their own minds based on not even half a story. I think that from now on you should say exactly what you mean and save us all the task of wading waist high through odure.

    • Same old, same old

      I think it’s rather remiss of Wikipedia that they don’t list all rioters by their religion. How is anyone going to make knee-jerk reactions without that info?

      • John Dare

        Looks like a nice little riot is universal SO.:)

      • Rifleman819

        Same old,
        Yes-agree …funny that the area with the most serious rioting in Sweden is 87% Muslim isn’t it?
        But let’s not accuse the Swedish civil service of “knee jerk” reactions shall we?
        Their job after all is only to record and codify the facts and it’s very, very , exceptionally remiss of them to record demographic data that does not accord with what you want , Same old.
        I shall rebuke them -in triplicate. The data will will be recalibrated for you in your alternative universe-happy now?

  • Rifleman819

    Same old ,
    Ah …facts …pertinent……hmmm….it seems from translated YouTube and recent press summaries that the native-born population in Sweden is now belatedly realising the unwisdom of what they have done to their own culture and nation.
    And in religious terms Tim’s initial comment cannot now be sustained-far from being a non-religious culture it is rapidly becoming a most religious one…but not perhaps in the way Tim envisaged it.

  • John Dare

    Evening Rif; I’m losing the will to live here. Could you sum up your thesis in bullet points, with short words?

  • Rifleman819

    John ,

    For you -anything ….yes.

    Tim is mistaken definitely…..Swedish public mistaken probably….with the usual secularist lack of understanding as to how Islam is pretty uniquely different from Christianity and most other mainstream religions.

    Society=religion=society……no exceptions. In mosque-out of mosque…rules are the same. Contravene them at your peril.Islamic rules apply to everyone. As western Europe is rapidly finding out.
    The Crusaders knew that 12 centuries ago-pity we have such short memories.

  • Rifleman819

    For John Dare again ,

    John -translating the abstract , concept , belief stuff-call it what you will.
    OK-Imagine the long hot summer of 2013 in the UK.The funeral of Lee Rigby has come and gone ..but now conjure up parts of London ,the West Midlands or NW England.A hot afternoon and a non-too-bright lad (Dwuane? Garry? Lee? Kyle?)is walking on the “wrong” side of the street where a white area adjoins a perceived “Muslim” border.
    With him is his girlfriend(Cheryl?, Mandy,? Tanya?,Araminta(probably not!)) she is bra-less with a short tee-shirt, even shorter skirt and white stilettos.
    It is hot.They stop to kiss and share a swig from a cheap plastic bottle of lager….along comes a man with a beard in Islamic dress and starts to remonstrate with the couple about being disrespectfully dressed like that “in an Islamic area”.
    An argument develops-centred around perceptions-a public street in a UK Postcode area?? …or the side entrance to an Ali-Al Masjid mosque where the new p.m. madrassa intake is about to enter?
    Words are said -push comes to shove…the older man falls?/pushed?(in the end it does not matter)….then within half an hour you have a very serious public order problem on your hands.
    Once the media get hold……..then what?
    Flight of fantasy or the trigger for terrible consequences………….?

    • John Dare

      Just talking to a lad [59] yesterday. He’s from Durham, went to Stanley [10 miles away] and got kicked in for being from somewhere ‘posh’.

      Several students have been ‘accosted’ in Durham by locals for braying in public.

  • John Dare

    So, to sum up my understanding,Muslims orgiginate from a society where religion and society are one and the same, rather like Europe until the 18th century. Following on from that each society will have strict norms [operating here until the 60s].

    I don’t think that makes it different, just at an earlier stage. What follows from that is very debatable, but put it this way; my world view coming from the NE is very different from a southerners.We would have little in common. So pushing difference, and specially as a source of fear is a bit problematic for me.

    And coming to the catholic angle [which is where I lost the will 'cos I stuggled to see any connection] there seem to be a few on here who would really love a catholic theocracy. Any sort of theocracy would scare the bejasus out of me, if only because its difficult to reason with a man who thinks that god has told him what to do.

    • Rifleman819

      John ,
      That is just the point-Catholicism was not a theocracy-that is post-Reformation tosh, made up by Kings who grabbed the land and property of the church-pluralism , simony , non-residence =all the alleged “abuses” of the medieval church were continued by the Protestant reformers-”unreformed”-most funny.
      Of course you would struggle on a Catholic site -ipso facto.

      And believe me-thinking about theocracy…who is more doctrinaire-Pope Francis or Richard Dawkins?
      So if watford is the dividing line-I presume you are a European ,speak English ,have a Judaeo-Christian heritage…etc etc …no differences really .You couldlivein Tunbridge Wells.
      Perhaps not so if you immigrate from a farming community in rural Sylhet to Sunderland-not the same are they? By any means whatsoever.

      • John Dare

        To be fair Rif I didn’t say more than ‘any sort of theocracy’ and ‘its difficult to reason with a man….’

        As for being the same, no I’m afraid not. I’m anglo saxon from a race that spread from Darlington to North of Edinburgh. Put that to one side, and remember that nationality is a state of mind. A lowland scot is literally my cousin, but I’d never tell him he’s English. We all were Northumbrians in the past.

        On an emotional level, recall Auf vedersein pet:

        Wyman: Does my skin bother you?!
        Oz: Divvn’t be daft man, my team play in black and white, divvn’t they?! I’ve just got a thing about Cockneys.

        Have you actually been to Sunderland?

        • Rifleman819

          Sunderland -wye-eye man -half my platoon either supported Sunderland or the Toon .As a Regiment we recruited heavily there.

          Geordies as a whole are the finest soldiers I ever commanded-rogues…but once you got their respect…it was lifetime!

  • same old, same old

    I think you have it absolutely right, JD. “Believe in my book written centuries ago and not some other Godless book written centuries ago.” Or, even worse, “Believe in my interpretation of a book written centuries ago.”

    For me a single sentence from Rifleman sums up the whole problem:
    “The Crusaders knew that 12 centuries ago-pity we have such short memories.”

    And so it goes.

    • Rifleman819

      And a siingle sentence sum you up same old -”a man with historical ignorance about his own civilisation.”

      • John Dare

        Rif, G S Thomas wrote a great book about roses, and he quotes an old soldier from Napoleons army. Can’t remember the exact line, but something like ‘I walked through the germans gardens with a sword in my hand, and they marched through mine, better if we had both stayed at home and tended our own gardens.’

        The point about crusades, holy wars and all general accusaions of ‘he started it miss’ is that it goes on and on. Pointless toing and froing. And they weren’t twelve centuries ago, surely, but in the twelvth century? ;)

        • Rifleman819

          John ,
          Sorry -you are missing thge point entirely.If you want to go on ignoring the “elephant in the room” and watch western European civilisation go down the pan -please carry on.
          See WUE’s comments about Islam on this thread-one thing for sure is that this blog would be commpletely impermissible in Islamic countries-you are not -repeat not-comparing like with like.
          Have a look at the history of the Crusades-google Charles Martel , Jean de La Valette and Jan Sobieski….and then you will understand.
          We are ,if you believe the Met Office, at the start of a long hot month of summer-let’s hope it that only refers to the weather.
          Again -to quote that bastion of liberal socialism-the LSE….it has on its Arms the Latin “Rerum Cognoscere Causas”-”to understand the causes of things”
          Nothing happens entirely by accident in human affairs-everything is in some way joined to another factor…..which is why poor Lee Rigby was murdered in Woolwich and not Gt.Yarmouth.
          That is why you and Same old do not quite comprehend the hidden (spiritual/numinous) aspect to life.
          I am not trying in any way to score a point here but …but ….if you look back over history …it can give you a bloody good idea how things might pan out in the immediate present and some tantalysing clues for the future.
          It was precisely this loss of understanding/comprehension of religion by our ruling elites which has led to the challenge of Islam throughout Europe.Secular Europe has turned its back on Christianity but it may very well fall like Constantinople to Islamic hegemony.We shall see…….
          And there is one thing you can’t fault Islam for-it is totally explicit about its aims…but only Guardian/Independent readers and C4 viewers don’t want to see it.
          Educated, sneering ostriches…….to the end.

          • John Dare

            As you know Rif, I take the Guardian on Saturdays (gardening column), and I do sneer occasionaly. But I flatly deny being educated.

            Yes, I know my history, sort of. As for the rest, well we’ve been through it already and its a nice day, so off to the allotment before it gets too hot.

            Were you and officer BTW, in the rifles?

      • same old, same old

        And which civilisation would that be?

        • Rifleman819

          Same old ,
          I award you a laureate for Obtuseness…a garland for incomprehension.
          I sometimes wonder if it’s real …or you really are struggling………?

  • Rifleman819

    For John ,
    And ……..only ostriches successfully ignore elephants in rooms.Fact!

  • Rifleman819

    Deacon Nick ,
    Continuing along with this thread I think I could offer an example of just how fragile and weak humanity really is.

    When WW1 came to an end in November 1918-it took only a total of 51 months in the history of Europe to see:-

    a.Economic chaos

    b. Millions dead , crippled or starving

    c. A fair few more about to die from the influenza epidemic sweeping across the malnourished mass in several nations

    d. The end of 4 Empires-Russia, Austria-Hungary, Germany and the Ottoman…and the fatal weakening of the British one as well.

    e. And the seeds already laid for another world conflict 20 years later.

    Human stability is a precious commodity-it can unravel so quickly.

    Our Lady help of Christians pray for us.

  • Rifleman819

    John ,

    Yes…..I was.Only short-service though.

    I feel sorry for ostriches and elephants.Lovely creatures made by the Creator.

  • Rifleman819

    Oor John …mea culpa!

    In my platoon-until I got used to them-my boys spoke so fast and when they lapsed into Geordie slang as as well as “pure Geordie.”I was completely lost.

    I needed the lads from Rotherham to interpret for me!

    And incidently-the Fusiliers used to recruit up there as well-Jason Rigby’s unit-old heartland of the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers.
    Had he been two generations older-that poor lad might have joined the XXth Lancs Fusiliers….from a different world and in a different Britain.Sigh.

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