Death of woman on Liverpool Care Pathway investigated following son’s concerns about euthanasia

The Scottish Fatalities and Investigation Unit (SFIU), a branch of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, has opened an official investigation into the death of Jean Tulloch, 83, who died in March last year at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh after she had been admitted for a urinary tract infection.  Jean Tulloch’s son, Peter Tulloch had reported her death to police with evidence to suggest doctors actively attempted to hasten his mother’s death by withdrawing her food and fluids for 30 hours.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

‘David Green, head of the  Scottish Fatalities and Investigation Unit has written to Mr Tulloch promising a full and independent investigation of his mother’s death. “I must advise that I am now investigating the allegations made by you and concurrently considering the circumstances of the death of your late mother as we are aware of them. .As part of this process it is my intention to have the care and treatment provided to your mother assessed by an independent expert. I intend to ask the expert to consider the actions of doctors in NHS Lothian with particular regard to their decision to put your mother on the Liverpool Care Pathway.’

NHS Lothian has previously strongly denied allegations of wrongdoing, saying that the care Mrs Tulloch received in hospital was not “anything other than compassionate, professional and in her best interests”.

Dr David Farquharson, medical director, said: “As an investigation is about to begin regarding this matter, it would be inappropriate for us to comment.”

Protect the Pope comment: Since the Tony Bland killing the NHS had presented nutrition and hydration as clinical treatments, giving medical professionals the authority to withdraw them, thereby starving and dehydrating patients to death. The Liverpool Care Pathway treats nutrition and hydration as clinical treatments, which are withdrawn if medical professionals determine that the patient is at the ‘end of life’. This is a self-fulfilling prophesy because as one doctor has observed ‘Once you are on the Liverpool Care Pathway you will die; even if you were not dying!” The Catholic position on the Liverpool Care Pathway is that nutrition and hydration are forms of natural care and not removable clinical treatment.  If nutrition and hydration are withdrawn with the intention of hastening death this is rightly to be condemned as ‘back-door’ euthanasia, particularly when combined with powerful sedation. The  Scottish Fatalities and Investigation Unit are right to investigate whether the LCP was used to bring about the death of Jean Tulloch, who had been admitted to hospital for a urinary infection.


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  • steven mendelson

    If only the Catholic Church had been so zealous about investigating sexual abuse of children by Priests

  • I am not sure whether the Scottish bishops have an official document on LCP guidance, but our CBCEW certainly have and it is a utter disgrace.

    In a court of law, the CBCEW could technically state that they had not ‘rubber stamped’ the LCP as being a credible method.

    Unfortunately, to the average Catholic (who may not have a degree in theology or medicine) their guidance comes across as if they had ‘rubber stamped’ LCP and that everything is perfectly acceptable.

    Those ‘in the know’ certainly understand that the LCP is far from acceptable.

    For a brief summary of Catholics & The Liverpool Care Pathway go to the link below

  • Wake up England

    As usual, our bishops have said little, if anything to condemn the Liverpool Care Pathway.

  • Joseph Matthew

    I am uncertain why Steven Mendelson mentions sexual abuse in relation to the topic at hand. Not only the Catholic Church but the Anglican,Muslims,Boy Scouts, teachers and the media,especially the BBC.But Steven is right to condemn the largely homosexual abuse that has occured in the Church.
    As for the LCP, it is too risky a pathway to be acceptable. Ditch it.

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