Read the transcript of the police interrogation of a Christian arrested in London for preaching that homosexuality is a sin

Tony Miano was arrested, interrogated about his faith, and held for six hour by the Metropolitan police after a woman complained that she was offended by his preaching in a London street when he said homosexuality was a sin. Tony Miano was arrested under the Public Order Act which bans “insulting” words or behaviour.

Here are excerpts from his interrogation by a police officer. (Thanks to Archbishop Cranmer for making this available so quickly on his website).

Tony Miano Interview with Police
Rough Draft of Transcription
Date of Interview: 1 July 2013
Date of Transcription: 4 July 2013
Note: Tony Miano in Italics
Police Interviewer in Regular Script
Michael Phillips, solicitor for Mr. Miano italicized and capped by “LR:”
Begin :

This interview is being tape recorded, and… [unclear] Wimbledon police station. And there are no other officers present. We are at Interview Room Three at Wimbledon Police Station… and I am interviewing… Could you please state your name and date of birth?

Anthony Edward Miano, date of birth is Feb 22, 1964.

Thank you very much, also present is?

LR: Michael Phillips, [unclear] legal representative.

Police Officer: Thank you very much. The date is the first of July, 2013 and the term is 21:08, so 9:08 in the evening. Okay. So, Tony this interview is being tape recorded so should this ever go to court one of the tapes will be sealed and it can be used in evidence should this ever get that far.

Tony Miano: Understood.

Okay, Brilliant. At the time of your arrest today, by PC Green, which was at 16:50, you were cautioned by him. Do you remember that? Do you remember him saying something along those lines? You’re under arrest and hence I’m cautioni ng you? Do you remember that?

Marvelous, alright. As I said to you earlier on, you were arrested by PC Green at 16:50 for a Section 5 Public Order Act with a homophobic aggravating factor. Okay? Do you want to tell me what you were doing outside Centre Court Shopping Center today at that time?

I was preaching the Gospel.

Okay. Were you by yourself?

I was with several friends, a few from the United States and a few from here in the London area.

Okay, and how long have you been preaching the Gospel for?

In totality?

I’m sorry, as in in this country, as in recently?

During this visit since June 22nd.

So since June 22nd, okay yeah. Sorry just to make you aware as well I will be making notes noth ing to worry about just for my benefit later on.

I understand.

You’ve been here since June 22nd, is that right?

Yes .

Okay, and you’ve been preaching the Gospel. Is there any specific part of the Gospel you were preaching?

All of it.

Okay, and you’re starting from the beginning and working your way through?

Yes, I will preach through different passages of Scripture. And part of proclaiming the Gospel is sharing the law of God, bringing people to a knowledge of their sin so that they will understand their need for a savior.

Okay. With regards to the group of people. Is it, would you, break it up into sections and do a bit each or would you do do the whole book and someone else would do the whole Gospel? Or does it how does it work?

Each person preaches basically until they’re done. They preach the Gospel message as they feel so lead to do. And then someone else would start from the beginning and preach their own message.

Okay, and obviously, one of the things that caused a scene was the cameras. Do you film there?

Yes .

What’s the purpose of filming the preaching?

For our own protection, for one, just in case accusations are made against us.

Like this.

Like this, yesJust in case there’s any type of physical assault against us, so that we can document that as well. Also for the edification of other Christians. We use these videos to train other Christians how to share the Gospel. So those are basically the reasons.

Okay. So if we talk about sort of the incident surrounding your arrest. Okay, do you remember specifically what happened when you were arrested? All of the events leading up to your arrest? Anything stand out as the reason why you think you were arrested? Not necessarily that you agree with why you were arrested I just want.

LR: [unclear] if you could just give the lead up to what happened?

Sure, I was preaching from a passage of Scripture in 1 Thessalonians Chapter 4.

You have to let me write that down .


1 Thessalonian…

Chapter 4.

Thank you.

I believe the passage was verse 1 through I think verse 11 or 12.

Verse 1 through to 11/12.

In that passage of Scripture, the apostle Paul encourages the Thessalonians to abstain from all forms of sexual immorality. And to live a holy life, that is consistent with a life devoted to God and the holiness of God.

Okay, so you were preaching this chapter, or these verses from this chapter?


Okay, and then what happened?

And I was preaching about various forms of sexual immorality. Both homosexual and heterosexual, including fornication, which is sex prior to marriage.

Okay .

And including adultery, not only the cheating on a spouse but also looking at someone with lust. For Jesus said whoever looks at a person to lust after them, that person has already committed adultery with that person in their heart. And that all forms of sexual immorality is sin in the eyes of God. Sin that God will judge, but sin that also God will forgive. Now, prior to being able to get to the good news of the Gospel, I was stopped. So I was still working my way through the law of God and the consequences of sin, be fore I, I was stopped before I could get to the good news 5 of how someone could receive forgiveness for that sin and the free gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

Okay. And you were stopped by? Do you remember who stopped you?

Well Officer Green, Constable Green. There were several officers with him, I didn’t get all their names. One officer was named Ed.

Yeah, that would be PC Green.

Okay, who else am I thinking of? Officer Green was the officer who brought me in?

Yeah, his name is Ed yeah.

Oh well there was another officer.

Yeah, it would be PC Bailey [unclear] I would imagine. But, prior to your arrest, do you remember anyone who may have made any comments to you taking exceptions as to your comment?

Yes .

Okay, talk me through what happened in that instance.

Well, first there was an older gentleman who told me F off. I won’t say exactly what he said. But told me to F off as he was getting on the bus behind me. And then a woman, presumably, the woman who a pparently called the police, she likewise told me to F off as she was walking into the mall and I don’t recall exactly what I said to her. But at one point I asked, I would love to dialogue with you about this.


And that’s when she walked into the mall and she came back down a short time later. It looked like she was filming with her phone [unclear]. And shortly after the police arrived.

Okay, the lady in question, I would make the assumption, I haven’t met her, but I would make the assumption, as you have, that she is the complainant in that instance. She, I won’t bore you, well I say bore you, but I won’t read [unclear] the whole statement because it just details the fact that she was there, at around today’s date outside Center Court Shopping Cen tre at around 2:30. Okay? She says that she was a pedestrian, so she was on foot. Okay, and she walked out of the shopping center exit near to Wimbledon train station. Is that in relation to where you were, do you feel?

That Wimbledon train station is over the hill from where we were. We were standing…

There is an entrance just by the center court entrance.

Oh there is? I wasn’t aware of that. The entrance I’ve always come out of…

The one at the top?

The one across the street from my favorite rest aurant out here. [unclear restaurant name] I didn’t know there was one closer to the actual mall.

Okay well yea, I mean.

I just recall her walking down the hill in our direction, in my direction, and then walking towards the center court? [unclear] Yeah , she was walking toward that entrance.

And at about 2:30 the first time she recognized you, she thought nothing of it at the time. Her intention was to go out to try and obtain tickets for tennis.

At 2:30?

Yeah, she came back at half past four and this is when the incident occurred in your direction. She’s just detailing how the incident occurred. Sorry, it was at ten past four. She says that she walked back down to the entrance to centre court, which is the shopping centre, not center court tennis, and she noticed that what she described as a male who had originally been speaking about God on the microphone was now filming another male in a red t – shirt. Does that sound about right to you?

Well, my friend who [unclear], he was filming the preaching.

I mean your t-shirt is burgundy.

Yeah, it’s not a t-shirt but that was me.


Police Officer: She says again thinking nothing of it, she walked by. She got about five metres from the man in the red t – shirt and she heard him say, “homosexuality is a sin, we all know it’s wrong.” Did you say that?

Tony Miano: Words to that effect, yes.

Okay, she says she was extremely offended by this, which caused her a lot of distress. She said the microphone the man was speaking into was attached to a loudspeaker and could be heard by a large captive audience. She said she mouthed, “fuck you.”

I’m glad she admitted to that.

Yes, and she says, for the benefit of this we are going to say you are, was there anyone else wearing a red t-shirt?

No it was me.

Okay, so she says that you said this, and you said, “tell me to fuck off, will you come and have a discourse with me?”

I said words to that effect, that I would like to have a dialogue with you.


I wouldn’t have used the word discourse.

Okay. She says that she was with another person who was around [unclear], she saw that she was angry and took her by the arm and led her away. They apparently went to have a discussion about it. And she said due to the man making homophobic statements, saying homophobic statements in the public place, that she felt an offense had been committed and she called the police. While she was waiting for them to arrive, she said you said, “God wants the world to be ordered as one man and one woman, heterosexuality. Homosexuality, lesbianism, and fornication is wrong. God knows that, you know that. Will any man here man up and agree with me or that girl earlier?”

That’s not what I said.

That’s not what you said.

No, particularly at the end.


I did use the phrase, “man up.”

So you said, “man up.”

Right, but that is in reference to a man who had walked by and cursed at me. And I asked, in general, when will the men of this community, man up and stand by their convictions? Basically come and talk to me inst ead of just coming by and cursing me. I didn’t say when will people man up and agree with me. I didn’t say that.

So you just wanted to…

I wanted, men to instead of whispering as they’re walking by, to stop and to have a dialogue and to stand by their convictions and actually talk about it.

Okay. So basically as you said earlier, to spread God’s word in a sense. You wanted essentially to teach, well I can’t remember the exact words earlier on, but you know, preach the Gospel.

Yes .

So, she also says that these, I can’t even pronounce it, vitriolic statements, again caused me alarm and distress. And she says, while this was happening, a man with a gray [unclear] started to film her reactions to the words. She said that she felt intimidated by that. And that’s basically, she just goes on to describe you. She says a white male, overweight.

He is, he’s working on it though.

Well, no. She actually says the red t-shirt. I wouldn’t suggest you’re overweight. [cordial laughter]

Oh, I am too. I need to lose some weight myself.

She says about late to mid 50s.

[unclear] Wow, close, that’s pretty much.

She’s a bit harsh. American accent and she said she’s never seen you before. And she said it last about 5 – 10 minutes. Okay, so I ’ve read you the statement, what do you think about that? How do you feel about what she said?

I feel she was trying to intimidate us by filming us.

Yeah .

So it’s interesting that she said she was intimidated by being filmed. The camera was, I don’t re call how long the camera was actually on her because I was preaching, but I do distinctly recall her, her, filming me. And saying to her that I hope she will watch the video and listen to it and come to repentance and faith in Christ. Or words to that effect.

And what was your… I appreciate you saying this to me earlier. What was your sole intention by doing this today?

My sole intention, my faith, my Christian faith teaches me to love God with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love my ne ighbor as myself. There is nothing more loving that I will ever do for another human being than to warn them of God’s wrath to come against sin and point them to the only one who could forgive their sin, and that’s Jesus Christ.


So my intent was t o love people with the Gospel.

Okay, and you believe through, your, your religion, that homosexuality is a sin?

Yes, I do.

How do you feel… Members of the public may feel?

[unclear interruption] Michael Phillips, solicitor for Mr. Miano LR:  Can we just, I think it’s important just to say, to distinguish between homosexuality as an individual, and the sin itself. Would you be able to just distinguish between that. Is a homosexual person evil, they have…

No, a person who tells a lie, a person who steals, a person who harbors bitterness or resentment or hatred in their heart, a person who is discontent with what God has given them in their life and covets what other people have, a person who takes God’s name in vain, who is selfish, a person, if a person sins against God they face the same righteous judgement from God as any person committing any other sin.


LR: So what, just to recall the distinction between the act itself and person who has the inclination to do the act. So they’re not the same. You’re not saying that person is an evil person just because they have an inclination to be homosexual. For that reason alone.

I’m not sure I understand the question. The point is that all of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. That’s why when I was speaking out there today, I wasn’t speaking exclusively about homosexuality. I was speaking about for nication of any kind. Heterosexual fornication, heterosexual adultery, looking at a person with lust, whether or not you’re married, any form of sexual immorality is a sin before God.

Okay. Let me give you an example just for my benefit. You’ll have to excuse my ignorance regarding religion. You know… If two males walked past you holding hands, and in your view apparently homosexuals, would you consider them a sinner.


Okay, that is what I wanted to know. So in that sense of the word, in that respect, do you feel what you were doing today, preaching the gospel, making the comments about homosexuality being a sin, do you think that that could have upset people?

I think it could upset people because people love their sin. I think if someone walked by when I was talking about lying, and they had just lied, someone would be upset with that. I think if I was talking about hating another person and someone was harboring hatred in their heart towards someone else, they could be upset with that. That’s be cause people do not like to hear that they have sinned against a holy God.

Okay, the issue as well is that not everyone is religious, so not everyone would see homosexuality as a sin, would they?

I don’t think that’s relevant. Because God sees it as a sin.

No? Okay. [unclear]

We don’t determine… excuse me?

So you [unclear] are you offended by it because you are religious?

Am I offended by what?

By homosexuality.

Homosexuals don’t do anything to me.


They offend God. Just as...

Okay. It doesn’t offend you.

Just as my sin offends God.

It doesn’t offend you?

No. I harbor no bitterness or resentment...


Toward homosexuals or...

That’s basically what I was getting at. You don’t have any, you don’t have any...

I don’t have any anger towards them.

And you never discriminate against them?


So if someone you knew as a homosexual came up to you and asked you for a favor, you’d quite happily offer them that favor would you?

The word of God tells me to love your neighbor as myself.


So if a homosexual walked up to me and said, I’m hungry and I need something to eat. I would walk them to the nearest restaurant, give them something to eat, and share the Gospel with them because I love them.

Okay, so. Tell me what you were doing today then. It’s apparent from this statement we have, that you have upset someone. Okay. She’s saying that what you said she found distressing, okay? Someone else has told you to “F off” as you put it. A gentleman, so whatever you were saying at that time people obviously found distressing I don’t know.

There’s also, according to the definition of terms we’re using, it’s kind of distressing to tell someone to F off, isn’t it?

Well I’d agree with you, a hundred percent. Because as far as I understand, swearing in a public place, isn’t acceptable, yeah?

I agree.

Yeah. Obviously I can only work with the information I’m given today.

Sure, I understand. I’m not looking for a pound of flesh from anyone.

No no no, I appreciate that.

I’m not looking for any retribution.

I can assure that if you had told me at the time that she had told you to F off the same thing would have happened to her. Because as far as I’m concerned, two wrongs don’t make a right.

I appreciate that.

The issue obviously as well, is, well, you know, I appreciate what you’re saying regarding your beliefs and the fact that you were preaching the Gospel. As I said to you earlier, not everyone is religious. Okay, so they don’t have an understanding as you, as you obviously as you do of the Gospel.


I certainly don’t. So, do you accept that what you were saying, is likely to upset some people.

No, I don’t accept that. Because I’ve also seen people with tears in their eyes come to repentance and fai th in Jesus Christ, realizing that they’ve sinned against God. Regardless, my understanding is that what the word of God says about the nature of man is that regardless of what a person expresses with their mouth, or with their demeanor, or with their body language, even if they would say that they were offended or insulted does not necessarily mean that’s the case. It could very well be that they’ve been convicted but their heart and they don’t want the preacher to see that.


And that’s always my hope.


My hope is that that lady will go home tonight and she will turn from her sin and put her trust in Jesus Christ the Lord for her salvation. That one day I will get to worship with her side by side in heaven.

Okay. And, last question I’ve got for you, is do you think what you did was acceptable in a public place…


With, I don’t know how many people walking past you during the day bearing in mind the tennis championships are on, do you feel that what you did, making the comments you made, is 100% acceptable in a public place?

Not only 100% acceptable, but commanded by God.


I’m commanded by God to love people and to proclaim the Gospel to as many people as I can for as long as I can.

Will you do this again tomorrow?

If I have the opportunity, yes.

Okay. Okay. I’m quite happy about, I’ve asked the questions I need to ask. This is your interview, so this is your opportunity to give your account of what happened today leading up to your arrest, anything else you wish to, you think’s relevant to the case. This is your opportunity to give it so I will offer you the opportunity now before I turn the tapes off. Is there anything else you would like to add?

I don’t think so, I think we’ve covered everything.

LR: Just a couple questions I had. What would y ou say to anybody that said you were trying to insult people.

I would say they’re wrong.

LR: And why would you say that?

The reason for being out there. The reason I flew all the way from Southern California to London, was to love people and share the Gospel with them. I hope to be used by God to see people come to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. There’s never intent to insult, there’s never any intent to inflame. Of course people aren’t going to agree with everything I say, just as I don’t agree with everything other people say. But my intention, is, to love people as others loved me and shared the Gospel with me so that I could receive forgiveness of my sin and the free gift of eternal life. That’s why I came to London last year during the Olympi cs. That’s why I came this year to Wimbledon. And that’s why I hope I can come back as many times as possible. Because I love this country and I love the people of this country. And I don’t want to see anybody perish in their sin.

LR: And [unclear] just about the cultural context. Some people might want to say, well that’s America that’s more religious. This country is less religious. What would you have to say?

Well, certainly regarding the issue at hand there’s no difference between our two countries, culturally. I’m not uninformed as to where your country is regarding this issue because my country is in the same place. And the message I brought today, and the message I’ve brought about many different subjects are no different than the messages I preach to the people in my own country. Because the issues are all the same.

Okay, fair enough. Yeah, happy?

LR: Yeah.

Okay, as I’ve said, I’ve got nothing else to ask you. Obviously I’ve covered everything I need to cover. We’ll just establish that you don’ t feel like you’ve done anything wrong. You’ve come over here, you’ve come to share your love of God. You’ve come to share, to preach the Gospel to people…

All people.

Yeah, certainly not going to say that it’s only certain people. And you know, you feel that what you’ve done is not necessarily upsetting people but in fact helping people. Would you agree with that?


So, I appreciate your views on it. Okay. Is ther e anything else you wish to say?

Not at this time.

Okay, brilliant. In that case, this interview is concluded at 21:34, on the first of July 2013. [End.]

Protect the Pope comment: It’s shocking to read the transcript of the intense interrogation to which Tony Miano was subjected by the police officer about his Christian Faith.  Clearly the Christian Faith was treated by this police officer as a deviant, subversive set of ideas that posed a threat to public order. It is like reading the transcript of the interrogation of early Christians by Roman officials or the interrogation of Catholic priests during the Elizabethan persecution.  This is an important resource for all orthodox Catholics, and Christians, because it gives us an idea of the type of treatment we will receive in the future for preaching and teaching that homosexuality is a sexual disorder and homosexual acts are intrinsically evil. Tony Miano, you’re a Christian hero! On behalf of the orthodox Catholics of England Protect the Pope salutes you, and thanks you for your witness to the Christian faith.

H/T Cranmer

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  • Michael Petek

    The arrest of Mr Miano is a hate crime.

    Words like “… is likely to upset some people.”

    “…do you think what you did was acceptable in a public place…”

    “… do you feel that what you did, making the comments you made, is 100% acceptable in a public place?”

    are words I’ve heard police officers use before. Last September I attended a trial in Brighton in which an anti-abortion activist was arraigned under the Public Order Act 1986 s5 on account of a large banner of an aborted foetus.

    One after another, eight police officers stood in the witness box and were torn to shreds by the defence barrister.

    The defendant was acquitted.

  • Lynda

    We are living under tyranny – at least for those of us who acknowledge and attempt to follow the truth. Basic rights and freedoms are denied.

    • John Dare

      No Lynda, we all have the same rights.

      • Wake up England

        John Dare: Absolute tosh, as usual

        • John Dare

          Nick, I appreciate that WUE may have written the avove before your latest request for courtesy, however I’d like to protest his tone once more.

          • Wake up England

            Deacon Nick:

            But John dare can call people names all he likes! (see following article)

            I feel quite justified in saying “Absolute Tosh, as usual”. It’s not insulting; it’s not personal; it’s not expletive.

            And I happen to think it’s true.

            I think Dare is being extremely mealy-mouthed.

            All too keen to “dish it out” but Oh-so-easily offended when the tables are turned.

          • John Dare

            No WUE, just plugging away and asking to stick to discussion.

  • John Dare

    Was he charged Nick; what happened in the end?

  • tro

    They were “just following orders.”

    Welcome to David Cameron’s Britain!


    I don’t go along with your criticism of the policeman, I’m afraid. I was surprised to see it having read the whole transcript (and with great interest). Tony Miano came across very well, of course, and it’s an absolute disgrace that a visitor to our country is treated like this, but I thought that the policeman was quite respectful and even-handed: as much as could be expected in the circumstances. As I read the transcript I imagined him as being embarrassed at having to go through this charade. I certainly would have been.

  • Karla

    18“If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first.n

    19If you belonged to the world, the world would love its own; but because you do not belong to the world, and I have chosen you out of the world, the world hates you.o

    20Remember the word I spoke to you,* ‘No slave is greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they kept my word, they will also keep yours.p

    21And they will do all these things to you on account of my name,* because they do not know the one who sent me.q

    22If I had not come and spoken* to them, they would have no sin; but as it is they have no excuse for their sin.r

  • Nicolas Bellord

    It is worth watching the video of Mr Manio preaching in Wimbledon. Passers by seem to be taking no notice of him apart from two people (one of whom called the police) who tell him to f off but decline his invitation of dialogue. His approach is rather unBritish but what he says is entirely orthodox. If what he said on the street merits arrest how long before a similar exposition of what the Bible teaches in a church will lead to an arrest? Indeed one can understand any clergyman being hesitant before announcing from the pulpit that fornication is a sin. But then I cannot remember any priest being so rash long before the Public Order Act came into force!

    The video can be found at:

  • Benedict Carter

    Beyond belief that in England ……!


    Is the Anti-Christ already in the world? Fr. Malachi Martin twenty years ago was certain that he was.

  • BJC

    Off topic a bit but just came across this interesting story on Michael Voris’s website:

    • Damask Rose

      Excellent. Good for them. What we need is a “Family Pride Day/Month” too. Either people will immerse themselves in the loose sexual morals that seem to be developing everywhere, or they will start to take a stand, rejecting it.

  • planechant2

    Sorry Deacon Donnelly, but for once I do not agree with you. The Police Officer was doing his job. He is polite and asking Tony Miano necessary questions to establish the truth or otherwise of the complaint. Mr Miano had his Solicitor with him, and the interviewing Police Officer in my view, acted quite properly. To equate this with Penal times in England with the likes of Walsingham and his cronies, is ridiculous. Where the criticism should be directed is at the ambiguous legislation which enables persons like the complainant in this case, to make allegations upon which the police have to act, whether they like it or not.

  • Wake up England

    Wrongful arrest is, of course, actionable; and I would advise considering bringing such a case.

    I sincerely hope the defendant did not accept a caution.

    Our “Free speech” (which is forever being eroded) has just received yet another swipe from the Brave New World of

  • Damask Rose

    Honestly, Catholics/Christians, even right moral thinking people, are so being stitched up by these gay laws that have alarmingly spread so fast around the world. Considering that homosexuality is one of the “four sins crying out to heaven for vengeance”, they couldn’t have done it in a more heinous way to marginalise Christianity.

    I’m glad Andy Cannon, in Deacon Nick’s “Gay father’s sexual abuse” thread, was brave enough to speak out.

    Terrible story about the poor little boy who was abused by his gay, but natural father and his partner. I see Russia has passed laws accordingly. (The little boy’s mother was a Russian surrogate.)

    After 10-20 years of impending homosexual sex education in schools in this country, I wonder how the youth of tomorrow will turn out?

    And it looks as though the Soho Masses Pastoral Council may take over a Mass at a new Parish they were sent to. All under the knowing nose of Abp Vincent Nichols and Bishops of E&W. How brave of them to support their practising heterosexual communities…

    At least the Vatican is beginning to speak up, especially amidst its latest homo-Vatican scandal.

    The Vatican really needs to be seen taking a stand against its gay clerics, because at this moment in time it hasn’t got a moral leg to stand on. Any Catholic voicing an opinion about the dreadful treatment of Andy Cannon or the little Australian boy can all too easily have it thrown back in their face because of the priests gay behaviour/abuse.

    I see a unique strain of bacterial meningitis, casually transmitted, is hitting gays in the US. They’re getting their vaccinations.,3459623.0.html

    In the meantime bestiality brothels are growing in Germany. Alarmingly, the sheep are beginning to shy away from human contact. Man is abusing the care of animals he was given by God the Father. (I wonder if the animal kingdom will begin to attack mankind more and more…?)

    Ah, the fruits of contraception, living-in-sin, the establishment of post-war gay cabals in the Roman Catholic Church, priests’ rejection of Humanae Vitae….

    • Wake up England

      Damask Rose:

      Being homosexual is not, in itself, a sin.

      The sin crying out to heaven for vengeance is “The sin of Sodom”

      This is an important distinction. No-one can be held accountable for what or whom they find sexually attractive.

      Translating that desire into genital acts is a different matter; that is a sin.

  • Damask Rose

    Just saw this:

    California Lawmakers pass Transgender Rights Bill.,3459632.0.html

  • Daniel

    As there as photographic evidence of the woman abusing the man by swearing at him and as she showed her hatred of his preaching the Christian religion, will she similarly be arrested and subject to a similar interrogation for her ‘hate speech’. Or is it only Christians who are persecuted in this way?

    • John Dare

      Daniel, if the preacher complained then , yes, she could be. But as Frederick Oakley suggests, there may be more or less to this than meets the eye.

      Think about it, a yankee preacher with cameras, just in case? I agree thay the woman should really have just ignored him and walked by like everyone else, but she didn’t, and its maybe fair to assume that the preacher knew that someone would turn up and have a pop. Howay man, its Laaaandon. ;)

  • Silly over-reaction by passer by. Police wre following up on a complaint. None of us know what was thevextent of the disturbance. Probably thought best to conduct the interview in police station not try to resolve on the street. Nothing much wrong with polite and carefully conducted questioning. Legal representative present. The Question is who is this man from America who comes here to preach on the streets and who is filmed doing it. Could he just be here in order to get arrested so he can get the publicity he wants back home. He was, after all, not preaching the Gospel. Not much love in the quotes we have been given. Sounded a bit like a fundamentalist cleric to me. He has a right to free speech but the cameras and the fear of attack suggest alterior motives.

    • Wake up England

      Well Fred Oakeley:

      Thank you for sharing your piercing insight with us.

      Now, Fred, just for the sake of intellectual debate, let’s have your wisdom on this scenario:

      A militant homosexual is standing on his (or her) husting and is vociferously proclaiming the merits of “Gay Marriage”.

      He is surrounded by cameras and lesbians in case of “homophobic abuse or attack”

      He is berating the Pope and the Catholic Church for their condemnation of “Gay Marriage”

      Mrs Mary O’Leary and her mother emerge from the butcher’s shop with a pound of Irish sausages; they pauses in amazement to listen to her religion being berated and the Pope being insulted. They’re both practising Catholics and Mrs O’Leary once thought of being a nun.

      So they go back into the butcher’s, borrow his telephone and call the police to complain.

      In a flash PC Plod and his mate turn up in a panda car and assess the situation.

      In my humble opinion, Fred, things would have turned-out somewhat differently for Mrs O’Leary. She’d have been told to go about her business and not cause a disturbance of the peace.

      Not what you might call fair, really, is it?

      • Michael Petek

        Suppose this militant homosexual gave the local police Superintendent a funny handshake at a meeting of their Lodge. What do you think would happen afterwards to a Christian who objected to his anti-Catholic diatribe?

        • Sam Mace

          please michael my uncle is a member of the masons at a lodge in London trust me it is nothing like you think

          • Wake up England

            Sam Mace:

            Being a Freemason automatically excommunicates Catholics from the Catholic Church. No ifs or buts about it; notwithstanding the charitable work, schools and other charitable works they support.

      • John Dare

        We’ll never know WUE, but if Mrs O complained then I suspect that the matter would be dealt with in the same way.

  • Same old, same old

    Has nobody noticed the clues that demonstrate that this is NOT the police transcript of an interview?

    • Wake up England


      All very well to be so calm. You might feel slightly more aggrieved if you were the one wrongfully arrested.

    • Wake up England

      Same Old:

      Enlighten us, do.

      • same old, same old

        It’s all the Americanised spellings that suggest strongly to me that this is certainly not the police transcript, as it purports to be.

        Anyway, it’s good to hear about Mr Miano railing against the evils of sex outside marriage, it’s just a pity that he was cut off before making the obvious conclusion – allowing gay people to marry.

  • Nicolas Bellord

    Mr Oakeley: There was no disturbance as can be checked from watching the video. Being arrested, interviewed and locked in a cell is not something one can regard lightly when plainly no offence was committed. The interview seems to be more about inquiring about Mr Miano’s beliefs rather than putting to him allegations of a criminal offence.

    We may or may not like what Mr Miano said. Some are offended by what Conservative politicians say at meetings; others by what Labour politicians say. Should we lock up all politicians? Seriously?

    • John Dare

      I think the police were taking great pains to establish his view of things Nicholas, as they are bound to do. As for plainly no offence, we’re talking after the event. The boys in blue don’t have that luxury. They were dealing with a real complaint. The pastor could have complained, the lady could have complained. The police just do their job. As for a freemasons plot….well, how can I put this. We’re not in Italy or even 70s Britain.

  • Delia

    I agree with planechant2 (why not plainchant2??). The whole thing is ridiculous, but I think it is unwise to overreact.

  • Pedro de Luna

    You actually seem to think you have a right to stand outside a shopping centre with a microphone and loudspeakers, abusing passers by.

    The vast majority of people think you’re a bunch of nutters and best avoided. It doesn’t surprise me that occasionally someone will be provoked by the noise you make.

    I hope the guy is fined and deported. Pity we couldn’t pack some of you lot off with them.

    • Wake up England

      Silly Pedro:

      Hysterical and ill-judged squawking don’t really add to serious debate.

      There were no “insults”

      Anyone has the right to stand peacefully making their point (with or without microphones)

      I object to being called a nutter and I disagree that most people view Christians in this light.

      You’re coming perilously close to inciting religious hatred Pedro – so be careful what you write whilst in a snit. You are responsible for what you say on the internet, an you’re sailing close to the wind legally.

      “Pity WE couldn’t pack some of you lot off with them” Who are “WE” Pedro?

      My family has lived in England for 163 years. Do you think I should be “packed off”? What’s my crime? Being a Catholic? To where do you suppose I should be “packed off”? As a homosexual, I don’t think they’d want me in North America, do you? Tony Miano is American

      I’d watch it Pedro. With views as fascist as yours you might find you’re next for the attentions of the police.

      Inter alia, inciting others to religious hatred is serious stuff Pedro. I for one thoroughly object to your post.

    • Charles

      Now then Pedro your comments are objectionable. This is a democratic country with freedom of speech The homo secularists make plenty of noise when someone disagrees with their lifestyles. We will not be silenced. The lady who used the F word should have been arrested not the preacher. The police have better things to do with their time.

  • Matthew Booth

    If you want to see what he was preaching, it’s here:

    I think this guy’s ok. I obviously don’t agree with his preaching on homosexuality, but I don’t think he is guilty of a hate crime for doing it. I do think the amount of amplification he was using was a public nuisance, but if he turned the sound down a bit I would personally have no objection to him being there. Heckling is an appropriate response, and from the transcript above that’s clearly what he was looking for.

    Don’t blame the police here, though: I believe the police are probably correct in law in charging him with hate speech. The problem is that the law (you can thank Labour for this) outlaws hate speech. I don’t believe we have a right not to be offended, and this law is an example of that. But lets swap this round: imagine he was an Imam preaching from the Quran about the correct application of wife beating. That would be truly distasteful, but if you allow Tony Miano to preach the gospel about homosexuality (which I would), you must also allow an Imam to preach from the Quran about wife beating (which I also would). IMHO both should be shouted down, but both must be allowed to speak without fear of arrest.

    There is a line, though, and it’s incitement. If you incite your listeners to break the law, you forfeit your right to free speech. I suspect that would make preaching about wife beating a challenge, but the point remains ;) It’s quite clear to me that Tony Miano wasn’t inciting anybody to act violently towards homosexuals, and he should have been left to the mercy of public opinion.

    • Michael Petek

      There’s no such thing in law as ‘hate speech’. Section of the Public Order Act 1986 applies to words which are threatening, abusive or insulting, and which are likely to cause a person harassment, alarm or distress.

      Now, as Christians, both Tony Miano (probably) and I are offended by any dissent whatsoever from any part of Christianity which claims to be within the reach of that reason which is common to believers and unbelievers. In his position, I would make a formal complaint to this effect both in relation to the woman who felt offended at Mr Miano’s remarks, and in relation to the police officer for expressing Masonic beliefs in the presence of a Christian.

  • ms Catholic state

    What has Sharma Chakrabati to say about this abuse of liberty. Or don’t they concern themselves with Christians?! There’s a name for that!

  • Haslam

    Tony Miano was arrested under the “insulting” provsions of the Public Order Act.

    It should be noted that those provisions are in the process of being dismantled following a sucessful campaign against them led by The Christian Institute, The National Secular Society and the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

    Clearly Mr Miano should not have been arrested, but this really isn’t a “them and us” story of Christian persecution, rather a bad law was passed which harmed free speech for everyone and that has been corrected.

    It is somewhat ironic that

  • Francis

    O do please give us all a break from your unhealthy obsession with homosexuality on this website! As for claiming to protect the pope, Pope Francis would, I suspect, have very little in common with you, nor would Jesus Christ!

    • Deacon Nick Donnelly

      Homoheresy and Homotyranny are the front line of the battle between the Church and the forces of secularism that seek to degrade man, made in the image and likeness of God. Are you saying that Pope Francis and Our Lord Jesus Christ accept homosexual attraction and homosexual sex as being good? You are seriously misguided and should seek the guidance of a faithful Catholic priest. Deacon Nick

      • John Dare

        Can’t speak for the pope Nick, but did anyone actually ask Jesus whay he thought of gays? Taking account that in the flesh he was a man of his time.

        • Wake up England

          John Dare:

          If you’re going to continue trolling on this blog the very least you should do is to try to understand the basic tenets of Catholicism. It’s so boring to repeatedly have to explain the simple fundamentals to you. If you’re so interested in things Catholic why not read the Catechism?

          Jesus Christ founded his church before the New Testament was written.

          He gave his Church power to “bind” and “loose” to forgive or retain sins.

          He sent the Holy Ghost down on the Apostles and our Lady

          Therefore the church has the perfect right to condemn homosexual sexual acts as Grave Matter

          And try to understand John Dare that it is not a matter of what “Jesus Christ THOUGHT of gays” it is a question of what Jesus Christ THINKS of gays. You see Jesus Christ is in Heaven: real man and real God.

          • John Dare

            I freely admit that I don’t begin to follow many of the basic tenets WUE, which is the main reason why I don’t comment of the ‘procedural’ stuff. But I do look at things that a plain man might have a view on. And I ask questions, occasionally, to better understand the score.

          • Wake up England

            John Dare:

            What, pray, is a “Plain Man”?

            You’re always making comments on this blog which illustrate with crystal clarity that you have very little notion of basic Christian teaching, history or belief; let alone Catholic teaching.

            Doubtless you’ll squeal like a scaled pig about being criticised, but nevertheless it would make your (often jejune) comments more interesting and pertinent to other readers if you were to acquaint yourself with the basic facts of the subject upon which you are (usually) decrying i.e. the Christian religion in general and Catholicism in particular.

            Are most secularists similarly ill-informed?

          • John Dare

            Morning WUE; taking your post from the top:

            plain man –

            little notion – agreed, see plain man

            jejune – lacking maturity, well, its a POV

            ill informed – yes

        • Nicolas Bellord

          John Dare: If you read Mark Chapter 7 you find the disciples asking for the meaning of a parable. In his reply Christ mentions “porneia” [in the Greek] as being a wicked design. Whilst normally “porneia” gets translated as “fornication” it really means any illicit sexual intercourse which would included homosexual sex. As to what Jesus thought of homosexuals: he loves all mankind and came to save sinners whether heterosexual or homosexual – a point which Mr Miano emphasised.

          • John Dare

            Nick, I recall thanking Nicholas for his explanation and you’ve zapped my post. Could you let me know why?

        • Karla

          I recommend you read this article john Dare:

          ‘Continuing Discussion on Jesus and Homosexuality’

  • Delia

    Wake up England: I meant the post, not the chap who was arrested!

  • Sam Mace

    at the end of the day a complaint was made and it had to be followed up. Assuming the transcript is correct the interview was perfectly friendly and not an issue. I agree that people shouldn’t complain about speech unless it makes people vulnerable to physical attacks however the complaint was made and nothing was found. I suppose it is an example of how the law works, the man was not stopped preaching in the future and now they have dealt with it once further clarification on that incident can be made in the future. If the police stopped acting on complaints there would be serious problems.

    • Wake up England

      Dear Sam:

      “Assuming the transcript is correct”

      “Same Old” seems to think the transcript as published above is a fake because it contains linguistic Americanisms.

      Does anyone else suspect it’s fake?

  • Lionel (Paris)

    C’est dingue! it is hard to believe!
    Thank you for that “edifying” report!
    I thought that Britain was a “country of liberty”… However, I realize that I was wrong.

  • same old, same old

    PTP says:

    “Tony Miano, you’re a Christian hero! On behalf of the orthodox Catholics of England Protect the Pope salutes you, and thanks you for your witness to the Christian faith.”

    You should read what he says about Catholics before insisting that he isn’t a hate preacher.

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