French police begin to rebel against being used by Hollande to oppress pro-marriage demonstrators

La Figaro is reporting that the French police, including the riot police, are increasingly vociferous in their protests against Hollande, the French President, using them to oppress pro-family demonstrators since the legalisation of gay marriage, especially the directive to arrest people wearing Manif T shirts:

A few days ago, in a tract from Alliance, the CRS (riot police) expressed indignation over their “ridiculous” mission against the Veilleurs debout (standing vigils). Today, the anger has spread to the commissioners(“commissaires”). In the latest issue of the Tribune du commissaire, two of the three open editorials are devoted to the “growing malaise” within the police institution resulting from the repression of the anti-gay marriage demonstrations. “We’ve never seen this!” says a member of the SCPN union, which represents 60% of the commissioners, and which has always been very legitimist. “That shows the scope of the discontent.”

The first editorial, signed by a “collective of police commissioners”, speaks of “a video that circulated on the Internet showing two of our colleagues releasing people dressed in clothing stamped with the Manif logo, following an identity check. If instructions were given to the entire police hierarchy to arrest people solely on those grounds,” assert the authors, “then the commissioners who decided to release them honor the the Corps de Conception et de Direction.” And in conclusion: “It is time to prove that our Institution is not an opinion police.”

The second of the two open editorials, according to Emmanuel Roux, general secretary of the SCPN, is a letter from a police commissioner, aware of current events, to a dear colleague. He appears to be a “pied-noir” (i.e., a Frenchman born in Algeria and forced to return to France in 1962 after the war) and speaks of his grandmother, Eugénie, who “loved France very much, even though she had never gone there until tragic events forced her to leave her native soil 51 years ago. One day, she committed the insane act of waving a French flag at her window. Men in uniform burst in, breaking the door, and went after that flag.”

Today, Eugénie’s grandson is a division commissioner. “For several months, there have been rumbles in this country. I saw uniforms, and young demonstrators pinned against a wall. I saw some fall, others were led to the armored vans, in shock but proud. I will never be one of those officers. I love my grandmother too much,” he proclaimed.

Emmanuel Roux admits he hesitated before publishing his “colleagues who speak from the gut.” But he has received several similar requests and wanted to perform his duty as a union leader and allow them to speak. “I have no knowledge of police practices that varied according to who the demonstrators were,” he claims. “But public order is a complex alchemy…”

Within the SCPN union, however, many cannot not identify at all with the methods used. “It’s not that someone is pro or anti-gay marriage”, says one commissioner who signed the first editorial. “It’s just that we are quite simply shocked. We perceive an enormous distortion between what happens with thugs who are repeat offenders and peaceful kids placed into custody because they are wearing a tee-shirt! Sometimes, you have to have the strength to say no. Our message is that we refuse to be a political police, whoever is in power.”

Protect the Pope comment: No sign yet of the UN Human Rights Committee ordering an investigation into the Hollande government’s repression of pro-marriage demonstrators. No complaints from the European Union either. Could it be that the UN and EU approve of pro-marriage, mostly Catholic, demonstrators being beaten up and arrested by the political police? And the response of the UK government? The UK Embassy in Paris proudly displays the rainbow flag of our new rulers.

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  • Rifleman819

    This is dodgy from the French perspective if the rank and file of the Compagnies Republicanes de Securitie(CRS) are having doubts-they are the riot boys of the civilian Police Nationale in France.

    And there is a growing constitutional problem in French Policing as well-since 2009 the Gendarmerie Nationale is under operational command of the French Ministry of the Interior even though it is part of the French Armed Forces and not technically a civilian police force.

    So -3 police forces-Police Nationale, CRS,Gendarmerie…….all with overlapping roles and in a situation like the anti-gay marriage repressions….it could well mean that Hollande’s government would be forced to use the Armed Forces Gendarmerie against the civilian population.
    A rolling nightmare.

    • ms Catholic state

      Then the Police and Army must refuse point blanck to obey Hollande! What’s he going to do to them?! Get up on his little soap box and harangue them. Pffft… Remember….Hitler was democratically elected too!

  • Michael Petek

    I hear the sound of Madame Guillotine sharpening her blade.

    Neither the Scarlet Pimpernel nor the Black Fingernail can save Hollande now.

  • same old, same old

    This is all getting dangerously close to endorsing the violence of some of the protesters at these demonstrations – and I do emphasise that it is ‘some’.

    • Deacon Nick Donnelly

      Same Old, same Old, this is your last post on Protect the Pope, because of suggesting that I would endorse violence. To endorse such violence would be a criminal act. I would never endorse such violence. Deacon Nick Donnelly

  • same old, same old

    First of all, it wasn’t your posts I was referring to.

    Secondly, it would not be a criminal act anyway as it is occurring in another country.

    Thirdly, if anybody doesn’t want to condone the violence then they could easily condemn it.

    Fourthly, for someone who continually asks for the right to be able to dissent on various matters you have a remarkably contrary attitude when it comes to others.

    • Deacon Nick Donnelly

      Same Old Same Old, you need to be more careful about making claims about others endorsing violence. I accept your implied apology. Just watch it. By the way, I don’t ask for the right to dissent, I have the inherent right to proclaim and defend the truth. Deacon Nick

      • Catholic Blogger

        What kind of language and attitude is it to tell someone to “Just Watch it”.

        This is bullying by intimmidation.

        • Deacon Nick Donnelly

          No it isn’t. Deacon Nick

        • ParryP

          @Catholic Blogger As the posts are moderated, the expression “Just Watch it” I would take to be a fair warning to take care with your future posts or they won’t be published if they continue to contravene the rules of the site. If you disregard the warning (and Deacon Nick is not obliged to warn or publish any post as he sees fit by the way) , your posts won’t be published and you would be banned by the moderator…er that is the function of the moderator. However you describe your own post most accurately by resorting to name calling.

          • catholicblogger

            I have not name called anybody. I repeat my comment, “Would you say ‘Just watch it’” to a Police Officer.

            It is Deacon Nick who used the phrase “Just watch it”, not myself.

    • Wake up England

      Same Old:

      You wrote (above) “All this is getting dangerously close to endorsing the violence of some of the protesters at these demonstrations….”

      Kindly explain whose posts you were referring to. What(or whom) do you mean by “ALL THIS”.

      And by the way, I struggle to see any apology whatsoever in your subsequent post, implied or otherwise. However I do see (in many of your posts) much errant strident arrogance in condemning, and dismissing God’s Church and its teachings.

      I wonder why you bother to troll this blog.

  • same old, same old

    A constant refrain from those who oppose same-sex marriage on this site has been to condemn the actions of the French police in dealing with the demonstrations in Paris and other cities. If people have been wrongly arrested and brutalised then I’d support those condemnations, but nothing has been said about those protesters that have been hell-bent on confrontation and violence. If you doubt that then ask yourself which peace loving person would go to a demo armed with smoke bombs. You might also want to question the appearance at these demonstrations of some menacing groups from the far right.

    As for the cretins who are alleged to have attacked the anti-gay marriage poster van and its driver in London, I hope they are identified and charged. If only those on the other side of the argument would do likewise.

    Nick, you say that you have the inherent right to proclaim and defend the truth. Of course you do. But then so does everybody else.

    • Wake up England

      Same old Told Off

      I think being arrested for wearing a Manif tee shirt is redolent of the French Revolution (which also attempted to smash Catholic belief – and failed).

      The Homosexual “Marriage” agenda is deeply evil. More evil will now follow from the passing of this law in France.
      As someone recently put it on PtP:
      If you let the camel put its nose under your tent the rest of the animal will surely follow.

      • same old, same old

        If people wearing a particular T-shirt have been arrested merely for that then obviously it is wrong and I would have no hesitation in condemning it. However, if people wearing such a T shirt have actually been arrested for acts of violence then I would expect equal condemnation from you. Actually, when I think about it I would probably expect no such thing.

        There have been many acts of violence on these marches from a minority of those attending and yet nobody on your side of the debate seems prepared to say that this is wrong. And please don’t tell me that they were simply defending themselves, not when they have turned up armed with knives and smokebombs.

        Nor has there been any mention of the worryingly large number of neo-nazis at these events. Presumably that’s on the basis of ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’.

        I also wonder what Rifleman819 means when he compares the current situation to Egypt and Turkey and says “there comes a time and a place when a conflict of loyalties is unavoidable”. Just the bottom line will do!

        • Rifleman819

          Same old,
          For your elucidation …just pointing out the recurrent political theme when the military cease being the servants and realise they can instead be the masters.
          Many an Emperor has worried about his ambitious generals…indeed …England set the pattern ….that well known Catholic lover Oliver Cromwell sent Colonel Thomas Pride and two regiments to Parliament to arrest 45 MPs on 6th December 1648-the Long Paliament being purged in a neat coup d’etat.
          You don’t argue with blokes who have muskets, pistols , swords and pikes….and several hundreds of mates, do you?

          • same old, same old

            I’m still not clear whether this is something you are warning against or advocating.

    • Lynda

      The truth is an objective reality. If one opposes the proponent of an objective truth, one opposes that objective truth, and one is therefore in objective error.

  • Rifleman819

    Dear all,,
    An interesting and age old conundrum for armed forces and police commanders throughout history….if we look at Egypt at this very minute where the albeit lay democratically elected Morsi government has been toppled by the military or Turkey where there are similar tensions between Islamist political groups and the army………there comes a time and a place when a conflict of loyalties is unavoidable.

    That was the dilemma that faced Stauffenberg and officers of the German General Staff in July 1944-at what stage does any regime in power forfeit the loyalty of its servants..?

  • Rifleman819

    Same old,
    Coups d’etat……merely reminding. As an officer I had to swear the Oath of Alleigance to our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her Heirs and Sucessors and to pledge my obedience.
    There have been times in the last decade when the CDS and Service Chiefs have had to struggle with professional military advice to idiots in suits who dream up madcap schemes of foreign adventurism that result in the entirely predictable deaths of our Servicemen and women and the physical and mental maiming of hundreds more.
    At what stage does loyalty to the Crown/Nation outway following orders from useless politicians?

    • John Dare

      Every stage Rif.

      • Rifleman819

        For John ,

        If only what you say was true…..sadly …we have lost lives and wasted millons of pounds in recent wars where we took up arms as another’s lackey and where Britain had no strategic interest or advantages-and where Parliament was routinely lied to.

        And having got the Armed Forces there…….our own government law officers started prosecuting its own armed services for alleged crimes in conflicts which were almost certainly unjust in the first place.
        Our boys and girls should not have been there.But they have to go as ordered.

  • Lionel (Paris)

    “The UK Embassy in Paris proudly displays the rainbow flag of our new rulers”.
    Maybe it is to become the new British flag, is it not? Or the flag of the “world government”?

  • Lynda

    Same-sex marriage is impossible, a lie. Any law purporting to create same is invalid and void an initio. Positive law has no authority to the extent that it does not comply with the Natural Law and natural justice, knowable by all.

  • D Newman

    Might I make the general point (in reply to ‘Same Old’ and to Mr. Dare), that the violence (deplorable as it is) only ever occurred after the marches, and never during them. I have been to six of their marches, generally remaining until the request to disperse. Not once did I see anything violent, offensive or unsuitable for children.

    These incidents occurred sometimes two hours after the marches broke up, which rather suggests troublemakers coming in afterwards (and from the Parisian region), and which certainly exonerates most of the marchers.

    Here for example: ‘Tensions sur l’esplanade des Invalides’ only at twenty to nine in the evening, after an event which was broken up at half past six.

    • Wake up England

      Dear D. Newman:

      Gold star to you for going to so many of the marches. Well done, and thank you for giving us all a first hand report on what actually happened.

      • D Newman

        Thank you for your kind comment – you are welcome! I am only doing my bit for the truth…

        This movement has opened my eyes rather. You may be assured that the British media have failed entirely to convey either the scale or the mood of the marches. But I think there is much to hope from young French people and in the French Church.

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