The ‘Anonymous’ anarchist group threatens protests against Pope Francis and World Youth Day

The ‘Anonymous’ anarchist group has used facebook to threaten protests against Pope Francis and World Youth Day, using the excuse of the cost of Brazil hosting WYD, completely ignoring the fact that Madrid WYD brought more income into Spain than the cost of hosting the event. Just to remind ‘Anonymous’ of the financial benefits that came to Madrid from its investment of € 60 million in hosting WYD:

‘Now the Confederation of Businessmen of Madrid have calculated that Madrid took in some $216 million during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. The Community of Madrid estimated that WYD produced an increase of $199 million in the region’s Gross Interior Product. The contribution made by WYD was also recognized by the Madrid Consistory, which awarded the event with the Tourism Prize of the City of Madrid for promoting the city internationally. It also classified WYD as a National Patrimony.’

Here’s Agence France-Presse’s report of Anonymous’s threats, which repeats their propaganda without any questions:

‘The local branch of the global “hacktivist” group Anonymous called for a protest rally here during a meeting next week between Pope Francis and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

The pontiff is due here Monday on a week-long visit to attend World Youth Day (WYD), a major Catholic youth festival expected to attract 1.5 million people.

In a call made via Facebook, Anonymous urged demonstrators to gather outside the headquarters of the Rio state government “to protest against the $90 million in public spending for the papal visit, against (Rio state) Governor Sergio Cabral and other senior officials.”

The group said the rally would also denounce “excessive police violence” during June’s mass demonstrations, when hundreds of thousands of Brazilians took to the streets to demand better public services and an end to corruption.

The rally would also press for “a secular state,” it added.

“It is not about religion but about public spending,” said Anonymous, a loosely global group that has been blamed for attacks on the FBI, Visa, MasterCard, the Kremlin, global intelligence firm Stratfor and Sony Pictures Entertainment, among others.

Press reports have estimated the cost of staging WYD at between f$160 and $175 million, including $53 million from public coffers.

Protect the Pope comment: But Anonymous and the world’s media won’t be interested in the inconvenient truth that Madrid WYD made a massive return from their investment of  € 60 million in hosting WYD. Anonymous are being ‘economical with the truth’ when they claim that their protest is nothing about religion but is about ‘public spending’. It’s all about the Catholic Church and Anonymous’ hostility to us, which they partially admit in their contradictory facebook statement that also claims their protest is about making Brazil a ‘secular state’. May God protect Pope Francis and the young people attending WYD.


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  • Of course, this isn’t the first time Anonymous have attacked the Catholic Church. The following is their excuse from last year and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s patently obvious they simply hate the Catholic Church and all it stands for:


    Anonymous has now decided to lay siege to your site in response to the doctrines, liturgies and the precepts absurd and anachronistic that your organization is for profit (Roman Apostolic Church) propagates and spreads worldwide.

    You have burned books of immense historical and literary value, you barbarously executed your fiercest detractors and critics over the centuries, have denied universally deemed valid or plausible theories, have led the unwary to pay to get access to paradise with the sale of indulgences.

    Have you been guilty of riduazione enslavement of entire populations, using as a pretext your mission of evangelization and the spread of Christianity in the world.

    In more recent times have played a significant role in helping Nazi war criminals find refuge in foreign countries and to evade international justice.

    Let every day many of the units within the clergy may be responsible of molesting children, covering them when the facts become public domain.

    Italy must tolerate interference in your daily life, public policy and social damage, and all that entails.

    Do you have property and businesses for the value of billions of euros, on which you have strong tax incentives.

    You refuse to decree, practices and objects result of progress such as condoms or abortion as a clinical wounds to eradicate.

    You retrogadi, one of the last bastions of an era forunatamente past, and destined anon repeated.

    We sincerely hope that the Lateran Treaty will finally be revised in the near future and will come … what you are relegated to a relic of times gone by.

    This is NOT intended to attack the true Christian religion and the faithful around the world, but to the corrupt Roman Apostolic Church and all its emanations

  • ms Catholic state

    Spoil Sports.

    They will get a shock when they see the masses of joyful Catholic youth. They probably think such beings exist only in the imagination.

  • Patrick Fahey

    Satan obviously struggles with his grammer and spell check!

  • Lynda

    And what is the philosophy of this “secular state” that they seek to impose??

  • Karla

    World Youth Day may bring in more money for Brazil than World Youth Day costs to put on. According to the following article, Madrid World Youth Day cost about $72 million dollars and Madrid gained $230 million

    • Karla

      August 23, 2011. ( According to the organizing committee of World Youth Day in Madrid, 50 million euros were spent in organizing the event. This is around 72 million dollars. Seventy percent was funded by the pilgrims themselves and the other thirty percent by the sponsoring companies. The budget was approximately 20% lower than the last World Youth Day in Sydney.

      The two million pilgrims that came to Madrid gave a boost to the city’s economy of 230 million dollars according to estimates by the Confederation of Employers of Madrid.

      In dining costs alone, around 32 million was spent according to Juan José Blardony, the director general of Madrid’s hospitality association.

      Hotels reported an occupancy level of 70%, which is usually around 40% in August.

      The City Council estimates the event brought the Spanish capital 2% of country’s tourism revenue for the entire year.

      The money generated from World Youth Day was three times larger than that brought by the Champions League final in 2010, which was around 70 million dollars.

      The organizers of World Youth Day originally believed the event would only bring in 140 million dollars, much lower than the 230 million they now calculate. These numbers will now be checked again my an external auditor to give the final numbers.


  • Karla

    Are Anonymous going to protest against the World Cup in Brazil or the Olympic games, each of which are costing far more than WYD? Money may be recouped by those attending the World Cup and Olympic games. I bet Anonymous won’t protest the World Cup or Olympic games but I could be wrong. If they aren’t going to protest other events, then something else I assume is driving Anonymous, could that be anti Catholicism?

  • Lionel (Paris)

    OK! but Pope Francis does not want any efficient protection:
    Rio 2013 : le pape veut le contact avec les jeunes
    Il demande d’écarter les agents armés
    ROME, 18 juillet 2013 ( ) – Le pape François a demandé d’écarter de lui les agents de sécurité armés lors de sa visite au Brésil à l’occasion des Journées mondiales de la jeunesse (23-28 juillet 2013) afin d’être plus proche de la foule.
    « Le pape François a ordonné la réduction de la sécurité pour son voyage à Rio de Janeiro pour la Journée Mondiale de la Jeunesse », titre le quotidien brésilien « Folha de Sao Paulo ».
    L’Eglise brésilienne a en effet contacté la police fédérale, demandant que les agents armés se tiennent à une certaine distance du pape lors des rencontres avec les jeunes, afin pouvoir être « proche » du peuple.
    Cette volonté du pape ne sera pas une nouveauté : dès sa première sortie en paroisse après son élection, le dimanche 18 mars, le pape a surpris son propre service de sécurité en improvisant un bain de foule (cf. Zenit du 18 mars 2013).

    • Denis

      Absolutely correct, but the media, certainly in Britain insist that the Pope demands protection. They did this when Pope Benedict came in 2010, suggesting absurd figures for how much this would cost. All part of creating anger against the Pope and the Church. Unfortunately it works because so few people are prepared to question anything the media say.

  • In a way, I am glad for the demonstrations, if these remain peaceful. There are too many Americans who never pay attention to world news and have their head in the sand regarding international anarchist groups, which, ironically, are organized to demonstrate against the Church as well as capitalism and other governments. The damage they did in Rome in 2011, has been documented on video, including destruction of at least one crucifix, one Marian statue and a shrine. Too many Catholic youth do not understand the machinations of evil, which is part of being aware that one is in the Church Militant.

    But, I cannot imagine that many anarchists will be there, at least not as many as the Catholic youth.

  • Changing the subject I thought this might be up your alley, Deacon Nick

    Ms Waters reveals much about the true nature of the more militant elements of the
    National Secular Society. Dont worry – no one’s dumb enough to actually vote her in as PPC.
    However, her “they should leave” 4 thought film is a classic
    and I thought it deserved a wider audience.

  • Donal

    And these guys parade around wearing the mak of a catholic bomber Guy Fawkes who attempted to blow up the English parliament

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