Enda Kenny says he’s a staunch Catholic, a regular Mass goer and legalising abortion was ‘a good thing’

In an exclusive interview Enda Kenny has unashamedly stated on record that he remains a staunch Catholic, a regular Mass goer and that his legalisation of abortion was a good thing  because ‘it is about women, it’s about their lives and the lives of their unborn children.’ The one thing Kenny won’t say or is incapable of admitting its about their intentional killing of their unborn children.

Here’s Enda Kenny in his own words:

The Taoiseach says the abortion legislation dealt with “very sensitive issues”.

Defending his handling of the passing of the legislation within Fine Gael, he says he made himself available to reassure backbenchers about where they stood.

Mr Kenny says the final vote on the legislation, where three-quarters of all TDs backed the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill 2013, was in tune with public opinion.

“I think the vote in the Dail reflected accurately the public mood and the public expression of support in this case,” he says.

The Taoiseach says he had no regrets and it was clear in his mind that the Government did the right thing.

“It brings regulation, legal certainty and provides the women of the country who have had a Constitutional right conferred upon them, by virtue of the vote of the people and endorsed secondly, that they were never able to have clarity about – now that clarity is there, that certainty is there,” he says.

“And that is a good thing in terms of my Constitutional responsibility here. As I said on many occasions, it is about women, it’s about their lives and the lives of their unborn children.

“Written into the legislation is the clarity of the Constitutional responsibility of medical personnel to do everything practical and possible to save the life of the unborn, as well as that of the mother.”

Mr Kenny says he retains his staunch Catholic faith and remains a regular Massgoer. He remains dismissive about the threats of excommunication flagged before the abortion legislation debate.

“I have answered that before by saying I talk to my God. That’s it. I don’t want to comment about the Catholic Church,” he says.

Protect the Pope comment: There you have it bishops, Enda Kenny is throwing the Catholic Church’s doctrine on the sanctity of the lives of unborn babies back in your faces. He’s told the world that he thinks that his abortion law is a good thing and is the absolutely right thing to do. Your explanations of Evangelium Vitae and your ‘Choose Life’ campaign have not made a blind bit of difference. Enda Kenny has told the whole of Ireland that he remains a staunch Catholic and that he intends to regularly present himself to receive Holy Communion. He also thinks you haven’t got the courage or the conviction to publicly pronounce the truth that he and the other pro-abort TDs have excommunicated themselves. My Lords, have you got the courage and the conviction to do what he dismisses out of hand or has Enda Kenny got the measure of you all?


30 comments to Enda Kenny says he’s a staunch Catholic, a regular Mass goer and legalising abortion was ‘a good thing’

  • Wake up England


  • Karla

    Bishops, enforce Canon 915 please!

  • tro

    I think you’ll find he does indeed “have the measure” of them.

  • Michael Petek

    I posted before that, of all men who ever ruled Ireland including Cromwell, Enda Kenny is the most evil of them all.

    Now we see him saying, in effect: ‘Yes, I am blaspheming the Holy Spirit. What of it?’

  • “My Lords, have you got the courage and the conviction to do what he dismisses out of hand or has Enda Kenny got the measure of you all?”

    If Paddy Power were offering odds my money would be on Kenny. Not suggesting that the bishops lack backbones and testicles, of course!

  • irishsmile

    Enda Kernny wants it both ways. He is not a Catholic in good standing because he aids and abets the killing of pre-born human beings. The door to the church swings both ways but Kenny believes that his political career requires him to be “Catholic”. Mr Kenny, be a man and walk out the door of the church and if not lets see a Catholic bishop excommunicate this scammer.

  • Michael Petek

    Equally to the point, let the priest or minister of Holy Communion tell Enda Kenny where the exit door of the church is the next time this shameless liar turns up at the communion rail.

    • Michael Petek

      The following script might be useful this and subsequent Sundays:

      “Enda Kenny, if yer want to receive Holy Communion yer can go to the Metropolitan Community Church! Yer little divvle!”

  • ms Catholic state

    Why haven’t our hierarchy told him he is on his way to Hell!! Isn’t it about time they did. He says this as he laughs into his sleeve…..he knows the bishops won’t act against him receiving Holy Communion. Evil.

    And we must keep him informed of any baby murdered by his law….with names and photos of any such unfortunate child!

    • Michael Petek

      There’s no point in telling him something he already knows.

      • ms Catholic state

        Too late….I have already told him in a Tweet. Im pretty sure he expects he will be going to Heaven….because he is so respectable and in tune with the world and the public mood. Oh dear.

    • Same old, same old

      Would you object if people kept you informed of any mother that died before this law was enacted – with names and photos, obviously?

      • Lynda

        What kind of nonsense are you talking?? The intentional killing of a child in utero has NOTHING whatever to do with medicine and could not possibly have any role in treating his mother, or saving her life if her life is endangered by disease or trauma. Ireland has been the safest country in the world for mothers and babies for decades. Women who are pregnant get the best possible medical treatment and care in Ireland. Do not impugn our physicians and nurses who provide the best care and who have enjoyed a worldwide reputation for obstetrics and neonatal care. Of course, the excellence has much to do with the ethos which does the utmost to care for both mother and baby in utero. If for some reason, a child dies unintentionally during treatment for the mother and despite best efforts cannot be saved, this is an unavoidable tragedy that bears no relation to abortion (the wilful killing of a baby living in his or her mother’s womb). Read the Dublin Declaration of September 2012 and the lectures by all the relevant medical experts. Get the facts. Don’t swallow or propagate the pro-abortion lies.

      • ms Catholic state

        There are no such mothers. Abortion doesn’t cure any deadly disease.

      • Wake up England


        Do you support the murder of babies in their mothers’ wombs?

      • Same old, same old

        I’ll take that as a ‘yes’, then.

  • ms Catholic state

    Have the Bishops forgotten?! For he that eats and drinks unworthily, eats and drinks damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body. Corinthians 11:29

  • BJC

    This is where the ‘medicine of mercy’ approach gets you after 50 years. On the one hand weak Bishops who don’t know how to stick up the Church anymore, and on the other politicians/dissenters who have no respect for the Bishops and a ‘does my face look bothered?’ attitude. Hate to tell you Bishops, but you did ask for it. You face down bullies by putting them in their place not by saying “Ooops, can we have a “dialogue” about this?”.

  • The problem is that generations of Catholics have been starved of their Faith and `follow their own conscience` on all matters. Would they support Kenny being banned from Holy Communion when they know little about such things as the Real Presence. Modernists with their adult faith destroyed the church fifty years ago. Just listen to those who tell you NO,No,we must not do that” The British Abortion Act in 1967 actually allowed Abortion only in five circumstances and we were assured it would not lead to Abortion on Demand. But those who wanted abortion on demand soon had their way. it will be the same in Ireland. Once the exception is established a thousand others arrive until the law is meaningless. But who cares?

  • freboniusthe2

    When i saw this in yesterday’s Irish Independent, I couldn’t believe that he has such a thick neck and both literally and physically give two fingers to the Church, both the priests and peoples and all who value life. While it is wrong to judge, I state that he MUST BE TOLD THE ERROR OF HIS WAYS!!!! The scene on the night of the infamous vote, as you already covered Nick, showed that it was near akin to the antics of a black mass; the joy and laughter at the TD’s lining up to sign their names, does show that we have not become a pagan state, but rather a satanic one!


  • Pray The Rosary

    He claims he’s a “Regular Mass Goer”……..I would hope that he doesn’t present himself for communion! And if per chance he does, I hope also that he is refused.


    “And that is a good thing in terms of my Constitutional responsibility here. As I said on many occasions, it is about women, it’s about their lives and the lives of their unborn children.” This Kenny man is akin to the Talaban throughout the mideast. Women don’t get pregnant without the male grunt! The MALE GRUNT needs to channel back his dogged tendencies and leave the woman about their lives. In fact she should be the one to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Reproductive Freedom comes with NOT GETTING PREGNANT…There’s much out there to KEEP FROM GETTING PREGNANT. USE THAT PREROGATIVE TO SO.

  • Lynda

    Enda Kenny can show such contempt for God, His commandments and His Church because he and others like him have been allowed to do so with impunity for decades by many of their priests and Bishops. They are lauded by those responsible for the Faithful’s souls at every turn. The responsibility of our leaders in Faith and morals is great – but they do nothing, whilst continuing to honour them by, for instance inviting the Taoiseach to open their schools and have their celebratory photos taken with him. They tremble before the Taoiseach and those with temporal power, but not before God.

  • On Sunday, September 25, 2011, I posted on my own Blog (Scottish Catholic Observant) on the Cloyne Report. Of Enda Kenny, I noted: “Kenny the younger’s accession to high office is testament to endurance and not to intellectual ability, political acumen, oratorical skill, or charisma. He was in the wrong queue when such gifts were on offer. That notwithstanding, he has secured for himself a place all of his own in Ireland’s long, glorious and oft’ times harrowing history as a Catholic country. And for a most unsavoury reason which curiously for modern-day Irish politics didn’t even involve bribery and corruption, let alone tax evasion never mind jobs for the boys. Unless the boy involved is his speech-writer.”

    Kenny is intellectually incapable of writing the speech he delivered that day in the Dail. Equally, he is intellectually incapable of formulating a defence of his actions in face of accusations of moral dishonesty — there can be no question of accusing him of intellectual dishonesty! He has again had recourse to his speech writer to carefully script his replies. And he will not deviate from the script.

    The conclusion is ineluctable: Kenny, lacking any genuine commitment to the Faith of his Fathers, has a secular confessor who misinforms whatever conscience he has. He is entirely happy with that, as it ensures respectability in the eyes of other countries’ political leaders. And that is all that matters: the trappings of high office. He seems to share that with many of Ireland’s Catholic Episcopal Hierarchy. Which is why they don’t intervene.

  • Jpct50

    End-a-Life Kenny is deluded. He does not know his faith.

    • Michael Petek

      Possibility Number 1 is that he doesn’t know that abortion is a grave moral evil, in that he is an imbecile.

      Possibility Number 2 is that he isn’t an imbecile, and hence he does know that abortion is a grave moral evil.

      “And so God will send them strong delusion. that they should believe the lie. that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12).

  • Patrick Fahey

    I agree with the senitments given and it is a test of the Irish Bishops to do their duty and attempt to save his soul – we will watch with interest if this happens publically as Enda has gone public.

    The bigger question is though about those voters who has given him this power, what is their guilt and will they now work to remove him from office that they gave him? We have the same issue in the UK with T BLair and the current incumbant – I thankfully never voted for either.

    Chuck him OUT at the first opportunity!

  • Mary

    Wont the Priests or Bishops or Eucharistic Ministers who knowingly administer Holy Communion to this mortally sinful man also go to Hell?

    • Michael Petek

      What the Priests, Bishops and Eucharistic Ministers have to know about Enda Kenny is that he does know the truth of God. He knows that the truth of God is true. Nevertheless, he speaks against it and therefore against the Holy Spirit.

      If you are prepared to give Holy Communion to this man, then you are prepared to give it to Satan himself.

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