LIFE, the pro-life crisis pregnancy charity, has been banned from many UK university campuses

The Independent newspaper has published an article on student pregnancies in UK universities that has revealed that LIFE, the pro-life crisis pregnancy charity, has been banned from many university campuses:

‘LIFE, a pro-life group, currently banned at many campuses across the UK, offered pregnancy support to students in 2011, and even had their own freshers’ stall at several universities.’

The Independent is clearly not sympathetic to LIFE and supports the decision of UK universities banning it supporting students facing crisis pregnancies:

‘Without wading into an abortion debate, why should such a group feel the need to target students in particular? This sort of behaviour demonstrates the range of confusing and even ill-informed attitudes towards student pregnancy, in an era where women no longer need risk their life to perform an abortion, and yet a bump of any size, belonging to any person, is judged.’

The Independent fails to mention that LIFE specializes in  supporting students facing crisis pregnancies:

‘ LIFE CARE consists of a network of Care Centres across the UK, a national Helpline and a text-to-talk service, offering non-directive counselling and support for anyone facing a crisis pregnancy, suffering the loss of a baby or coping after abortion. We also provide free baby clothes, equipment and other practical support to women and families in difficulty.’

‘LIFE HOUSING is one of the largest providers of accommodation for pregnant women and unsupported mothers aged between 16-25 years in the UK. Our comprehensive service offers a real, practical alternative to abortion and prepares tenants for independent living with their children in the future.’

The news that LIFE is banned from UK universities is in the Independent article ‘I faked a student pregnancy and I was horrified by the reaction: With the birth of the royal baby, the world has gone pregnancy mad. But as Ellie House found, pregnant students do not experience nearly so much goodwill’.

This article unintentionally exposes the urgent need for pro-life crisis pregnancy groups such as LIFE to be allowed to offer their services to students:

‘Like thousands of people around the country, I waited eagerly for news of the royal arrival this week. There is no denying that Kate’s pregnancy has been the most celebrated bump in the UK, much scrutinised over the past nine months. And yet not so long ago, a bump of an altogether different kind was examined, and many an unwelcome eyebrow was raised.

‘I made, shall we say, an experimental stumble into the world of pregnancy, by strapping on a fake belly for a few days at university to see what would happen. The results were eye-opening. As students, we study, we shag, but we do not have babies. We all know the story of the broken condom, yet in my three years at university pregnancy simply wasn’t spoken about, except in worried whispers. But why is society uncomfortable with the image of a pregnant student, when a mother outside of education would not warrant a glance? I wanted to find out.’

‘On day one of the experiment, it was abundantly clear that although Kate’s bump could do no wrong, mine would never be right. We as a society love pregnancy, but only in picture-perfect conditions. My bump did not belong in the library, or anywhere else on campus for that matter; I came up against a wall of stereotyping. Outlandish or frequent sex at university is no problem – there are no barriers when it comes to body fluids or fetishes, but pregnancy is strictly out of bounds.’

Protect the Pope comment: If anything reveals that we do not live in a free society the banning of LIFE from many UK universities proves this truth so often denied and ridiculed by secularists. University faculties promote the culture of death among the students towards whom they have a duty of care but censor and silence groups that provide students with the truth about contraception and abortion and give them access to the culture of life.  So much for UK universities being places for the free exchange of ideas!


31 comments to LIFE, the pro-life crisis pregnancy charity, has been banned from many UK university campuses

  • ms Catholic state

    We should make a big noise about this. Students mustn’t be allowed to pass on the other side, pretending this great evil doesn’t matter. Even if Life has to set up stands just outside University grounds….or failing this…hand leaflets out just outside campus gates, they must defy the great pagan creeps that run these universities.

  • Patrick Fahey

    We live in a police state and this action should surprise no one!

  • Wake up England

    How utterly dreadful.

    No doubt our stalwart bishops will have much to say about this.

    I expect, even as write, heir Catholic Lordships are all in an emergency Conference – composing a letter to The Independent in stern protest.

    Doubtless each bishop with such a ban in force in his diocese will offer diocesan funds to help towards a legal challenge of this egregious scandal.

  • John Dare

    Does anyone know how ‘many’ universities have banned life, and why?

  • Ian 2300

    John Dare, why did you write ‘many’? I am truly intrigued.

  • John Dare

    Its in the headline Ian, ‘many UK universities’.

  • Appreciative Protestant Reader

    John Dare, the eternal sceptic.

  • Lynda

    This is an attack on the very lives of the many babies who are saved by this so-needed organisation. The mothers of these saved babies are always so grateful, relieved that someone offered them true help and so helped them to turn from the path they seemed to be on. How cruel.

    • John Dare

      I don’t doubt that its needed Lynda, but it would be very helpful to know the scale of the problem [see my question above].

      • John Dare

        The reason I asked about facts is that I’ve googled this and only religious interest sites are carrying the story, with the same headline, which suggests that its being picked up as it goes around.

        • Wake up England

          John Dare

          Well, instead of asking daft questions, to which no-one appears to have the answers, why don’t you email or telephone to the charity and find out!

          Do something usefully constructive for a change, instead of boringly blithering-on.

          • John Dare

            Putting your discourtesy to one side WUE, the point of jouralism [even 'special interest jouralism such as tis site]is to present a decently researched accurate story. Otherwise, its just a ‘story’.

          • Wake up England

            John Dare:

            The award for “The most stupid comment so far this week” goes (as it so often does) to you.

          • John Dare

            No WUE, I don’t think you’re following this through. You made some comments at the start of the post about bishops and scandal. Similar comments followed from others in the all too usual way, but where’s the nub of fact for your disaproval? Nil so far.

            Making summat out of nowt, as they say.

            To return to an ongoing them, do you never tire of rudeness, does the politeness of others in the face of your bumptiousness never concern you? From what you’ve said, you’re a grown man, not some bairn.

          • Wake up England

            John Dare:

            If you doubt Deacon Nick’s article at the head of this post, then you are calling his integrity into account. I suggest you take that up with him, not me. And If that’s your idea of “politeness” you’re even more potty than I had suspected.

            If you know something about this subject which Deacon Donnelly’s missed , then say so: don’t skulk and hint.

            Personally, I choose to trust the Deacon who I believe to be both truthful and on the side of Almighty God.

            Lastly, your opinion of me is a matter of supreme unimportance to everybody except, it seems, you. My self-esteem does not rely on the highly misguided viewpoint of the wannabe-incisive Mr John Dare – thank God.

            To save you the time I’ll write your reply for you:

            “That woz werry werry ROOD WUE”

          • Wake up England

            John Dare:


            “Bumptious” is far too clever a word for you to have thought-up all on your own.

            Have you been sharing Same Old’s dictionary?

          • John Dare

            Afternoon WUE. Rif will tell you from his own experience that lads from the NE don’t skulk or hint. My question was a real and fair one. The result highlight whats plain to see.

          • Wake up England

            John Dare:

            Try standing up for yourself. not clinging to Rifleman’s apron strings.

            “Sometimes you bore me, you really do”

  • Aline

    While the Independent think that “[Life's] behaviour demonstrates the range of confusing and even ill-informed attitudes towards student pregnancy”, their
    article shows that the confusion is actually on their side.

    On the one hand, they share the testimony of a mother who complains about the lack of support from the University during her pregnancy and the stigma surrounding pregnancy on campus, and on the other hand they object to Life providing the only support these student will ever receive on campus.

  • Lionel (Paris)


  • Sam Mace

    As an attendant of a university (lancaster university) i imagine the reason for this charity being ‘banned’ may be because for a lot of university students unions the charity fails to meet the rules and restrictions that unions enforce. Also it fails to mention what are these many universities? i felt it was a poor piece myself, i study at lancaster university and studied with mature students and students my own age and generally they were mature, honest and not hedonistic in the slightest. I was in the ‘roughest’ block of accommodation and hedonism was rare, yes there are condoms given out (not in any club i have been in) but just in case if you do decide to have sex to make sure it is safe. Of course i am just one student and also this girl was just one student and our experiences differ but coursework deadlines can be pushed back with a doctors note and sometimes if you’re just feeling ill so i see no reason why she couldn’t have emailed her tutors and had it sorted. This happened to me when i caught a bad dose of flue and couldn’t get out my room for over a week.

    • John Dare

      As I think someone commented in the papers Sam, maybe people noticed a stranger with an obvious false bump and were bemused? Like you say, a poor story, and a poor follow up.

    • Wake up England

      Sam Mace:


      What happened to undergraduates?

      I associate attendants with lavatories.

      • Sam Mace

        attendant means to attend in some cases to attend to something. Maybe i should have put as someone who is a part of lancaster university as an undergraduate and as someone who has lived on the campus in the last year i can refute these claims. However last night i was drunk and thus the wording wasn’t brilliant, i am sorry i haven’t lived up to your standards on vocabulary on a blogging website. Indeed John that is very likely to be possible.

      • Catholic Blogger

        If you are criticising the use of the word “Attendant”, why not use the more accurate word to describe the person – Graduand

        • Wake up England

          Catholic Blogger:

          I’ll stick with undergraduate thanks. People understand what it means.

          “Graduand” is fearfully pretentious

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