Irish Independent newspaper publishes an ad hominem attack on Fr Doran for defending the right of Catholic hospitals not to kill babies

The Irish Independent has published Liam Fay’s ad hominem attack on Fr Doran  ridiculing his defence of the right of Catholic hospitals not to kill babies as mandated by Enda Kenny’s abortion law. The Irish Independent also goes on to attack Catholic hospitals. Liam Fay is a lapsed Catholics who makes his living mocking the Catholic Faith with books such as ‘Beyond Belief: A Mind-Blowing Pilgrimage Through Religious Ireland. Liam Fay writes:

‘Father Kevin Doran is a medical miracle – and, indeed, a miraculous medic. By vocation and training, Fr Doran’s area of expertise is the supernatural; the world of angels and saints, fairies and elves. Nevertheless, in a remarkable display of inter-dimensional multi-tasking, this sky-pilot sits on the board of governors at Dublin’s Mater Hospital. Faith healing, it seems, is a cornerstone of our healthcare service.’ [Protect the Pope comment: Fr Doran did not mention 'faith healing' during his defense of Mater hospital not killing unborn babies. Fay is just a Bill Maher knock-off desperately trying to be funny] 

‘Last week, in a further demonstration of his superpowers, Fr Doran maintained a straight face while extolling the rigorous moral code underlying what he proudly calls the “Catholic ethos”. In adherence to this uniquely righteous philosophy, he insisted, the Mater will refuse to comply with the new law that permits abortion when a pregnant woman’s life is at risk.’

Don’t worry; I’m not going to rehash the whys, wherefores and WTFs of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act. We have all suffered enough on that count. However, there is no ignoring the fact Fr Doran is telling the Irish people and their elected representatives to go screw themselves. [Protect the Pope comment: Fay is labouring under the delusion that  the Irish government's passing of an immoral law will change the absolute truth that intentionally killing an innocent human being is murder no matter how you dress it up with fine words. It's also derisory that Fay defends the elected representatives who voted for abortion when many of them were drunk during the all night debate].

His entitlement to his own opinion is inarguable, but his apparent determination to impose those beliefs on others is outrageous.

Fr Doran appears to be overlooking a few crucial details. The Mater is a public hospital, funded by taxpayers. There is also the small matter of the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who work there – they, too, are people of conscience. The notion that they would deny an extremely ill woman a legal, life-saving procedure because of some mystical “ethos” is grotesque. [Protect the Pope comment: Fay has the myopia typical of all pro-aborts by completely ignoring the killing of the unborn baby with the euphemism 'a legal, life-saving procedure'].

Ultimately, the real villains here are our politicians: craw-thumping incompetents who have failed to correct an historical anomaly which has left many hospitals in the nominal control of religious orders. The Mater is part-owned by the Sisters of Mercy order, which set it up in 1861. [Protect the Pope comment: The fact that Ireland has Catholic hospitals and Catholic schools is not a 'historical anomaly' but an expression of the historical reality that the Catholic Church has been, and remains, a powerful force for good in Ireland that cannot be dismissed because of the crimes of a tiny minority of clergy and religious. The fact that Fay can read and write is down to his education by the Christian Brothers. Sad to see him misusing these abilities].

Cock-a-hoop following their knockout victory over the State on the issue of financial compensation for abuse victims, religious orders can hardly be expected to voluntarily relinquish their cherished influence over the health system. Until politicians take action, we are lumbered with an absurd situation whereby some hospitals are classified as “Catholic”. What, in the name of God, is a Catholic hospital? The very term conjours up an elaborate comedy sketch set in an ornately church-like operating theatre where mitred surgeons use scapulars instead of scalpels and incense is deployed as anaesthesia. Any hospital that is run on religious rather than scientific principles is not a hospital at all, but a witchdoctors’ hut. [Protect the Pope comment: Fay displays his ignorance and prejuidice when he dismisses the contribution of the Catholic Church to medicine and hospital care as turning hospitals into  'a witchdoctors' hut'. Has Fay been treated in a Catholic hospital or his family?]

Thankfully, we know the Mater is actually a very fine medical institution.

The ‘Catholic hospital’ malarkey only raises its ugly head when one of the governors feels like flexing his dogma muscles. Which brings us to the most blackly comic of Fr Doran’s pronouncements. ‘Catholic ethos’ is an oily and pompous phrase. To my ears, it has always sounded like the name of a designer fragrance – an overpowering perfume pour homme. Check out the places where it has filled the air. [Protect the Pope comment: Anyone daring to challenge the secular ascendancy with the inconvenient truths of natural law becomes a target for ad hominem attacks not reasoned debate.] 

It was ‘Catholic ethos’ that scented the atmosphere of the Magdalene Laundries as generations of vulnerable young women were enslaved by sadistic nuns. ’Catholic ethos’ also permeated the plush offices of bishops as they moved paedophile priests between parishes, sacrificing future victims on the altar of corporate self-preservation. [Protect the Pope comment: Fay and his kind can't see their own hypocrisy when they use their justifiable outrage at the depraved crimes of paedophile priests in their defence of the appalling crime against humanity, the killing of unborn babies through abortion.]

A hospital that would tolerate a manifest nonsense driven by Catholic ethos is a hospital that needs thorough disinfecting. [Protect the Pope comment: Here we have the next phase of the attack on the pro-life ethos of Ireland and the Catholic Church, the secularisation of Ireland's Catholic hospitals. And still the Irish bishops remain silent about the immorality of Enda Kenny and the other pro-abort Irish politicians.]



12 comments to Irish Independent newspaper publishes an ad hominem attack on Fr Doran for defending the right of Catholic hospitals not to kill babies

  • Lynda

    That “newspaper” among others has been a propaganda sheet for atheistic, materialist, statist ideologies for a long time. It despises the objective truth, particularly the sacredness of all human life and attacks those who speak in support of the universal truths. May God give Fr Doran and all the other priests and Bishops the graces to do their duty and stand up for the defence of the innocent whose very lives are threatened.

  • Ian

    Deacon Nick: You may find this interesting although the data displayed is from a YouGov Survey (one I missed) but it is very interested though stickly off thread.

    As a Catholic I think you will find some of the results disturbing.

    • Nicolas Bellord

      Nothing surprising here to myself or I suspect many followers of this blog. It just confirms what we already know in that there many people who call themselves Catholic but have little idea of what the Church teaches and why because they have never been taught it.

    • John Dare

      Interesting Ian, specially ‘What the data reveal is the growing divergence between the beliefs of most believers and the beliefs of those who are taken to represent their views. It also reveals the changing character of religious belief.’ But no real surprise.

      • Lynda

        The Catholic Faith is objective, not subjective. It comprises Tradition, Scripture and the Magisterium. Anything else is not part of the Catholic Faith. Many baptised Catholics have apostatised – many as a result of ignorance, culpable or otherwise, of the Faith. This has been caused mainly by evil men who infiltrated the priesthood and episcopacy. They subverted the Faith, in collaboration with the enemies of the Church, without. There are many enemies of the Faith who claim to be Catholic in order that they can do more harm to the Church, and many of those are in Holy Orders. Their “beliefs” are contrary to the Faith and inimical to themselves, the Church and the world. To the extent that those in the Church reject the Deposit of Faith, the Church is damaged, declines. Satan is having his way in many areas of the world, including our Holy Church. Those who are true to God and His Church are being, more and mire, persecuted, even with the help of the enemies “within”. The Church needs purification in many parts, and will get it. Of course, many parts of the world are seeing full-scale persecution, to death, of Christians.

  • Ian

    Should read ‘interesting’ and ‘strictly’.

  • What makes any man hate the way Liam Fay does? That is the question. Has he just found a way to sell books like the atheist Richard Dawkins so keeps his readers high by coming out with such a outrageious remarks to keep them buying and keep his bank account full. I think that is probably the case. Any criticisms will only fill his pockets with more money. Just forget the wretch.

  • Joseph Matthew

    Mr Fay is not interested in truth. The official report could not find nuns abusing children in the Protestant founded Magdalene Laundries. I also wonder if Mr Fay has the courage to write about the HOMOSEXUAL abuse perpetrated by some Catholic clergy.

  • freboniusthe2

    Quite clearly John, Liam Fay hasn’t been to Mass nor received or practiced his faith-I take it he is a “cradle catholic”- and therefore the Evil One makes his presence felt and manifest, it’s as simple as that! Read Fr Amorth’s published work on satanic manifestation, it’s all there.

  • Nick, incredible as it may be, Ireland is the most anti-Catholic country in Europe these days. This article doesn’t begin to demonstrate what we have to live with over here.

    • Lynda

      It has been for a very long time. I have been maligned for upholding the Faith by many, going back to the ’80s. The Irish are very unconfident.

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