Pope Francis takes up Pope Benedict’s and Blessed John Paul’s warning about the threat of relativism to the sanctity of human life

In his letter to Brazilian families for National Family Week Pope Francis takes up Pope Benedict’s and Blessed John Paul II’s warning of the threat posed by relativism to the sanctity of human life. which Pope Francis writes is manifested in a throw away culture that disposes of people by labeling them ‘waste’. Pope Francis writes:

‘In a particular way, faced with the culture of waste, that relativizes the value of human life, parents are called to pass on to their children the understanding that this must always be defended, already in the mother’s womb, recognizing in it a gift from God and an assurance of mankind’s future, but also in the care shown to the elderly, particularly to grandparents, who are the living memory of a people and the transmitters of life’s wisdom.’

In 2009 in his catechesis on John of Salisbury Pope Benedict XVI explicitly linked abortion and euthanasia with the ‘tyranny of relativism:

‘Perhaps John of Salisbury would remind us today that the only laws in conformity with equity are those that protect the sacredness of human life and reject the licitness of abortion, euthanasia and bold genetic experimentation, those laws that respect the dignity of marriage between a man and a woman, that are inspired by a correct secularism of the State a secularism that always entails the safeguard of religious freedom and that pursue subsidiarity and solidarity at both the national and the international level. If this were not so, what John of Salisbury terms the “tyranny of princes”, or as we would say, “the dictatorship of relativism” would end by coming to power, a relativism, as I recalled a few years ago, “which does not recognize anything as definitive and whose ultimate goal consists solely of one’s own ego and desires” (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Dean of the College of Cardinals, Homily, Mass for the Election of the Roman Pontiff18 April 2005).’

In 1995 in his encyclical Evangelium Vitae Blessed John Paul II described relativism as one of the serious threats to the sanctity of human life:

‘In this way, any reference to common values and to a truth absolutely binding on everyone is lost, and social life ventures on to the shifting sands of complete relativism. At that point, everything is negotiable, everything is open to bargaining: even the first of the fundamental rights, the right to life. This is what is happening also at the level of politics and government: the original and inalienable right to life is questioned or denied on the basis of a parliamentary vote or the will of one part of the people-even if it is the majority. This is the sinister result of a relativism which reigns unopposed: the “right” ceases to be such, because it is no longer firmly founded on the inviolable dignity of the person, but is made subject to the will of the stronger part.’ (para 20).

Protect the Pope comment: The Tablet’s editors and other dissenting Catholics are attempting to create a ‘Spirit of Francis’, much like the ‘Spirit of Vatican II’ which is a projection of their dissent, disobedience and discontent, that has no relationship with the reality of Pope Francis. And like the ‘Spirit of Vatican II’ a fundamental element of this mendacious project is the lie that Pope Francis represents a break with Pope Benedict XVI and Blessed John Paul II. Pope Francis’ warning about the threat of relativism to the sanctity of human life repeats and develops Pope Benedict’s and Blessed John Paul II’s warnings about the ‘tyranny of relativism’. The truth is that Pope Francis, like Vatican II, can only be truly understood through a hermeneutic of continuity, not a hermeneutic of rupture as falsely presented by The Tablet, Queering the Church and A Call to Action.





3 comments to Pope Francis takes up Pope Benedict’s and Blessed John Paul’s warning about the threat of relativism to the sanctity of human life

  • Nancy D.

    With all due respect, you need to read page 117 of the book On Heaven and Earth where pope Francis dismisses the destructive nature of same sex- sexual relationships that are “private”, do not include children, and are not called marriage, in a conversation with a Jewish rabbi who supports same-sex sexual unions. To condone even one same sex sexual relationship, is to condone same sex sexual acts.

  • Joseph Matthew

    May the myth of Pope Francis as the “Anti-Benedict” be laid to rest.

  • Marie Tremblay

    I agree with Nancy. Pope Francis has been saying some very strange things. For example his reference to “gay priests” and not judging them.

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