Egyptian Christian sends Protect the Pope a list of 64 churches burnt in one day by Muslim Brotherhood

Kerolos, an Egyptian Christian, has sent Protect the Pope a list of 64 churches burnt in one day by Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. It is a shocking list that catalogues the frenzy of Muslim violence against Christians in the wake of the military action in Cairo. And still the Main Stream Media turn a blind eye to this act of ethnic cleansing being perpetrated by Muslims against  Christians. What would be the BBC’s response if 64 Mosques had been burnt down in one day? The BBC and CNN are complicit in these attacks on Egypt’s Christians because the Muslim Brotherhood are using the media black out as a cover in which to carry out their attacks.

Kerolos writes:

I want to thank you for your attention Bchristan Egypt
And thank the world does not give attention to burn more than 64 churches in one day
Channels such as CNN and Sky News all interest Ppalarhabiyn who killed
What will you do if America terrorists staged a sit in front of the White House with weapons
Each one imagines!!
Said Bishop Michael Bishop of Assiut that churches are burning fumes Incense
Ascending to heaven bringing Asrakhana to a holy God to have mercy on us

Video facility to burn churches in Sohag in Upper Egypt is the Church of the Diocese of St. George

and this names of churches they attack

Looting and burning of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd Catholic school and hospital of the Suez Governorate.

- Burning Church parents Alfrencescan the 23rd Street Suez Governorate.

The attack on the Church of St. George Copts Catholics Bdga and the exposed by burning at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Beblawi related Bhetwadharos .. Evangelical Church demanding youth protection without arming and churches not to clash with a

Church of the Jesuit Fathers burning Abu Hilal district Minya governorate.

The attack on the Basilica of Saint Fatima in Heliopolis (throwing stones and infringement on doors and intrusion attempt failed).

Burning Church Marmriqs of the Catholic Copts Abu Hilal district Minya governorate.

Assault on Church Marmriqs of Catholic Copts Minya.

- Burn Association of Jesuit and Frere of the Catholic Church.

Ancient Greek church burning in Paradise Street for Catholics in Suez.

Burning School Catholic nuns and occupation of Beni Suef.

Burning Church of St. George Coptic Orthodox Diocese land, the province of Sohag.

Burn Center Baptist Church Beni Mazar, Minya Governorate.

Burning Church of Our Lady of the Copts Orthodox the village Nazla, the Prophet Yusuf Center, Fayoum governorate.

Burning Church of Our Lady of the Coptic Orthodox Church Road neighborhood butchers Abu Hilal, Minya Governorate.

Burning of the Church of the Virgin and Abram Sohag news.

Burning Church Marmriqs and the services building electricity Street Sohag.

Rev. house burning Onjelios king pastor of the Church of the Virgin and Anba Abram Bdljh of the center of Deir Mawas Minya Governorate.

- Burn Monastery of the Virgin and Bishop Abram and inside the contents of “the ancient Church of the Virgin and the Church of St. George and services building and the residence of the bishop and custody” of the Copts Orthodox village Dljh, the center of Deir Mawas, Minya Governorate.

- Attacking and destroying and looting and burning more than 20 house Copts village Dljh, the center of Deir Mawas Minya Governorate.

- The killing of a Copt named Alexander tous village Dga, we queens after storming his house and shooting him.

- The burning of a church reform village Dga, Deir Mawas.

- Attacking the Church of St. Mina Coptic Orthodox area Abu Hilal بمدنية, Minya and burning the point of entrance and building services and interface, and a medical center thereof.

- Burn area Evangelical Church Gad, Mr. queens.

- Burn the entire Church of Prince Tadros street in front of army Sednawy queens.

- The burning of a church salvation of souls queens.

- Burn and School Sisters of St. Joseph Monastery in Minya.

- Attacking the Church of St. Moses the Black and hurled bottles and throwing Almlotov and burned in Abu Hilal queens.

- The burning of the church of Saint John Street market queens.

- Burn the Copts High School Boys queens.

- Burn Copt shelter for children “soldiers of Christ” and the transfer of 24 children to another place queens.

- Burn the Evangelical Church Abu Hilal queens.

- Cracking and looted several shops and Pharmacies of Arabism and replace Iron and paints and some cars owned by Copts in Minya.

- Attack vehicle Cruises “gold” of the Evangelical Church of Cornish Minya.

- Burn YMCA Club “valley” queens.

- Burning Church Mariouhna Baptist Center Abnoub the Assiut.

- Burn the Aladvinst Church Street applies willing city of Assiut.

- Burn Apostolic Church Street, said the city of Assiut.

- The burning of the Mar Girgis Church of the Coptic Orthodox Church Street said the city of Assiut.

- The attack on the Church of the angel stones in Namees Street Assiut.

- The siege of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Abu Tig center.

- Attack on the homes and property of Copts in the streets I said, Assiut Republic and burning the structure of the Church of Saint Therese.

- Burning Church Virgin بالمنزلة the status of Prophet Yusuf Fayoum.

- Church of Prince Tadros burning village status, the status of Prophet Yusuf Fayoum.

- Burn the Martyr Church Demiana village Alzerba, Tamiya center in Fayoum.

- Break-ins and looting the contents of the Evangelical Church in the village of Alzerba Tamiya center in Fayoum.

- Burn the Bible Society of Friends in Giza

- Burn Archangel Mikhail Pkrdash the Church in Giza.

- Break-ins and looting the contents of the Diocese Atfeeh Karam Apostles Monastery.

- Trapping the martyrs بصول Church Botfaih Giza.

- Siege of the Church of the Virgin Grade Center in Giza.

- Storming and burning of schools and the Church of the Good Shepherd.

- The burning of the Mar Girgis Church Street July 23-Arish.

- The burning of the Mar Girgis Church Diocese headquarters Sohag and building its services.

- Burning a number of shops and property of Copts in the Temple of Karnak in Luxor Street of Shops Saint Claus and Er_khashm shops and hotel skins Horus and Morris Sdlah.

- Mar Girgis Church threw stones Wasta in Beni Suef.

- Throwing stones and trying to break into church Marmriqs for Catholic Copts in Minya.

- Trying to break into throwing stones and bricks at the Church of the Jesuit Fathers of Minya.

- Try to burn the Jesuit Fathers School of Minya.

- Firing bullets at St. George Bacchus Church in Alexandria.

- Throwing stones at the church of Saint Maximus 45 Street, Alexandria.

- Launch of gunshot wounds and throwing Mowoltov and stones at the Diocese of Malawi queens.

- Launch of gunshot wounds and throwing مولتوف and stones at the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Deir Mawas Minya.

- Throwing stones at the Diocese of Saint John the Baptist Qusiya Assiut.

- Launch of bullets and stones at the Church of the Virgin Kafr Abdou 6 October

32 comments to Egyptian Christian sends Protect the Pope a list of 64 churches burnt in one day by Muslim Brotherhood

  • Genty

    You’ve got to hand to the Islamists. They’ve got their victim-status PR to a T. Imagine if it were 64 incidents of mosque-burning and looting. It would make the front pages of the MSM. And, no, that doesn’t mean I don’t condemn utterly state violence and murder against unarmed and peaceful protestors.

  • Michael Petek

    Thank you for this information, Kerolos. Now is the time, I think, for Coptic Christians openly to invoke the intercession of the Theotokos, that the enemies of God, the Muslim Brotherhood, be scattered and crushed (1 Kings chapters 1 and 2).

    She did it at the Battle of Lepanto as Our Lady of Guadalupe in 1571, and again as Our Lady of Czestochowa at the Battle of Vienna in 1683.

    St. Stephen, King of Hungary, pray for us.

    • kerolos

      These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

  • Dilly

    Meanwhile the BBC are bleating about the injustice being meted out to the Muslim Brotherhood. And nothing else.

    • kerolos

      yes and how they surviving . but copts is not important

      do u know: there is now a famous word by mosulim brotherhood to there supporters ( if you found achristian kill him ` you will go to heaven the christian to hell )

  • Sonja

    Dear Kerolos
    Thank you for sharing your video of this evil act of destruction taking place in Egypt against Christian Churches. It felt like a God’s eye aerial view of the worst that mankind can be – intolerant, destructive, evil. The work of the devil enacted before his eyes. I have little to offer except for prayers (heartfelt prayers) for the violence to be brought to an end. I will share this video as far and wide as I can — it deserves to be watched by every Christian in the world to understand what the persecution of Christianity means in today’s world. Christans and Muslims should not be waging war against each other — it is not God’s will – whatever religion you adhere to. This video must be shared as far and wide as possible. It if can go viral —then maybe even mainstream media will take note of what is happening. God bless Egypt and help her get through this period in history and come out of it with greater tolerance than being shown today. I am sorry but words that would make any sense or be of any comfort fail me.

  • Michael B Rooke

    Throughout its history Islam has constantly fragmented. The Muslim Brotherhood founded by Hasan al-Banna ( 1906 – 1949) politically reverses that in that the objectives are to get all Muslims to join a cause to reestablish the Caliphate despite their differences.
    During WWII al-Banna allied their cause to Naziism and took inspiration from Hitler.

    The Jerusalem Post has just reported a split in support for The Muslim Brotherhood.
    ” Turkey, Iran and Qatar, which identify with the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist agenda, condemned the violent dispersal of the protests, while Saudi Arabia and the UAE continued to back the military.”

    The outlook for the Copts in Egypt does not look promising. Prayers to Our Blessed Lady to change the hearts of the aggressors is a duty for all Christians.

    • Michael Petek

      Let me home in on praying to Our Blessed Lady to change the hearts of the aggressors.

      In Chattanooga the National Memorial to the Unborn stands on the site of a former abortion clinic. For several years local Christians prayed outside the clinic, and at one point they prayed to God either to convert or to remove the directors of the clinic. Almost immediately one of the directors contracted a fast-spreading cancer and died shortly afterwards. They continued to pray, snd the same happened to the other director.

      So the prayer should be that God either convert the members of the Muslim Brotherhood to Christianity, or remove them.

  • [...] informácií portálu Protect the Pope, po stredajšom incidente za jeden deň bolo moslimským bratstvom zapálených a napadnutých 64 [...]

  • Joseph Matthew

    Why do we not hear about this from the BBC?

  • [...] The images haven’t been independently verified, but reports coming out of the country say 64 churches and institutions, including many belonging to the Coptic Catholic Church, were attacked in one day by Islamist mobs opposed to the current government. The website “Protect the Pope” has the full list here. [...]

  • Michael Petek

    Jihadwatch has some good coverage of the mayhem here

  • Michael Petek

    I’ve just found the ideal Saint for the occasion: St Agathius, celebrated on 22 June. He is especially venerated in Slovenia where my father came from. I’ve just translated the following hagiography from the original Slovene.

    “Very little is known about the saint himself except that he was a soldier and martyr in the East. Legend has it that he was the commander of a Roman legion of 10,000 soldiers. While he was a pagan he was unsuccessful in battle. His guardian angel exhorted him to follow Christ, and Agathius had himself baptised together with his soldiers and began to win victories on the battlefield. The Roman Emperor Hadrian (117-138) also learned of his conversion. He wanted to bring his officer back to paganism and tried by all possible means to persuade him. When he had failed to achieve his purpose, he had Agathius tortured. Finally, he together with his legion was driven to the mountain of Ararat in Armenia. They were crucified there, nailed through the hands and feet and crowned with thorns.

    The veneration of this saint in Slovenia has a background in history. His name day reminds us “how at Sisak by the river Kolpa the Ottomans fell drunkenly before the men of Carniola” (F. Prešeren). This event occurred on 22 June 1593. The populace trembled as Pasha Hasan of Bosnia waited with his forces on the banks of the river Kolpa in June of that year to invade the territory of Slovenia and Croatia. Only the fortress of Sisak with its garrison of 300 soldiers was able to resist him. Meanwhile a force of Slovene archers assembled, commanded by Count Andrew of Auersperg and Adam Ravbar. On 22 June they prepared to engage the enemy. They commended themselves to St. Agathius, himself also a warrior, and they went into battle against a far superior enemy. It took them a good hour to win a most glorious victory over the Turks. Historians tell us that Hasan himself drowned in the Kolpa and almost the entire Turkish force fell on the battlefield or drowned.
    The victory, which was celebrated by all Christendom, was attributed to the intercession of St. Agathius. Pope Clement VIII sent a commendatory letter to the people of Auersperg. In commemoration of the victory and in honoir of the Saint, the Count of Auersperg rebuilt an ancient little Romanesque church into a beautiful Gothic shrine.”

    St Agathius, pray for us.

  • One can get jihadwatch in one’s email as I have for years and years, which keeps up with this. But, thanks for the list, ignored by the EVIL BBC while France 24 news and RT Russia carry this story.

    English journalism is a farce, owned by those who do not support Christianity in any way, shape or form. Why the British pay for their horrible station is beyond me.

  • Rifleman819

    Dear All ,
    I see an exceedingly terrible outcome for Egyptian Christians here.

    If one assumes that the Muslim Brotherhood was, is and will be defeated on the streets bythe Egyptian its thwarted rage is did, is doing , and will do its best to destroy Christian churches , property and businesses and kill Christian believers.

    The Sunni/Shia hatreds are internal to Islam …sadly they vary not much in their attitudes to Christians. I have found it interesting to see how secular BBC hacks are either being 1. incredibly naive/disingenuous 2. genuinely ignorant 3. or just purblindedly blinkered products of a PPE Oxbridge education in that they do not see the stark ,religious aspect as THE backdrop to all of this.

    Elephants in the room again.

    • Michael Petek

      Without air support from the Israeli Air Force, I fear you’re right.

      As for the BBC, have you ruled out the possibility that the people who run the place simply want the Christians dead?

      • Rifleman819

        Michael ,

        I had thought of this-a pogrom against Christians………then dismissed it …then thought about it again.

        The Middle East is heading fast to the abyss.

        And the BBC so hates Christianity you can can wonder even now at the bland euphemisms its biased reporting will conjure up to airbrush what is in effect a religious war.

        And the spin off from this will affect all of Europe and the western world.

        Everything was airily dismissed as fantasy until airliners started hitting skyscrapers
        Time to revisit what Thomas Aquinas wrote about War.

        • Michael Petek

          Actually, I’ve been revisiting what the Bible and Jewish tradition say about Amalek.

          This is a metonym for anyone and everyone who is incriminated in genocide where the victim group is the Jews or the Christians, whether as a principal or secondary offender, whether by conspiracy, incitement or a completed offence.

          A case for holy war is not assertable on Christian grounds save only where the enemy is Amalek.

          The command to exterminate the seed of Amalek is binding upon the Kings of the House of David, to whom Saul lost his throne when he disobeyed it and allowed King Agag to live. Jesus Christ, the Lord of Hosts, is faithful to this commandment. Sometimes he implements it directly. At other times he makes use of armies of which he is Lord. One of these happens to be Egyptian.

          Ten is the biblical number of perfection. 240 is the numerical value of the consonants in the name ‘Amalek’ (AMLQ). 2,400 years after the beginning of the story of Esther brings us precisely to 1917, the year of Our Lady of Fatima.

          The number thirteen is rather big in these apparitions and is significant only in the book of Esther, as the date of the twelfth month appointed for the extermination of the Jews. Instead, Queen Esther turned the tables by obtaining for the Jews the right to defend themselves in arms.

          So it is that, immediately after Our Lady finished her business at Fatima, the way opened for the Jews to return home (as though led once again by the Ark of the Covenant) and re-establish their political sovereignty. If the Ark, or someone like it, were not in place and functioning, this would be impossible.

          By the way, it is held among the Jews that the only curse of destruction which is still in force is that which is laid upon the seed of Amalek. It is perpetual, and it would seem that it is not lifted until the very last chapter of the book of Revelation.

        • Many years ago, about 10, when I was teaching the history of the Church, I would ask my students “How many of you would be willing to fight the crusades again, to protect Catholics in a just war either here or abroad?” Usually, only two out of 15 would say that they would be willing to do that. Sadly, Catholics do not understand the Catholic teaching on defensive war, or just war (which is not pre-emptive war) that we may never be protected again. And, there are so few real protectors out there now. Sad days ahead…I have been reading and studying Joshua and Maccabees for over a year and have many posts on my blog on this point.

          • Michael Petek

            That, Marie, is because not everyone can do the rocket science you have to master before you can verify from scripture that there is such a thing in Christianity as a holy war. It is strictly limited to the case where the counterbelligerent is Amalek

  • Rifleman819

    typo-sorry ..rage it did,

  • Michael Petek, I have thought of that.

  • kerolos

    Muslim Brotherhood comedy that Christians themselves burning their churches to show the world that they are oppressed
    Many believe this media
    But what they are doing is demonic thought of burning churches and then burn themselves mosque
    Therefore, all Muslims do not even belong to burn the rest of the churches Brothers reprisal
    Then tell us if Christ was strong Why does not protect churches!!!!!!!!!
    Yesterday they in Upper Egypt mark (X) on the Coptic homes and cars and shops in order to
    The supporters burned, but the Egyptian army to address them
    Egyptian army and I think the game is to reduce the churches in order to guard
    Gives them the opportunity to carry out their actions
    For the world to know them they are criminals
    By my eyes I see them Brotherhood prevented fire trucks from extinguishing the fire in the churches

    Do you know here in Egypt in order to renovate toilets in the church not to say every church restoration may need to Astkhrac the permits
    For years
    Did you know we we applied to build a church 17 years ago and we took the building permit only two months ago

    The goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is the displacement of Christians to the countries of Europe and America in order to be an Islamic Egypt for Muslims only
    And tell them that we will live and die on the land of Egypt, simply because it’s our land of Egypt to Christ
    And the land of Egypt, I drank the blood of the martyrs of days Dkulaidjnos until now
    And burning of churches is nothing but incense to God…

  • kerolos

    this picture of Christians pray in burning church and kids Hoist the banner says Muslim extremism, I pray for you today

  • Michael Petek

    Watch this video and you will understand why the Lord in his infinite wisdom will have war with Amalek from generation to generation (Exodus 17).

  • Michael Petek, Some of us have studied Aquinas and other Catholic theologians on the just war theory, as well as the Catholic commentaries on Scripture which apply. All Catholics should be able to access such things which use to be studied in Catholic high schools and colleges, when such were Catholic. There is also a substantial section in the CCC, 2302-2317. I also suggest St. Augustine on the topic, as well as Suarez. I do not get my theology from videos. Thankfully, both for my degree in Theology and for the one in Philosophy, we studied the Catholic position on just war.

    • Michael Petek

      I get my theology from Scripture, Marie. I get it from Thomas Aquinas as well. Modern international law helps too.

      The Preamble to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court determines that genocide is a threat to international peace per se.

      That means, where there is a case of genocide, there is just cause for war. It is also a crime in international law, and in the State of Israel it carries the death penalty.

      Where the victim group of genocide is the Jewish people or the Christians, the crime of genocide is identified with Amalek. His destruction is expressly commanded by the word of God, and a war against him is known in Hebrew as “milkhemet mitzvah” and it is incumbent on the King to wage it.

  • Michael, sadly, we are beyond the days of Christian kings and entering the black time of huge persecution of Catholics. I also suggest you read Gramsci on the kulturkampf, as the Marxists have won both in Europe and in America.

    • Michael Petek

      You’ve missed my point. Jesus Christ is the King who has the express duty, according to the covenant of David, to wage holy war against Amalek and to wipe out all memory of him under heaven (Exodus 17, Deuteronomy 25). He does not need Christian kings to fight this war on earth, but is able to act even through unbelievers, as he is acting right now through the Egyptian Army.

      However, he cannot do it if the people do not have faith.

      If you read Exodus 17, you will find that Amalek was able to attack only when the people doubted whether God was with them or not. The number 240 is the value of the Hebrew consonants both in the name ‘Amalek’ and in the word ‘safek’, which means ‘doubt’.

      The Bible affirms that the Lord is with Mary, therefore he is with whomever is with her. When she came to Fatima she did so as God’s affirmative answer to the Israelites’ question at Rephidim. The year was 1917, exactly 2400 years after the beginning of the events in the story of Esther.

      On 16 June of this year the Bishops of Lebanon consecrated Lebanon and the entire Middle East to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Seventeen days later Mohamed Morsi was deposed, and the repression of the Muslim Brotherhood commenced on the eve of the feast of the Assumption.

      Did you know that the most ancient known prayer to Mary, the ‘Sub Tuum Praesidium’ originated in Egypt?

      So let us pray in the faith of Exodus 17 and Deuteronomy 25 and remind the Lord of what Amalek did to him when he came out of Egypt.

  • Michael, when you can find men who would be willing to fight for Christ, in real battle, let me know.

    • Michael Petek

      You still haven’t got it have you?

      Jesus has no absolute need of an earthly army of professing and believing Christians fighting in the cause of Christ.

      He has all power in heaven and on earth, and He is the Lord of Hosts. He is able to use the regular armed forces of the constituted authorities of any state on earth whether they consist of believers or unbelievers.

      The officers and men of the Egyptian Army are the instruments of Divine Providence for the destruction of the Muslim Brotherhood, which they undertake by an authority which comes from Him.

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