Christian homes in Egypt have been marked by Muslims with black X’s to single them out for attack

Fox News is reporting that Christian homes and businesses in Minya, Egypt, have been marked by Muslims with black X’s to single them out for attack.  Muslim homes and businesses have been marked with red X’s to protect them from attack. This follows the call for retaliation against Christians allegedly made by Sheikh Yusif al-Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Fox News reports:

‘In the areas of Minya, Beni Suef, Fayoum and Assiut, Christian homes and businesses have received leaflets warning them to leave or face reprisals by Islamists, Christians said. Christian homes and businesses in Minya have reportedly been marked with black X’s to single them out for attack.

Another pastor in the area shares his concerns. “We live in our church, so when someone attacks out congregation, it’s as if our house is being attacked,” said Pastor John Amin of the Meni Mazar church in published remarks. ”Our children are afraid,” he added.

As violence envelops Egypt, Christians are paying a heavy price with scores of their most sacred buildings and monuments being systematically destroyed by members of the Muslim Brotherhood in what one Coptic leader called an attempt at ethnic cleansing.’

The Muslim Brotherhood continues its attacks on churches to implement their scheme, which includes ethnic cleansing and the forced displacement of Copts,” Abul Ezz el-Hariri, a Christian and former presidential candidate from Alexandria, told MidEast Christian News. “Egyptian churches are part of a blueprint by the MB to lure other Islamist groups.”’

Protect the Pope comment: The United Nations must consider as a matter of urgency sending observers and peacekeepers to Egypt as evidence emerges of the ethnic cleansing being carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood against Christians in  Minya, Beni Suef, Fayoum and Assiut.  And the International Criminal Court must also begin collating evidence of the Muslim Brotherhood’s policy of ethnic cleansing so that perpetrators are brought to justice. The ICC should also open a dossier on the role of Sheikh Yusif al-Qaradawi due to the allegations made by the Voice of America that he incited retaliation against Christians.


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  • Grace

    Thank you for informing us of this. Other than prayer, is there anything an average-Joe Catholic can do in Europe?

    • Sonja

      Interesting message from Coptic Bishop Youhanna Golta of Alexandria, Egypt given to an Arab journalist on 13th August (before the worst of the violence. He observes: “There is no street or alley in Egypt that does not have both Muslims and Christians living together,” he said. “It is impossible that Egypt gets divided. Egyptians are indivisible.”
      He said that, historically, Islam was “the only religion that did not plan on eliminating other people.”
      “Occupiers usually requested the occupied people convert their religions to those of their occupiers,” he said. “Muslims did not do that. [Extremists] are deleting this icon in Islamic history.”

      Finally, as a Christian he acknowledges Islamic rights: “We don’t have Coptic issues, we have Egyptian issues,” the bishop said. “That Copts are granted their rights while Muslims are deprived of them is not acceptable to me and indeed impossible to achieve. That the Copts undergo development while the Muslims live miserably is unacceptable and will not happen.
      “We both rise and develop together or not. I am a believing Christian and I hope to die as a Christian, but Muslims face more injustice than Christians. The rate of poverty and unemployment among Muslims is higher than that the average rate. Here the view must be to Egypt as a whole and not to Copts only,” he said.He called for “separation of religion and state, but not separating religion from society.”

      A very enlightened Bishop — may God walk with him in Egypt.

  • Michael Petek

    The International Criminal Court is a good idea, since the crime of genocide is within its jurisdiction. It has no power to impose the death penalty which, in divine law, is the defined penalty for the crime when the victim group is the Jews or the Christians. If Egypt is not a party to the Statute of the Court, then a Chapter VII Resolution of the UN Security Council would have to be adopted.

    Opening a dossier on Yusuf al-Qaradawi is a good idea. It has biblical precedent in that Judith opened one on Holofernes.

    “Observers and peacekeepers” is a laugh. I remember when they sent white-coated observers to Yugoslavia when that place fell apart. They were known disparagingly as ‘sladoledari’ – ice-cream salesmen.

    • Rifleman819

      Michael .

      Sadly ….regarding UN Peacekeepers I think you are probably most correct-lack of resources and very, very narrow remits and political resraints on action are “killer” factors.And it allows real killing to be witnessed by UN Mandate troops who have to watch it, only yards away.

      Well at least I aired my conscience in floating the idea…the MB will split Egyptian society from top to bottom unless something very determined happens from the military.

      And just think -we are considering the welcome of Turkey into the EU-pretending that it is really a “Western” nation.

  • Genty

    It really is time for the Pope to step up to the plate.

  • Rifleman819

    What if some non-aligned countries tried to lobby the UN Security Council to get some credible peace keeping force on the streets-with the validity of a UN Mandate?

    Unless something like this happens soon-the whole situation in Egypt will become even more toxic and irretrievable. If the Brotherhood starts fomenting simultaneous unrest in other Arab countries…then we really are in trouble.

    The first signs will be when the Lear jets leave secondary Arab airports…climbing uncertainly with the gold bullion , inbound for Monte Carlo.
    If Egypt implodes completely……then the whole of the Middle East becomes dangerously unstable soon afterwards.
    The Copts of today are like the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire 100 years ago.
    The parallels …and potential outcomes are very daunting.

  • Sonja

    The MB are showing their true colours. They would have adopted ethnic cleansing if they had been allowed to stay in power. God bless and help the Christians in Egypt. Many are being turned into martyrs for their faith. Let us remember them in our prayers and use all social media channels open to us to spread the word of their plight and solicit prayers.

    Off topic, spotted this negative article about Pope Francis and the period of repression in Argentina by the Irish Guardian writer Hugh O’Shaughnessy. Rather than spend time/space reporting on the MB activities in Egypt against Christians — the same old comments are being raised.

  • Sonja

    A good article summing up the background, thoughts and sentiments from prominent Egyptian leaders printed in the Ignatius Press Newsletter:

    Below is the quote from one of the Egyptian commentators.

    Tarek Heggy, a brilliant member of the liberal intelligentsia in Egypt: “The Egyptian army on July 3rd, 2013 simply sided with the twenty-five million Egyptians who took to the streets to say “no” to the radicalization of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi was doing his utmost to turn Egypt into a replica of what Afghanistan was before 2001. The Muslim Brothers’ 369 days in power in Egypt are there to show that a theocratic organization can not govern democratically. Let’s just think a moment about what Hamas is doing in Gaza. Theocracy is the exact opposite of democracy. The West must remind itself that there is no difference between Al Qaeda and political Islam.

  • ms Catholic state

    Has Cameron said anything at all about the precarious situation of the Copts in Egypt?! If he hasn’t…..let him not dare call himself a Christian ever again!

    Never mind….there are other voices raised in their support.

  • ms Catholic state

    Off topic….but please let your voices be heard. We do not want sexual indoctrination in our schools. Sex-ed is the job of parents….according to their own beliefs. Not teachers!

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