Excommunicated priest Greg Reynolds presided at an illicit Mass at which a dog received Holy Communion

In August 2012 Protect the Pope published a post about Fr Greg Reynolds, who has recently been excommunicated by Pope Francis, that reported that he presided at an illicit Mass at which Holy Communion was given to a dog. Protect the Pope is re-publishing the post to show the tragic consequences of Mr Reynold’s creation of the schismatic Inclusive Catholics group:

Under the headline, ‘Dissidents preach a new breed of Catholicism’ The Age Newspaper, one of the most influential newspapers in Australia, has applauded the action of giving Holy Communion to a dog during a dissident celebration of an ‘inclusive’ Mass led by Fr Greg Reynolds, a suspended priest of the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

The Age reports:

‘A first-time visitor arrived late at the Inclusive Catholics service in South Yarra with a large and well-trained German shepherd. When the consecrated bread and wine were passed around, the visitor took some bread and fed it to his dog. Apart from one stifled gasp, those present showed admirable presence of mind – but the dog was not offered the cup!’

Archbishop Hart has issued a statement condemning The Age newspaper for ridiculing one of the defining beliefs of the Catholic Faith:

Archbishop Denis Hart of the Archdiocese of Melbourne said today that Melbourne’s The Age newspaper was holding Catholicism up for ridicule in an article published in The Age this morning.

The article ‘Every flock needs a shepherd’ (The Age, 6/8), reports that at a Mass conducted by a group called Inclusive Catholics, the Blessed Sacrament was given to a dog. The Archbishop said “that anyone would feed the Eucharist to a dog is an abomination.”

Writing to the Editor of The Age today, the Archbishop said “Your article ‘Every flock needs a shepherd’ is in bad faith. It is the most fundamental and defining belief of Catholics that what you call ‘the consecrated bread and wine’ is the body and blood of Jesus Christ.”

“That you should choose to report the matter in the way that you did can only be understood as an attempt to hold Catholicism up to ridicule. Your integrity in this matter can be judged by asking whether, if something sacred to Judaism or Islam had similarly been desecrated, you would have treated the matter with such flippancy.’

Archbishop Hart suspended Fr Greg Reynolds’ faculties in 2010 for preaching a homily in support of the ordination of women. According to The Age:

‘Father Reynolds, a Melbourne priest for 32 years, launched Inclusive Catholics earlier this year. He now ministers to up to 40 people at fortnightly services alternating between two inner-suburban Protestant churches. The congregation includes gay men, former priests, abuse victims and many women who feel disenfranchised, but it is optimistic rather than bitter.

Yesterday a woman, Irene Wilson, led the liturgy and another, Emmy Silvius, preached the homily. Two more passed the bread and wine around. nclusive Catholics is part of a small but growing trend in the West of disaffiliated Catholics forming their own communities and offering ”illicit” Masses, yet are slightly uncertain of their identities. The question was posed during the service: ”Are we part of the church or are we a breakaway movement?”

Michael Kelly, long the public face of the Rainbow Sash movement that sought acceptance for homosexuals in the church. He finds it a step forward to see a Catholic priest prepared to ”break through the intimidation and threats and oppression of a very frightened institution”. ”People have just had it,” he says.
”There’s a sense of hopelessness and despair when you look at the hierarchy, and nothing one says gets through to these guys. They are wrapped up in their own sense of entitlement. ”Intelligent, educated, adult Catholics have had enough.”

Protect the Pope original comment: The ruin of Fr Greg Reynolds as a priest is tragic and heart-breaking to learn about. The fact that he has initiated and been party to the illicit celebration of the Mass at which the Blessed Sacrament has been given to a dog is horrifying in its degradation. The act itself, and The Age’s celebration of the act, is manifestly demonic. Heresy always leads to acts of sacrilege against the Blessed Sacrament, the focus of the Devil’s rage and contempt.

Protect the Pope comment: Sacrilege against the Blessed Sacrament incurs the automatic penalty of excommunication. Could it be that the desecration of the Blessed Sacrament at an illicit Mass celebrated by Fr Reynolds was the tipping point that resulted in the Holy See’s pronouncement of excommunication? No doubt everyone concerned in this act of sacrilege would justify it  by claiming that they were following their consciences.




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  • Wake up England

    Equal Rights for dogs? Well, why not?

    In our equality-obsessed brave new world “Animal Rights” may well be seen, by some, to include a “right” to receive Holy Communion. It’s a logical continuum.

    Many “Pro Choice” mothers-to-be will, unhesitatingly, cull their own child by having an abortion, but of course are fiercely in favour of vegetarianism on the grounds of animals having equal rights to men (sorry “Humankind”). So it comes as no surprise to me that this theory is taken one step further and dogs are given Holy Communion by some more radically nuanced priests. Shouldn’t we at least be dialoguing about this instead of immediately condemning another’s conscience?

    After all, if one’s conscience tells one that animals have souls (and many Catholics do believe this) it seems highly discriminatory to deny them Communion.

    And Conscience is (to the Nu-Catholic Religion) more relevant than old-hat Ultramontaine ideologies such as The Magisterium, Church Tradition or Revealed Truth.

    Surely the spirit of Vatican 2 is encouraging us to challenge ourselves over this issue?

    Anyway, now we’re all being encouraged to move Beyond Jesus, should we become obsessed by such things?

  • Michael B Rooke

    Evelyn Waugh in his biography of Edmund Campion (Ignatius) wrote of Elizabeth I being displeased on attending a burlesque of the Mass at Cambridge in 1564 where ‘one of them dressed as a dog capered about the stage with a Host in his mouth’. Page 20

    Shakespeare’s Festive Comedy: A Study of Dramatic Form and Its Relation to Social Custom
    by Cesar Lombardi Barber mentions the same Page 56.

    Details of the event are provided in the Hank Whittenmore blog

    “According to Guzman de Silva, the Spanish ambassador, Elizabeth made a speech praising all the plays or “comedies” and disputations, but some of the anti-Catholic students “wished to give her another representation, which she refused in order to be no longer delayed.”

    But the students were so anxious for her to hear their play that they “followed her [to Hinchingbrooke] and so importuned her that at last she consented.”

    So that evening, in a courtyard, an exhausted Queen of England gathered with members of her Court by torchlight for the student production. It turned out to be a distasteful burlesque intended to mock certain Catholic leaders who had been imprisoned in the Tower..

    The university atmosphere had become charged with the rapidly developing Protestant radicalism known as the Puritan movement, but the queen and Cecil were ending hostilities with France while trying to maintain good relations with Catholic Spain, so Elizabeth was in no mood for anti-Papal displays that de Silva would surely report back to King Philip, which, in fact, he did:

    “The actors came in dressed as some of the imprisoned bishops. First came the Bishop of London carrying a lamb in his hands as if he were eating it as he walked along, and then others with devices, one being in the figure of a dog with the Host in his mouth … The Queen was so angry that she at once entered her chamber, using strong language; and the men who held the torches, it being night, left them in the dark…”


  • Rifleman819

    Well I suppose we can /should talk of him as Mr Greg Reynolds.
    In about a year from now he will marry a Wiccan priestess and start some Cybele -like cult in NSW.

  • Augustine

    Perhaps some good may come out of these scandalous events.

    They might even re-sensitise the consciences of those people who do not act in accordance with the teachings of Christ and His Church – by keeping all Ten Commandments. (Needless to say, the fifth and the seventh commandments – for example – are just as important as the sixth.)

    In the old “Penny” Catechism:

    Q 273. Is it a great sin to receive Holy Communion in mortal sin?

    A. It is a great sin to receive Holy Communion in mortal sin: “for he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh judgement to himself.”

  • Joseph Matthew

    A priest who has contempt for the Holy Eucharist,even to a lesser degree than in this case,has most certainly lost his faith.

  • Ms. Billie M. Spaight

    He may as well excommunicate all Greek Orthodox Catholics, all Protestants, all Catholic Anglicans, all Jews, all Muslims, all voodoos, all Buddhists, and all Mormons too. Schisms are as old as history. At one point in history there were actually TWO Popes at the same time. It would have been quite sufficient to say that this man’s sect did not represent the Roman Catholic Church and leave it at that.

    If the dog was given communion to represent a Black Mass, that WOULD be reason for excommunication. However, if the new sect believes that animals have souls (which I believe they do), they might feel that it is sharing G-d with animals. I wouldn’t give an animal a Host but it depends on why they did it. In the excommunication letter, NO reason was given for the excommunication by the Vatican, so we don’t even know if the dog story is true. If that were so, then the Pope should have said so. Then the headline would be: EX PRIEST EXCOMMUNICATED FOR GIVING AN ANIMAL HOLY COMMUNION, and then we could argue about that. FURTHERMORE, the ex-PRIEST did not give the dog the Holy Communion, some one who attended the service did it! So why blame the priest?

    I believe he was excommunicated for starting a new sect and also because of his outspoken support for gay marriage and elevation of women to the clergy. And thus I am furious about it.

  • Nicolas Bellord

    Billie: If you start a new sect you are publicly proclaiming that you are no longer in communion with the Catholic Church. The man has free will and this is what he has chosen. Would you have it otherwise?

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  • This in a way reminds me of an openly gay priest in Quebec Canada.He is a Catholic, openly gay n some say has regular sex with men while having his collar.
    He has faith, believes in God but preaches openly liberation theology and his gay principles.
    Tons of complaints have been made to the vatican on him since JP2 and not even John Paul excommunicated him!!
    The complaints are made by Opus Dei Pro Life and right wing catholics. He is still preaching.
    Quebec Cardinals n Bishops are all left wing n call the pro life n american catholics. anti christ anti God anti religion n crazy dangerous blutant morons that are a threat to the Catholic Church. They are not excommunicated!!
    Quebec Cardinals n Bishops even opened up the Basilica in Quebec n welcomed the gays n said they are welcome this was during gay festivals held yearly. In the church dressed only in underwear n blasheming the chuch. They were not excommunicated!!!
    The gays as a result rejoiced n called pro life n the religious right nuts!!!!

    During the 2013 gay festivities the Quebec City Cardinal.
    n his clergy all priests embraced n even let the gays use the basilica a sacred spot for church services. I repeat the use of a religious

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