Queering the Church hopes that Bishop Conry will assist Quest’s workshop on conscience

Following representatives of Quest meeting with Bishop Conry of Arundel and Brighton Terence Weldon has expressed the hope that Bishop Conry and his ‘Crossing the Threshold’ project will assist Quest’s planned workshop on conscience. Terence Weldon has this hope despite the fact that Cardinal Hume banned Quest from calling itself a ‘Catholic organisation’ because they promoted gay sex contrary to the teaching of the Church.

Queering the Church writes:

‘I am pleased to report that earlier this week, Ruby Almeida, the chair of Quest, and I, were privileged to meet with Bishop Kieran Conry of Arundel and Brighton in a most constructive, extended discussion on ways to improve and extend existing ministry to LGBT Catholics, especially in the light of the current “Crossing the Threshold” project, to draw lapsed Catholics back into the sacramental life of the Church. We offered the bishop any help we could in this project as it applies to the LGBT community, and that led to some discussion on conscience. He was particularly interested to hear of our proposed workshop, which leaves me determined that it will indeed go ahead – conceivably with some guidance or other support from Bishop Kieran and the “Crossing the Threshold” project.’

Protect the Pope comment: In view of the fact that Terence Weldon has expressed the hope that Bishop Conry will assist Quest in some capacity maybe he or the bishop could explain when Cardinal Hume’s decision banning Quest from being a ‘Catholic organisation’ for promoting gay sex contrary to the teaching of the Church was overturned?


10 comments to Queering the Church hopes that Bishop Conry will assist Quest’s workshop on conscience

  • Rifleman819

    Instead of “Crossing the Threshold”…..it should be “Swimming over to Lambeth”.
    Far more apt.

    • Dilly


      I often agree with your comments, but I feel compelled to point out there are many decent Christians affiliated to the Anglican Communion – whether High or Low – who are as horrified as we are, at the antics of those set on destroying the Church from within. Dissent of this type is not protestant – it is demonic.

      • Nicolas Bellord

        I must say I agree with you Dilly. In the past week I have attended a meeting at my local Catholic Parish Church where the agenda was rubbishing what several Popes had said or done. On Sunday I attended an inter-denominational meeting at my local Anglican Church Hall where we did something notably absent from the Catholic meeting – we actually said some prayers, there were positive messages about the Gospel and they believe in miracles!

  • Rifleman819

    Dilly ,

    Indeed-I am married to one!I have often made the point on these blogs that I refrain from commenting on the CoE because I am not an Anglican-except to say where unequivocal historical facts are distorted.As an instance-before 1970 and its General Synod the CoE had its various wings….Low , Middle/Broad, High perhaps…….It is best to so not much more.

    My point is however-we are at the 1936 Rhineland time in the RCC in E and W….we now know that if the western allies had confronted Hitler in that year-and meant it-he would have backed down.

    We must do the same now with our own dissenters-they have wrecked, I feel, the CoE ….and that is a stark warning to us.

    “When liberty becomes licence…”…as Edmund Burke is once quoted as saying….

  • Patrick

    It beats me how any Catholic Bishop would want to have anything to do with anyone who favours “queering the Church”, a truly blasphemous proposition, bearing in mind especially that the Church is the Body of Christ. At least not until there has been a true demonstration of repentance.

  • Nicolas Bellord

    It is interesting how Terence Weldon has left the Soho Masses Pastoral Council, which apparently has some approval from the local ordinary, and gone over to Quest which does not – at least not outside A&B. He seems to be moving in the wrong direction.

    • Pat

      The Soho Masses Pastoral Council has changed its name to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Catholics Westminster Pastoral Council – different name, same agenda. Just read their newsletters on the website (still under http://www.sohomasses.com).
      It has approval from the local Ordinary, (Abp Nichols), but then it had that when it was known as Soho Masses Pastoral Council and he was fully aware of their dissent.
      Terence Weldon may not be listed on the committee, but that doesn’t mean anything. It seems to be the modus operandi with this group – along with regularly changing its name – that when individuals become too publicly notorious because of their dissent, their names get dropped from the committee list, but they are still very much involved in pulling the strings behind the scenes. Martin Pendergast is another such example.

  • James

    Hi there this is the first time I have posted here and well it seems we all seem to have something in common, a distaste to disobedience and liberalism in the Church today. I am writing here because 1 I have challenged mr Weldon on Facebook and proved him to be a lier and a deliberate maker of dissent. Yes he promotes women ordinations, married priesthood and homosexual idiologies contrary to the faith. However I am not posting because of him there is another matter I’m more concerned with. I have been exploring the Vocation of Diaconate for several years now and have found my self in a parish that is well lets say run by the laity, no concern for confession, horrific celebrations of rememberance sunday (looks like im in a CoV church (God save the queen and all that business), and finally to my Horror only last week I find that the parish priest is a {{{{CORE}}}} member of A CALL TO ACTION. I dont really feel he is very enthusastic about my feeling of vocation as every other priest I speak to seems fired up. Please advise because I feel very much alone there now and a bit disheartened. Im not saying he isnt a nice person, but as regards to ACTA what would you people suggest….ps more directed at the deacons…oh and by the way I have asked him to contact the vocations director many times and he has not.

    many thanks


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