Archbishop Nichols’ LGBT Farm St group promotes conference featuring two active homosexual Catholic priests

Archbishop Nichol’s LGBT Farm St group, AKA Soho Masses Pastoral Council, is promoting the Taking a Chance with God conference that includes two speakers who are active homosexual Catholic priests – Fr James Alison and the gay ‘married’ priest  Bernard Lynch, who admits to being sexually active for years and ‘married’ for years.

Fr James Alison openly rejects the Church’s teaching on homosexuality:

‘Well, what has emerged with ever-greater clarity over the last twenty or so years is that the claim underlying the teaching of the Roman Congregations in this sphere is not true. It is not true that all humans are intrinsically heterosexual, and that those who appear not to be heterosexual are in fact defective heterosexuals. There is no longer any reputable scientific evidence of any sort: psychological, biological, genetic, medical, neurological – to back up the claim. The discovery that I talked about earlier, backed with abundant evidence, is that there is a small but regular proportion of human beings – somewhere between three and four percent – across all cultures who are hardwired to be principally attracted to members of their own sex. Furthermore there is no pathology of any psychological or physiological sort that is invariably associated with this sort of hardwiring. It is not a vice or a sickness. It is simply a regularly occurring minority variant in the human species.’

Fr Bernard Lynch is an Irish Catholic priest working in London who is openly and publicly gay. A Radio Telefis Eireann website describes Fr Lynch as being ‘a gay man living in a long term relationship’. Fr. Lynch took a prominent part in the Protest the Pope march against Pope Benedict’s visit to the UK, at which he again publicly declared his homosexuality, and challenged the Holy Father to change Church teaching.

Fr Lynch is founder of the Search group for ‘gay clergy and male religious’. Though Fr Lynch has publicly declared himself a homosexual priest, now in front of thousands, and organizes a group for other gay clergy the Archdiocese of Westminster refuses to clarify his clerical status. Allegedly, there is also  a monthly gathering of another group in London in a gay bar for sexually active Catholic priests.

Protect the Pope comment: In 2012 Archbishop Nichols announced a review of the Soho Masses Pastoral Council that would, among other things, ensure these Masses are not occasions for opposition to the Church’s teaching on sexuality. Archbishop Nichols wrote:

‘At the present time consideration is being given to the circumstances in which these Masses are celebrated to ensure that their purpose is respected and that they are not occasions for confusion or opposition concerning the positive teaching of the Church on the meaning of human sexuality or the moral imperatives that flow from that teaching, which we uphold and towards which we all strive.’

Though the Soho Masses have ceased, the Soho Masses Pastoral Council continues at Farm Street under a different name, and with Archbishop Nichols mandate to provide pastoral care to the LGBT community of London. So now we have Archbishop Nichols’ LGBT Farm St group promoting a conference opposed to the Church’s teaching on sexuality. What is Archbishop Nichols going to do about it?


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  • Genty

    He’s probably in Rome being measured up at Gammarelli. If not there, it’ll be somewhere far away in his own spiritual bunker.

  • MC

    In relation to Archbishop Nichols, what does he actually do? Now I understand that he could produce a filled diary of all his engagements, but he is virtually invisible (and to be honest so was Cormac. I know some were not that keen of Cardinal Hume, but at least he had a bit of backbone and could be relied upon.

    When you click on the Soho Masses link it is obvious that this group are not even trying to hide their dissent.

    Seriously, is there really nothing that can’t be done about this and ACTA? Isn’t it about time that we started to move on these issues?

  • Joseph Matthew

    These heretics need to be excommunicated.As the great Dietrich Von Hildebrand said this medicine is the charitable anathema.Do we have to wait for them to give Communion to the dogs before this happens?

    • Same old, same old

      “Do we have to wait for them to give Communion to the dogs before this happens?”

      You should be absolutely ashamed of that statement. I very much doubt that you will be.

    • Anna J

      This is the only comment in this thread that brought tears to my eyes. And I have had the strongest sense of a soul here, already in a state of great discouragement, reading Joseph Matthew’s comment in a type of anguish. Now this may be my imagination….but on the off chance that it isn’t, and on the off chance that you return….this is what I wish to say to you. Our Lord Jesus Christ is your Advocate and Saviour. He didn’t come to earth to condemn you but to love and heal you, to appreciate all the good you do and to prepare you for heaven. At my first confession, 20 years ago, the priest said to me…’Always remember Anna, that there is no sin so great that our Lord cannot restore you to complete innocence.’ And at the time I thought, cripes, what lies ahead? And yes, I have needed to remember these words for myself. But they are also words that I know I am called to share with all my fellow sinners, as words of hope and consolation. So take heart, dear soul. Jesus loves you. Cast all your anguish on Him and call on Him to guide you to Heaven. Whatever has gone before, each new day brings the opportunity to place our lives in His hands and to let Him write straight on our crooked lines. And on this feast day of our Lady of the Rosary, I should also say that our sweet Mother can also sort out our messes when we turn to her, as she longs for us to do.

  • Rifleman819

    Deacon Nick,

    But has the problem now been neatly palmed off on the Jesuits so leaving ABW free to visit his tailors?

  • Wake up England

    Was Bernard Lynch once at Our Lady of Victories, Kensington? A parish priest from there was replaced for being openly homosexual and living in the parish house with his boyfriend. Cardinal Hume clamped down.

    Is this the same man?

  • Augustine

    He could not have been parish priest at OLV Kensington. OLV Kensington has always had a parish priest who is a secular priest of the Archdiocese of Westminster.

    This Bernard Lynch used to be a member of a missionary order of priests – but only spent a couple of years on the missions. He has lived in London – but probably would have lived in a house of his own (former) religious order.

    Lynch’s hostility to the Church’s highest authority led him to appear in full clerical dress beside Richard Dawkins and Peter Tatchell to “Protest the Pope” in London in 2010. This action was probably the trigger that led to his dismissal from his order in November 201.

    See details at:

    • Wake up England


      I didn’t know Lynch was a religious. I’ve just got this nagging feeling he was at Our Lady of Victories in High Street Kensington. From what you say, I’m probably wrong.

  • Michael B Rooke

    Fr James Alison suggests numbers of “between three and four percent” are “attracted to members of their own sex.”

    It might be pointed out that the UK census of 2011 recorded that “1.5 per cent of adults in the UK identified themselves as Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual “

  • Augustine

    in November 2011

  • Pat

    The case of Bernard Lynch is very curious. He has consistently opposed the Church regarding its teaching on homosexuality. Even as far back as 1997, newspaper articles were appearing, in which he described himself as a “practising gay” who has “had a number of sexual relationships”. The first such article that I am aware of appeared in the Sunday Telegraph in 1997.

    Now in his new book ‘If It Wasn’t Love: Sex, Death and God’ he admits that he has actually ‘married’ his ‘husband’ Billy Desmond. The book is dedicated to Billy. It is still promoted on the Soho Mass website. The site also still promotes quotes from Lynch (see ‘History’) and also one of his homilies, and advertises his speaking events. Lynch also discussed his ‘marriage’ in an interview in the national newspaper The Independent:

    I understand that in 2009, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI granted “special faculties” to make it easier for the Holy See to dismiss priests involved in scandals. Bernard Lynch has consistently been involved in public scandal since 1997, so why hasn’t anything been done? Ultimately he can believe what he likes, but he publicly identifies himself as a Catholic priest, so the Church should publicly excommunicate him.

    This blog recently reported that a priest in Australia was excommunicated because of his public dissent. I would suggest letting the Holy Father, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Papal Nuncio know about the case of Bernard Lynch.

  • katherine

    Archbishop Nichols is a spineless man EXCEPT when he is dealing with individuals who love The Church; then the class bully emerges and he throws his weight around. He is a master at being seen to be doing and saying the “right thing”. I too fell for it for a time. Now I know better.

    I take heart from the fact that I know God sees the whole picture even if Rome only sees what it is fed. Like us lesser mortals Archbishop Nichols and his pawns (they know who they are) will one day also have to answer for their actions.

  • Anna J

    I’m going to respond to MC’s, Rifeleman’s and Genty’s comments. Wow! Well I shall not pass by silently. Weekly, in a public Rosary group, I pray for all the priests of Westminster Diocese, especially Archbishop Vincent, his auxiliary Bishops and the Chaplains of the Cathedral. I lead prayers for their strength, inspiration and protection, amongst other things. Archbishop Vincent is not ‘invisible.’ He has a public diary on the Diocesan website filled with public engagements and, I suspect, a vast number of pastoral meetings that are not advertised. Archbishop Vincent devotes himself 100% to each gathering he is present at, and to each person stood before him. As such, as I witness, he is loved by his people, who feel very blessed that he is their Archbishop. His writings on wider issues are of the highest quality, (viz recent writing ‘the narrow gate’). It always strikes me that, like St Therese, whose fellow sisters didn’t know what they could write in her obituary, our Archbishop’s authentically humble and loving ways are overlooked by some. As for his attire; he strikes me as the sort of man who doesn’t give a fig for tailoring. Always remember chaps that projections give away the state of your own souls. I’ll say one for you all.

    • Teresa

      Anna, It is good to hear something uplifting about Vincent Nichols . Unfortunately , my own experience has been similar to Katharine’s. Nichols strikes me as having the attributes of a clever politician .

    • katherine

      Anna, thank you for your truly Christian response and I will try in my personal life to follow it. My family and I say St Thereses prayer for priests daily. However my view of Archbishop Nichols remains unchanged and has been verified by yourself….always seen to be doing the right thing; has always and will always bully individuals or groups of individuals who actually love The Church. I doubt if his adoring public has ever been at the receiving end of his wrath, unless of course they make the mistake of opposing homosexuality in the Church. Again I repeat, individuals in Rome may be caught in his web but some of us know what hes really like.

  • Rifleman819

    Anna J ,

    What ABW tries to destroy the best state school in his own diocese-and now allegedly the best comprehensive in the country- by shopping them to the DfE? Ans: V Nichols

    And not only that-failing!-then forced into a humiliating climb down when his bluff was called.

    Katherine is exactly right.

    He is certainly not loved and adored by the community of Cardinal Vaughan School W14 8BZ I can tell you that.

    Sorry -what leadership has he given over the Soho Masses?

    I can tell you -the square root of 5/8th of not very much.

  • Anna J

    Wow! Continued! When I was a kid, (my dad is a Catholic priest, formerly an Anglican), my peer group would sometimes moan about my dad in my earshot which I found staggering, but has left me inured. I don’t know if you are all in Westminster, but if you are I feel genuinely sorry that your feelings are such towards your father in Christ and I will pray for healing. Sorry, I have no expertise on any of these things that you mention, but my overall impression of life in the diocese is as I have written above. The path to peace is to focus on what we may each positively do in our own baptismal missions. I will pray for you as I mentioned above. St Francis, pray for us.

  • Anna J

    PS, I was at the recent Vaughan Centenary Mass in the Cathedral. I particularly wanted to go as I have prayed for them. It was the most amazing, uplifting, wonderful Mass and Archbishop Vincent gave an amazing homily, (it’s on the website)…I sensed no hint of the hatred you allude to Rifleman…it was an extraordinary uplifting Mass.

    • Rifleman819

      Anna ,
      Vincent Nichols was conspicious by his absence.
      I was there too-scroll back two years and you seem to have forgotten the rage of ADW penpushers when the School Community rallied round to save the School.I am an Old Vaughnian and the fact that ++ Vin allowed his then Director of Education to take the school right to the door of the abbattoir is a disgrace.

      And the reason is quite obvious-CVMS is an embarrassment to the Archdiocese…it is too good.It shows up, sadly, the comparative mediocrity of other schools that ++Vin is ultimately responsible for.
      So the solution was to attempt to destroy your very best school. And then when Mr Gove threatened a DFE investigation…the ADW crumpled like a deflating Baked Alaska.

      And I don’t think that Rome is entirely enamoured of VG Nichols either.
      The growing fiasco of the Soho gay Mass scene shows appeasement rather than tough love and the LGBT Agitprop elements sense they are winning-to the utter scandal of the rest of the Church.

      • Anna J

        I assure you that Achbishop Vincent was the chief celebrant and preacher at the centenary Mass last Friday. There are plenty of pictures and a homily to prove it. I do remember the furore. I prayed a lot and I made a few blog comments that encouraged respect. Tough love? Rifleman I think your writing on this thread is poisonous (and do I gather that you’re not in Westminster diocese?) and I am amazed that Deacon Nick has published it.

        • Anna J

          Sorry I think I have got into a muddle between the Vaughan and the Oratory school. Still, I stand by my point that all this hatred is poisonous

      • Rifleman819

        Anna again ,

        I do so admire your enthusiasm and charity….but I suppose one always forms judgements about men and women by the slice of the cake that is on display to you individually, don’t you?

    • Nicolas Bellord

      Anna: The Vaughan Centenary Mass is scheduled for Friday 19th September 2014 NOT 2013. I think you might be confusing this with the London Oratory School’s 150th anniversary Mass on 27th September where +VN did give the homily.

  • Amanda Peter

    May God have mercy on us!! This is so bad. Catholic priests openly strutting their mortal sins!! If a catholic priest openly dissents he needs to be openly excommunicated. That is indeed charitable medicine. Better to be excommunicated now as a jolt ….. And hopefully followed by repentance than to be excommunicated in the next life for all eternity where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth and NO HOPE of repentance after that. GOD wants our salvation . He does say though ” if you love me KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS”. It is not those who say Lord Lord that will enter the kingdom of heaven but those who do the will of the Father. There is so much insubordination and disobedience in the church ….. A satanic infiltration in the world and even in our one holy catholic and apostolic church!!! O Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee and for those who do not have recourse to thee especially the enemies of holy mother church.

  • Anna J

    Having prayed….for those in Westminster who would like to be healed of this alienation….I suggest a path of action. a) go to a Mass celebrated by your Archbishop bringing all that weighs on your hearts to Jesus on the cross and to our Father in heaven. Then after Mass join the queue to shake Archbishop Vincent’s hand. And then b) attend one of his talks where there is a social afterwards, where he always seems to have time to talk to everyone who wishes to talk to him…and say what’s on your mind. I think you would find that you both had the satisfaction of expressing what was bothering you…but would also find encouragement for your own unique mission in life. St Therese, pray for us.

    • Teresa

      Anna, I was a parent at Cardinal Vaughan during the dispute. Vincent Nichols received hundreds of letters from parents concerned about the actions of the diocese but he failed to send even one representative from the diocese to meet with parents. He is kindly and courteous to those who agree with him but he is contemptuous and harsh to Catholics who are concerned about things such as Soho Masses or Cardinal Vaughan. I think you are lucky ; you have only seen one side of Vincent Nichols.

      Regarding the London Oratory – the Westminster Diocese SUPPORTED the Humanists in their referral of the Oratory to the Schools’ Adjudicator over Admissions . Nichols and The WDES are not great friends of the Oratory – although I am sure the Mass was a wonderful occasion there is tension between the school and the Diocese. Nichols is an astute operator behind the scenes .

      • Anna J

        Teresa, it’s my understanding that matters were resolved for the Vaughan to their satisfaction. I assure you that I have listened to what you have said and have taken it up into my prayer….but I think that this advice from Winston Churchill is rather good. ‘In war, resolution; in defeat, defiance; in victory, magnanimity.’ I would suspect that the Headmaster of the Vaughan would be keen to leave the past in the past, indeed to see everything healed and to concentrate on moving forwards purposefully and creatively. As a small aside, much though I encourage direct communication, in ‘normal’ life has nagging a man ever worked well for you? No, me neither! I think the life of Queen Esther bears meditation. Her approach to persuading King Ahasuerus to be rid of Haman was respect and cooking a great meal! This is not to imply that I think that the Diocese’s position had no merit. Bishops have a special duty to protect the interests of the poor and I feel sure that this was the motivation for the action that was started. This is not to reignite the discussion but to suggest the path of peace and magnanimity.

  • Rifleman819

    I am in Clifton diocese in the AD Birmingham so the occasion won’t arise.
    But your thoughts are very Christian…and well done to you!

  • Anna J

    Any advances on Clifton? Or am I the only one in this thread actually in Westminster? Interesting. The world of blog comments….I prayed again at Mass for all of you last night and will pray for you all again shortly at Mass and Rosary. And then I shall probably retire once more for a goodly time from the comment scene. God bless

    • Deacon Nick Donnelly

      I’m often in Westminster, in the parish of St Peter in Chains, Stroud Green. Deacon Nick

    • Bob Hayes

      Work takes me to London from time to time and I attend Mass at Westminster Cathedral or a suburban parish church, which may be in either Westminster or Brentwood diocese. Some time ago I attended a talk given by Archbishop Vincent. He is a warm communicator and was pleasant and courteous when we spoke briefly afterwards.

      Whatever our individual impressions of the man, he is Archbishop of Westminster and President of the Bishops’ Conference. In the first capacity he has the task of sanctifying, teaching and ruling the flock; in the second he is seen by many Catholics and the secular world as the ‘head’ of the Church in England and Wales.

      Commentary on Archbishop Vincent’s action or inaction in relation to error actively promoted within his diocese is neither an attack upon his person or the episcopal office. Rather, it is a heartfelt concern that the tolerance of error encourages more error and more sin. The bishop’s teaching role includes pointing out error and preaching the rejection of sin. If some persist in promoting error and sin, then the bishop’s role as ruler is to stem such behaviour. A bishop’s genial manner alone is not enough to staunch the work of Satan. Yesterday, as Assisi, the Holy Father warned us of the dangers of a worldly Church: ‘We become pastry shop Christians… like nice sweet things but not real Christians’.

      We must all pray for our bishops in these dangerous times.

      • Rifleman819

        Bob ,

        That was well put.

        In the end any leader’s job in any organisation is to lead.Pure and simple.

        And possibly uniquely as well the Church must have leaders at all levels who are not ashamed to exercise moral courage and the power of discipline if needs be.

        And you are very correct in saying that unless wayward elements are curbed early on…the problems escalate exponentially.

        • katherine

          Thank you both Bob and Rifleman. Yes you are right Bob, personally speaking I am not attacking the man or the office however I am totally sick of weak and watery leadership and the bullying of people whom he should be supporting. On this point I will never change. The days of the pedestals are long gone. We want strong leadership, totally loyal to the Church and all Her teachings. The Church has plenty of enemies outside. She does not need them within also. We are talking about the Bride of Christ here.

          • Bob Hayes

            Agree with you entirely Katherine.

          • Rifleman819

            Yes indeed -thanks but you have touched on the two crucial issues for the moment.
            1.Decisive leadership-make a reasoned decision for the good of the organisation you are responsible for.

            2. Deal with internal dissent as a priority-we all know that the Catholic church in these isles will battle to win external hearts and minds anyway and our utterly useless manner of not stating known facts in child abuse scandals was like pouring petrol on open flames.
            But you can have a strategy for that-it is the disloyalty within that is pernicious.BXVI’s model of a perhaps smaller church but more committed Catholic church in Europe is the way forward. But sort out and face down the nesting cuckoos, then go forward.

        • Anna J

          A few words on leadership. It is one of the great joys of having become a Catholic that I know that the Holy Spirit chooses our leaders. And I believe that the ‘Catholic’ way is to pray for those burdened with the responsibility of leadership. Each leader has his strengths and again it is a joy to receive the clear teaching of our Catholic fathers in Christ. To those who would presume to advise the man God has chosen on how he should do his job, be prepared to give an answer to God on how you have ‘lead’ your own baptismal mission! And remember, Jesus’ leadership sometimes surprised his own apostles. Judas in particular had no time for our Lord’s ‘weak’ ways!!

  • Rifleman819

    When I return to London on family/business trips to a small flat in Hendon I’m Westminster and Clifton when I live in Somerset.
    So Cliftminster? Wefton?
    I suppose you can be both in this fluid society of ours?

    But your prayers for all of us are much appreciated and valued.
    Our thanks.

  • Anna J

    I was forgetting that the Mass this morning was for our Rosary group’s intentions…so hope some extra grace came your way…I will say some more here, though possibly not til Monday. Have a lovely Sunday. God bless

  • Rifleman819

    Anna , Et cum spirituo tuo.

  • And finally….thank you for your kind words and for all your replies to my question of what Diocese you are in. I hope you all find a very warm welcome always during your stays in this wonderful Diocese. 7 of my immediate relations/ancestors are/were clergyman and my 3 Godparents were Anglican religious each working in the field of parish life. My passion is for the life of the parish/diocese. In Westminster there are countless wonderful souls toiling in the vineyard of the Lord. It is such a privilege and joy to play a part in that. And I warmly invite you to join in that portion that I am involved with. Do come and say hello if you do. Details and diary are on my website should you be interested. And for any ladies reading, especially Katherine and Teresa, I invite you for coffee. (Just give me a mo to update my website diary). I wish you a beautiful Feast Day and I hope to see you all in heaven one day, if not before! God bless

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