European Union considering banning doctors’ freedom of conscience to refuse to kill babies through abortion

The European Parliament is considering banning medical professionals right to freedom of conscience about killing babies through abortion and also enshrining in law the murder of babies as a ‘human right’.

At the end of October MEP’s will vote on the report ‘Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights’, adopted by the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality which states: ‘Member States should regulate and monitor the use of conscientious objection so as to ensure that reproductive health care is guaranteed as an individual’s right’. It complains that, although ‘legal, abortion is often prevented or delayed by obstacles…such as the widespread use of conscientious objection.’ ‘Access to safe abortion…remains widely unavailable, though legal, through the abuse of conscientious objection or overly restrictive interpretations of existing limits. These barriers clearly contradict human rights standards.’

Lifesite news reports:

‘European Dignity Watch, the pro-life group, responded that nowhere in international law is abortion named as a “human right.” The committee  “is ready to sacrifice internationally recognized rights, such as the right to conscientious objection.”

Indeed, the claim of abortion as a human right contradicts the findings in August this year by the Council of Europe that there is “no consensus” across Europe on legalizing abortion. Forty-seven European ministers were unable to answer two direct questions about abortion: Should the Council promote abortion? Is abortion a human right under the European Convention on Human Rights?

This is not the first all-out attempt by a European international body to suppress conscience rights. She cited the case of the notorious 2010 “McCafferty Report” by the British politician and pro-abortion activist Christine McCafferty, “when a radical attempt to limit freedom of conscience” was introduced and later soundly defeated.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, (PACE), a body legally distinct from the European Union, instead adopted Resolution 1763, which asked member states to “guarantee the right to conscientious objection in relation to participation in the medical procedure in question.” The Assembly also stated that “in the vast majority of Council of Europe member states, the practice of conscientious objection is adequately regulated”.

Protect the Pope comment: There is relentless pressure to remove medial professionals human rights to freedom of conscience to refuse to kill babies through abortion, seen in this country in the NHS legal action to force two Scottish Catholic midwives, Concepta Wood and Mary Doogan , to co-operate with the killing of babies. Pro-abort activists will stop at nothing until they make all medial professionals functionaries of the abortion factories that kill 50 million babies a year around the world in the Baby Holocaust. Evil will not tolerate opposition.

Please support Concepta Wood and Mary Doogan in their defence of the right not to co-operate in killing babies through abortion as they prepare to appear before the UK Supreme Court. SPUC is funding their legal expenses:

9 comments to European Union considering banning doctors’ freedom of conscience to refuse to kill babies through abortion

  • It further affirms for me why we should all seek the end of the European Union.

  • Genty

    The UK is ahead of the game. A few years ago a young Catholic student of my acquaintance failed to get a place in any medical school because of his stated opposition to carrying out abortions. He had to train in Eire. I wonder if that option would be open to him now.

  • Rifleman819

    Josef Mengele and Marie Stopes live on into the 21st Century- but the sad, dystopian, values of Europe in particular will meet with uncompromising Islam on this and other issues-and in my opinion matters across the social , cultural , religious, political and ethical spectrum will not be resolved in council chambers but on the streets of major European cities.

    The tectonic plates of widespread social conflict are already creaking.

  • ms Catholic state

    Can we set up Catholic training hospitals for doctors etc. What if Christian doctors nurses and midwives went on strike….let’s face it they are discriminated against in the horrible NHS anyhow?! Can Catholic patients and pregnant mums ask for Catholic and or pro-life doctors and midwives etc. We need to be a little more pro-active as Catholics and Protestants at all levels I think. Remember we are taxpayers too….and the pagan NHS is just not good enough. Even many secularists think so now.

    • Lynda

      Yes, we badly need the start of a push by the Church to set up true Catholic hospitals and schools. We have almost none – and we and the whole world ate suffering the lack.

  • Lynda

    It was reported on Gloria tv news yesterday that an Australian physician is in danger of losing his licence to practice because he refused to refer an Indian woman who wanted to kill her 19 week old daughter (because she was a girl) to an abortionist for that purpose. definitely the last stages of persecution. Archangel Michael defend us …

    • Wake up England

      Will the silence from Rome continue?

      If Ireland’s any indicator I fully expect the Pope to say nothing much at all.

      One or two bishops might make a stand, but only a few.

      No discipline will be imposed on Catholic doctors and nurses taking part in abortions or the Catholic politicians voting for the new law – and MOST DEFINATELY nothing as Mediaeval and unkind as Excommunications! Far too controversial.

      I am extremely sad to say the “Fight” has been lost – except there wasn’t much of a fight, was there? Just the odd pathetic Catholic whimper here and there.

      Shame on the Catholic Church for being so pusillanimous and cowardly.

  • Deacon Nick, thank you for all you do to speak up for the unborn so as to protect them. This article has made me cry. It’s so so sad. God bless, Anna

    • Lynda

      To cry about such terrible outrages is a normal reaction. It is the dry eyes of those who have hardened their hearts to the extent that they want innocent babies killed in their mothers’ wombs that is perverse and horrific.

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