Pope Francis tells pro-lifers to have courage to go against the tide of the culture of death

Archbishop Fernando Chomali has told EWTN about Pope Francis’ words of encouragement to the Pontifical Academy for Life in September, reiterating his clear stance against killing babies through abortion.

EWTN reports:

Archbishop Fernando Chomali of Concepcion, Chile, told EWTN News that Pope Francis met with members of the Pontifical Academy for Life in late September and reiterated his clear stance against abortion, as well as his call to bring the message of life to society in new ways.

“He told us to always remember that today we must go against the tide, because unfortunately the culture that exists does not respect life in all its stages, doesn’t recognize the value of life, but rather efficiency,” the archbishop said. “He told us that in being aware of this, we have great courage to continue forward.”

Pope Francis “is proposing a different kind of pastoral action characterized by the proclamation, and I think this is very positive also in these times,” he added. Through the proclamation of the Christian message, he continued, Christians must foster admiration for human life, for marriage, and for consecrated life. “Because we believers see in each human being a providential act of God, inasmuch as we promote a wonder for life, we will generate a joyful outlook about what life means and its value,” Archbishop Chomali stated. This new approach flows from the path of humility that characterized Pope Francis, he said.

Protect the Pope comment: Pope Francis has made a number of unequivocal statements and actions that shows his firm commitment to the sanctity of life of unborn babies and our responsibility to protect them from the abortion holocaust. To those who have ears, let them hear. The Holy Father is trying a different tack with secular society, attempting to break through their hard hearts with the Gospel. Clearly, Pope Francis is working on the assumption that we are adult enough to get on with the mission of protecting the lives of babies without him provoking the hostility of the culture of death media.


5 comments to Pope Francis tells pro-lifers to have courage to go against the tide of the culture of death

  • Wake up England

    The softly, softly approach is not working is it?

    Abortions are now to be performed in two Irish Catholic hospitals.

    The European Union is considering taking away health care workers’ current rights to refuse to take-part in abortions on the grounds of conscience.

    The self-same European Union considers abortion a “Human Right”.

    The Catholic Church appears to be very wobbly on publicly condemning this evil; in fact out new Pope has told us not to “Dwell” on the matter too much!

    From a purely observational point of view the world at large MUST think the Catholic Church, under this pontificate, has greatly relaxed its condemnation of abortion. I’m beginning to think so myself.

  • Michael Petek

    Let’s go for the head of the serpent.

    For a creature to assert any claim of right or liberty of dominion over the giving or the taking of human life, outside the terms expressly laid down in divine law, is idolatry and is committed in particular by contraception and artificial fertilisation of whatever description.

  • Why should a Pope be concerned with “provoking the hostility of the culture of death media”? Jesus said, “You will be hated by everyone because of me.” Did the Holy Father not get that message? I’m trying to be fair to Pope Francis here; perhaps it is Deacon Donnelly who believes that a hostile media must not be provoked?

    • Damian

      @Annie Deacon Nick originally created this site in direct response to the hostile media surrounding Pope Benedictxi’s visit to the UK, and Deacon Nick’s unequivocal exposure and challenge to the secular culture of death has been a constant feature of this site. So no I don’t think Deacon Nick believes a hostile media shouldn’t be provoked.

  • Lynda

    Sadly, some of what Pope Francis has said has given fuel to the pro-abortionists who attack prolife people who bravely stand – usually without support from their bishops and priests – in defence of vulnerable innocent human beings being systematically put to death.

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