Why did Catholic Voices agree to virulent anti-Catholic chairing debate with Protest the Pope tonight?

Catholic Voices  will be debating the motion, ”The papal visit should not be a state visit’ with representatives of Protest the Pope tonight.

The motion will be proposed by the founder of Protest the Pope, Peter Tatchell and the prominent campaigner against religion AC Grayling. It will be opposed by the patron of Catholic Voices, Fr Christopher Jamison OSB, and its coordinator, Dr Austen Ivereigh.

The debate will be chaired by Polly Toynbee, the prominent anti-Catholic who wickedly accused Pope John Paul II of being a mass murderer in the week of his funeral. She is also the President of the militant secularist group, The British Humanist Society.

Protect the Pope comment: It seems bizarre that Catholic Voices accepted a  splenetic anti-Catholic as the chair of this important debate. Surely by doing so  the debate has been stacked against our side ?

Protect the Pope calls on all readers of this website to pray to the Holy Spirit to strengthen Catholic Voices with his gifts of courage and wisdom


3 comments to Why did Catholic Voices agree to virulent anti-Catholic chairing debate with Protest the Pope tonight?

  • Karla

    I pray for Catholic Voices for their wisdom in this debate! God Bless

  • The answer is that we knew Polly Toynbee would be scupulously fair in her chairing — and she was, making sure that pro-Pope people had their voices heard at least as much as the PtP lot. The humanists hosted the debate, and were therefore entitled to pick their own chair. As it happened, Toynbee and the other humanists were gentle and reasonable — trying, in vain, to get their people to listen and give Catholic Voices the courtesy of a hearing.

    The important thing is that we were there.

    • admin

      Its good to hear that Polly Toynbee suppressed her natural antipathy towards the Church for the good of the debate. An object lesson that its best to expect good will on the part of others, no matter how unlikely. Well done Austen and Catholic Voices for entering the bear-pit. I’ve been on tenterhooks waiting to hear how the debate went. Comments on Twitter suggest that there was a baying mob unwilling to listen to your arguments, whipped up by Peter Tatchel’s rhetoric. I’m sure most Catholics are truly grateful to you and Catholic Voices for stepping up to the mark to make a reasoned defence of the Church

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