Derek Keating TD just can’t face the reality of voting to legalise killing babies through abortion

Derek Keating’s protests in the Irish media that he’s a devout Catholic who has been unfairly treated by Fr O’Reilly’s stopping him serving the Church as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion shows he’s a man who can’t face the reality of voting to legalise killing babies through abortion. For some unfathomable reason Derek Keating believes that he can support Enda Kenny’s abortion law and stand before his local parishioners distributing Our Lord’s Sacred Body and Precious Blood.

The Journal reports:

‘Speaking to Miriam O’Callaghan on RTE’s John Murray Show…, Keating said that he is not happy at being asked to stand aside because he supported the legislation.

He said: “Clearly it’s upset some people that I, as a TD, have supported the legislation. I need to say today, and I know I wouldn’t be the first person, that I am a TD in the first instance, I am also a devout Catholic.”

[Protect the Pope comment: Here Keating is proposing the usual 'I'm a politician first, Catholic second' defence of the indefensible so loved by apostate Catholic politicians such as Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Enda Kenny, etc. The mistake they make is believing that by saying this magic formula they some how compartmentalise the immoral actions they commit as politicians from their lives as Christians. The only people they are kidding is themselves.]

The Dublin Mid West TD said that he felt he is being targeted personally, telling the programme: “I am here very reluctantly in one way. But I think I need to make a stand on it because I don’t want this to happen to anybody else.”

[Protect the Pope comment: The reason why you're in this position Mr Keating is because you made solemn promises when you were commissioned as an Extraordinary Minister and when you received the sacrament of Confirmation which you have broken when you voted to legalise the killing of babies through abortion. You've tragically brought this all down on your own head.]

Keating detailed how he was told on the Saturday before last by local parish priest Father Peter Reilly that he should stand aside. He said that this was followed up by a letter asking him to stand aside permanently and claimed there was no discussion prior to this decision being made.

[Protect the Pope comment: What's there to discuss Derek? The Irish bishops made it clear before the vote that Catholic politicians shouldn't vote to legalise the intentional killing of babies and you chose to ignore them. What's more talking going to achieve? ]

“I just think that’s wrong,” Keating said, adding: “I just don’t want it to happen to anybody else. People should be allowed to make decisions in their own life and not for it to compromise their duty whether it be as minister for the Eucharist or indeed any other responsibility they have within the church.”

[Protect the Pope comment: What does this nonsensical sentence actually mean? Are you saying that no matter what decision people take about their lives they should be allowed to continue in public roles in the Church? Really? Any immoral decision they make about their lives should not have any impact on their public role in the Church? Just think about what you've attempted to justify here Derek].

Keating said that it would be “obviously very difficult” to return to the church now in light of what has happened but said he intends to follow-up the matter with the area moderator and area bishop.

[Protect the Pope comment: Here we have it, Derek Keating has said on national TV that he's going to complain to his area bishop about Fr O'Reilly stopping a pro-abort TD serving as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. What will the area bishop say? What will Archbishop Martin say?]

Keating also said that a parish priest in Palmerstown had contacted him to say he could not use the parish centre for constituency clinics any more because of unpaid rent.

“I believe this is a smokescreen, I have made several attempts to pay that money,” the TD said saying that the church would not tell him how much he owes though he suspects it is a “paltry” amount.

Keating said that the legislation he voted on “was about protecting the unborn” and continued: “I do think there is a time when you have to separate the role of church and State,” insisting he is “very much pro-life.

[Protect the Pope comment: This is the lie that Catholic TD's who voted to legalise the killing of babies through abortion have to keep telling themselves in order to hide from the horrifying truth about what they have put their names to. In 10 years time how many babies does Derek Keating think will have been killed due to his voting 'yes'? Who has told pro-abort Catholic TD's the lie that they are 'very much pro-life'].

He also claimed he has received a text message “from a fellow minister of the Eucharist, accusing of being a Nazi, accusing me of being a murderer”.

[Protect the Pope comment: Derek Keating seems more upset that a fellow Catholic equated his decision to legalise the killing of babies with the Nazis' killing of the innocent and vulnerable than the fact that he and other Catholic TD's have put the legal machinery in place to kill babies.]

Despite this, Keating insisted this morning that he loves his church saying he has “great hope” in the message being communicated by the new pontiff Pope Francis in recent weeks.

Protect the Pope comment:  Fr Peter O’Reilly’s action in stopping Derek Keating acting as an Extraordinary Minister appears to have two objectives: to stop the scandal of sacrilege among his parishioners seeing a pro-abort politician distribute Holy Communion and even more important to wake Derek Keating up to the eternal seriousness of  the immoral action he took in July 2013. Tragically Derek Keating’s interview on RTE indicates he is determined to hide from the reality of his actions.


9 comments to Derek Keating TD just can’t face the reality of voting to legalise killing babies through abortion

  • Eleanor Peters

    Derek Keating wants his cake and eat it too. There is no way he can do this. He has to make a choice. Either be a devote Catholic or a person who approves of abortion. You are tryng to play GOD, Derek and you are not him. No one can change the rules of GOD. I say you are a phony . Clear through. Make your choice and then carry on with it. You will not be missed.

    • Wake up England

      Eleanor Peters:

      I beg to differ with you; so does the Catholic faith. Vide the Church’s teaching upon Charity.

      Derek Keating will be very “missed” by Almighty God whose will it is that we all enjoy Him for all eternity in heaven. Almighty God created Derek Keating “To know Him, to love Him and to serve Him in this world; and to be happy with Him forever in the next world”. This is the reason we are all created by our Creator.

      If Mr Keating goes to hell because of his un-repented Grave sin then he will be EXTREMELY MISSED by his Creator in heaven.

      Eleanor Peters: you have a propensity for holding forth; we’ve all seen your enthusiastic and wordy style on this blog over the last week or so – which (apart from the spelling) is just fine. No rules against gushing. But if you’re going to be so robust PLEASE do try not make “mistakes” about the Catholic Faith.

    • Michael Petek

      He’s defitely a devout apostate.

  • Joseph Matthew

    It is now up to Rome to follow the clear canon law objectives proposed by Cardinal Burke and state clearly that no politician voting in favour of abortion can receive Holy Communion.

  • Janine Fazioli

    God bless Father O’Reilly for taking the proper action!! Wish we would see that here in the USA!!

  • Lynda

    Please email Fr O’Reilly at

    It is because anti-Catholics control the Church in Ireland that Mr Keating can comfortably speak and act as he does and maintain that he’s a good Catholic. The true Catholics are persecuted as much by those “within” the Church as without. Archangel Michael protect us.

  • Augustine

    If Mr Keating had any intelligence or sensitivity towards others or indeed any sense of shame, he would have voluntarily stepped down an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion even before he voted for this evil legislation.

    But he apparently has no more intelligence than his assistant who apparently removed thousands of copies of a local Dublin newspaper from shops – after the paper ran a negative story about Mr Keating.

    You really couldn’t make this up – but the hapless assistant stole the newspapers in full view of the CCTV in the shops. The Gardaí (Irish Police) are now investigating the CCTV footage!


    In a further demonstration of Mr Keating’s lack of common sense (to say nothing of Christian charity), he taunted Mr PJ Stone, the leader of the Garda Association by telling him “to put on a uniform and go do real work”.

    How to make friends and influence people – NOT.

    And he has the gall to complain about being sacked as an Extraordinary Minister!


  • Augustine


    “he would have voluntarily stepped down as an Extraordinary Minister”

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