Pope Francis says God’s call to maternity is fundamental to the dignity of women and respect for human life

In his address to the Pontifical Council for the Laity’s conference to mark the 25th anniversary of Blessed John Paul II’s apostolic letter ‘Mulieris Dignitatem’ Pope Francis said that while recognising the social and cultural changes around the role of women, God’s call to maternity remains fundamental to the dignity of women and respect for human life.

The Catholic Herald reports:

‘Pope Francis said women’s “vocation and mission” today remain essentially connected to their capacity for motherhood, but warned against unjustly restricting their participation in the Church or civil society on that basis.

“Many things can change and have changed in our cultural and social evolution, but the fact remains that it is the woman who conceives, carries in her womb and gives birth to the children of men,” the Pope said.

“This is not simply a biological matter, but carries a wealth of implications for the woman herself, for her way of being, for her relationships, for the way in which we lend respect to human life and to life in general. Calling a woman to maternity, God entrusted the human being to her in an altogether special manner.”

Pope Francis warned there are two ways of betraying women’s inherently maternal role, “two opposed extremes that demolish woman and her vocation”.

“The first is to reduce maternity to a social role, to a task, albeit noble, but which in fact sets the woman aside with her potential and does not value her fully in the building of the community. This is both in the civil sphere and in the ecclesial sphere,” he said.

“I suffer, I speak truly, when I see in the Church or in some ecclesial organisations that the role of service, which we all have and should have, that women’s role of service slips into a role of servitude.”

But the Pope said there is also the “other danger in the opposite direction: that of promoting a type of emancipation which, in order to occupy spaces taken away from the masculine, abandons the feminine with the precious traits that characterise it.”

He added,”Woman has a particular sensitivity for the things of God, above all in helping us to understand the mercy, tenderness and love that God has for us.”

Pope Francis praised “Mulieris Dignitatem” for its “profound, organic reflection, with a solid anthropological basis illuminated by revelation,” and said the document was a point of departure for further study and efforts at “promotion” of women.

Noting that the Italian word for church (“chiesa”) is a feminine noun, the Pope exclaimed that the “Church is a woman. The Church is a mother. And that’s beautiful, eh? We have to think deeply about this.”

Protect the Pope comment: Pope Francis’ reiteration of the Church’s teaching on the fundamental importance of maternity to the dignity of women is a direct challenge to those Catholic feminists who advocate contraception and abortion ad nauseam. The Tablet has recently published an article by a self-described theologian who is Catholic under the title ‘Theology that hears the poor’, that only sees women in reductionist terms of ‘reproductive rights’, being a well-worn euphemism for abortion and contraception. If the Church is to enact Blessed John Paul II’s and Pope Francis’ defence of maternity as fundamental to the dignity of women then finance and resources need to go into better maternity healthcare and education in the poorest countries instead of the feminists toxic combo of contraception and abortion.

3 comments to Pope Francis says God’s call to maternity is fundamental to the dignity of women and respect for human life

  • Sixupman

    “chiesa”: but I was taught to refer to “Mother Church” from my infancy.

  • Eleanor Peters

    AS I said in a previous comment GOD, called women to motherhood. The highest vocation a woman can have. A wonderful vocation. GOD, called men to the priesthood and to be fathers. This was his plan for humanity. I know some wome would like for women to be priests but this will never happen. Women are the back bone of the family. We are to bear children and keep the home fires burning. Why do some women take this as a lowly vocation when GOD, ordained it ? Humanity depends on it. Our families and society depend on it. Children need their mothers at home to nurture them and teach them to follow GOD, and HIS wonderful ways. Women give birth to men who are the leaders of the world. Behind every man there is a woman. Full of courage and love. When women can accept what GOD, ordained for them and stop fighting over it they will indeed find peace with them selves and humanity. We all have a vocation to follow. Some women become nurses. These are needed for survival in the world. Some men become doctors. Another thing needed for survival. I believe GOD, knows where to put each and every one of us. Even a trash man is ordained by GOD. There are many things to be covered on GOD,S earth. I believe if we all respected where GOD, put us we could live in peace and be happy. We are precious in GOD,S eyes. Some of us have listened to satan and that has just about ruined this world. Evil comes from him . Look at this world with all of its pleasures that come between man and GOD. We ask GOD, why ? Why does not belong to GOD. Why belongs to us and our selfish ways. What does a million dollars have to do with peace of mind ? Nothing. Peace of mind comes from GOD and HIS plan for you. Our way as brought us nothing but heartache. You know that is true. Give it up and seek what GOD, wants for you. This is HIS creation and He will rule with love and as HE sees fit. Better for us than we do for our selves. Accepting HIS will will stop the uneasement in your heart and you will love being the keepers of the flame that this world so badly needs. amen

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