FEMEN hires prostitutes to launch another attack on courageous Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard

Archbishop LeonardCourageous Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard has been subjected to another attack from the anti-Catholic feminist group FEMEN who hired prostitutes to strip off and assault Archbishop Leonard with a pie to his face. With his usual aplomb Archbishop Leonard turned the table on his attackers by tasting the cake with a subtle smile. When FEMEN first attacked Archbishop Leonard with water from Our Lady of Lourdes Holy Water container he responded by showing reverence to the image of Our Lady by kissing the container.

According to The Eponymous Flower:

‘In the red light district hired “political activists” are hired to appear topless and again target the brave Archbishop of Brussels-Mechelen. There are probably lush cash payments for the FEMEN-strippers in the background in Belgium…

While the former French minister and member of the Pontifical Family Council, Christine Boutin spoke, topless FEMEN stormed onto the stage and wrapped her with a rainbow flag. The FEMEN activists were accompanied by a bunch of left-wing extremists, which were meant to serve as a sort of bodyguard and extras in the stylized media appearance. After they had interrupted Madame Minister, they hurled a pie at Archbishop Leonard’s face. The Archbishop stole the show from the horde by tasting the cake with a subtle smile.

The first attack against Archbishop Leonard by FEMEN occurred last April during a podium discussion at the University of Brussels. The women shouted sodomophilic slogans and poured water on the archbishop. He said nothing, but reposed himself in prayer.

The European Bishops’ Conference lent their support to the Brussels Pastor with their solidarity. The FEMEN activists were described by the bishops as “completely implausible and without any sense of decency.” That Archbishop Leonard’s discussion with an atheist was disturbed by FEMEN, was proof that the Church has standing in the debate in a pluralistic society, while FEMEN tries to prevent this.

Veneremurcernui blog explains why these extremists attack Archbishop  Leonard:

‘Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard of Brussels is known as one of the most orthodox bishops in northern Europe…He does not back away from proclaiming the constant belief of the Church. For that, he is an outlier, and the sexular pagans who dominate Europe apparently cannot countenance his public existence.  Ergo, he has faced a good deal of opposition, both polite and extreme.’

Just this week Archbishop Leonard criticised moves in Belgium to extend the killing of patients to include young people and children, telling journalists that “the introduction of euthanasia isn’t confined to the consequences on the individual that claims it, but it changes the fundamental relationship with life and death in society, undermining the vital bond of solidarity of all citizens with those who suffer”. The bishop raised the question of “the risk of delegating to others, in a long-term living will, the faculty of deciding for us, and even in the case of dementia, of resorting by proxy to euthanasia. Is this decision – which is the result of a free decision considered at a later stage – of entrusting to others the task of terminating our lives truly compatible with the Rule of the Law?”

Protect the Pope comment: The example of Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard  should encourage all readers of Protect the Pope to remain steadfastarchbishop-10 in our determination to safe-guard with courage and proclaim with joy the Fidei Depositum entrusted to the Church by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Archbishop  Leonard shows that the best way of defeating evil is with reverence to God and humour towards man. God bless you  Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard.



16 comments to FEMEN hires prostitutes to launch another attack on courageous Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard

  • Rifleman819

    Deacon Nick ,
    Had it been Russia the same young things would suddenly have a change of heart when transhipped to a Siberian gulag under the tender mercies of Rosa Kleb lookalikes-no doubt.

  • Rifleman819

    Deacon Nick again ,

    I missed the significance first time round.”Hired prostitutes……”

    So they didn’t do it themselves then?

    FEMEN yellow-bras I say ….employing working gels to take the rap if the authorities decide to arrest and take court action.
    Perhaps they have learned the lessons of the Siberian gulags….and get useful idiots to do the dirty work.

  • William

    Something has to be done to stop this poor man from being attacked. God bless him. He gets attacked and humiliated for speaking the truth while the pope says reckless things like “who am I to judge” and is adored. This world is upside down.

    • ms Catholic state

      I agree. It is very humiliating for him. He must have some bodyguards. A new role for the Knights of Malta perhaps. It’s not right that we as Catholics allow our poor bishops to be treated this way, especially the faithful ones. It’s cowardly and mean of us.

  • Amanda Peter

    This is just further proof of how so many people today are living exiled from God. They get angry at people trying to be holy and have a holy influence over others. God have mercy on us, convert us, turn us towards you and claim us as your own. Padre Pio would pray ‘ Lord don’t let the elect be lost’

  • Lynda

    All those who stand up for the truth, against evil are targetted by the Devil’s pawns. Terribly, most of the leaders in the Church do nothing to help them, and in fact, often make things worse for them.

  • Ioannes

    The more this archbishop is attacked the happier I shall be. I’ll even pay his dry-cleaning bills. His predecessors Suenens and Daneels were successful in de-Catholicizing Belgium, and the Irish hierarchy have done the same for their own country, something the English couldn’t do in 400 years. Leonard is inaugurating a restoration (oops, sorry – Pope Francis has condemned ‘restorationists’).

  • Wake up England

    Rather worrying hair-do your Grace

  • Paul Commins

    People like this are deeply unhappy,but refuse the solution to their problems.

  • ninoinoz

    Actually, I know a little about this FEMEN grouplet.

    I went to see a film about them called ‘The Ukraine is Not a Brothel’ at the London Film Festival. Risably, it turns out that this ‘feminist’ grouplet was being run by a man.

    Now, as the title of the film suggests, FEMEN are against sex slavery and prostitution of Ukrainian women. A most laudable aim, you would agree.

    I now wish I’d asked the FEMEN member present exactly how many women they had saved from prostitution. My estimate is precisely ZERO. They are far too interested in grandstanding to do real good.

    What is particularly distasteful (no pun intended) are their attacks on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church who DO rescue women from a life of prostitution. [Google 'Sisters of Charity' for proof]

    Note: a father of one of the FEMEN group described her as having no brain.

  • GSmith

    Archbishop Leonard will undoubtedly receive a red hat at the next consistory. The perfect riposte to the FEMEN dykes.

  • Me

    What about arrest? Have they not been arrested for attacking this person? It it perfectly legal to attack someone like that and shove a cake in his face??

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