Pro-abort ‘Catholics’ for Choice & Planned Parenthood launch campaign to strip the Holy See of its seat at the UN

The Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, established to assist the Holy See’s Papal Nuncio to the United Nations, is reporting that a coalition of pro-abort groups including the apostate ‘Catholics’ for Choice, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and Planned Parenthood have launched a campaign to  strip the Vatican of its seat at the UN.

‘Catholics’ for Choice state the following on their website:

“The Catholic Church at the United Nations: Church or State?” tells the story of how the Catholic church came to be the only religion with the privileges of a state at the United Nations. As the Holy See, representatives of the Catholic church use direct access to the UN’s General Assembly and influential international conferences to impose an ultraconservative agenda on the global population, Catholic and non-Catholic alike.

Ever since it was informally accepted at the United Nations in 1964, questions have been asked about what the Holy See does with the place it has made for itself among the states, and whether it deserves that place at all.’

The Holy See claims that its possession of a territorial entity—Vatican City—qualifies it as a state. Yet, according to the criteria established by international treaty, Vatican City may not be considered a state. The Holy See and the Roman Catholic church both fail the same test and neither can be considered a state.’

The reason for these pro-abort groups campaigning to evict the Holy See from the UN is that a series of Papal Nuncios to the UN have rallied countries to defend the sanctity of life against, among other things, making killing babies through abortion a human right. Only the other week the current papal nuncio delivered a powerful pro-life address at the UN. He said:

‘It follows that each child must be accorded in the first place the right to be born. This is a right, moreover, which must be protected equally – without discrimination on any grounds, including those of sex or disability or policies dictated by eugenics. Thus, pre-natal diagnosis undertaken for the purpose of deciding whether or not the baby will be permitted to be born is inconsistent with the Convention, which my Delegation regards as the fundamental normative instrument on the rights of the child. The unborn baby is a member of our human family and does not belong to a “sub-category of human beings”.

The Holy See strongly urges the Committee to revise its General Comments in conformity with its guiding international instruments: beginning with the Convention itself, which affirms the right to life of the child, “before as well as after birth” (Preamble, par. 9), the right of conscience[7], and full respect for the rights, responsibilities and duties of parents regarding their children[8]; and including also the explicit affirmation by the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) that abortion should never be promoted as a family planning method (par. 7.24).

Protect the Pope comment: This is why the abortion industry that makes millions out of killing babies, and their supporters, hate the Catholic Church and seek to silence her voice. The problem for this farcical campaign from these pro-abort groups is that they have overlooked the simple fact that Eighty countries currently maintain embassies to the Holy See, clearly proving the point that the Holy See is recognised as being a State by other States, including the USA and the UK.

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