Supreme Court refuses Northern Ireland Health Minister leave to challenge Court of Appeal ruling allowing gay adoption

The UK Supreme Court has refused to allow Health Minister of Northern Ireland, Edwin Poots, to challenge the Court of Appeal ruling that Northern Ireland legislation that prevents unmarried, cohabiting couples and those in civil partnerships from adopting was illegal. The Appeal Court ruling followed a complaint from the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission which is headed by former Catholic priest Fr. Michael O’Flaherty, a former priest of the Diocese of Galway, known for his radical advocacy of gay and transsexual rights. Mr O’Flaherty’s challenge of the ban on gay adoption was backed by an unidentified lesbian woman who wants to enter into a civil partnership and be able to adopt her partner’s biological child.

The Belfast Telegraph reports:

The UK Supreme Court has rejected an attempt to overturn a court ruling in favour of same-sex and unmarried couples adopting. A spokesman for the UK’s top court said: “The Supreme Court of the UK has refused permission to appeal the Court of Appeal’s decision in this matter. The Supreme Court issued an order on 22 October 2013 stating that the application did not satisfy the criteria of raising an arguable point of law of general public importance.”

Health Minister Edwin Poots stated:

“It is with disappointment that I note that the request for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court has been refused,” Poots said. “I am currently carefully considering the implications for the Adoption and Children Bill, which is currently being drafted and which I intend to introduce in the assembly next year.”

Protect the Pope comment: The fact that the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission has succeeded in overturning the ban on gay couples adopting children is bad enough, but the fact that the Commission is led by a Catholic priest is a grave scandal. In July 2011 it was confirmed that Fr. Michael O’Flaherty remains a priest of the Diocese of Galway. The Belfast Telegraph reported at the time, ‘The new head of Northern Ireland’s human rights watchdog, Michael O’Flaherty, is an ordained priest in the diocese of Galway, the Catholic Church has confirmed. Fr O’Flaherty, currently Professor of Human Rights at the University of Nottingham, has not practised as a priest for several years.  He studied Theology at the Pontifical University in Rome and has never applied to be laicised, or removed from priestly office.’ He has since applied to be laicised and this has been granted.

17 comments to Supreme Court refuses Northern Ireland Health Minister leave to challenge Court of Appeal ruling allowing gay adoption

  • ms Catholic state

    Can they take it to the EU…or even the UN? Every child has the right to a mum and dad…and this should not be trampled on. It is an abuse of the child’s rights. These judges are evil.

    • Rob

      ” Every child has the right to a mum and dad…and this should not be trampled on.”

      I agree completely with this. The problem is that adoptions to single people have already been allowed. Once that issue has been conceded then opposition to gay couples adopting (ie treating two women less favourably than one woman) looks like it is about shaming the couple rather than safeguarding the interests of the child. And that is homophobia and quite properly illegal.

      • la catholic state

        there is a slight difference though……a single woman can represent a widow.

        • Rob

          But if you hold as fundamental the right of each child to have both a mum and dad then we shouldn’t be adopting children to widows. The fact that the law allows this to happen and that the Catholic adoption agencies have participated in such adoptions means that the ideal that each child has the right to a mum and a dad has already been conceded. The core principle on which gay adoption is opposed is already compromised.

          • la catholic state

            Only in desperate circumstances should a single woman be considered for adoption……as in Africa where Aids orphans are adopted by single women to form ready formed large famiilies. This happens where there are too few families and huge numbers of orphans. It is morally and biologically consistent with real situations. But ideally every childbshould be adopted by a mum and dad, not a mum alone!

          • la catholic state

            The core principle remain intact! Children often lose their fathers through death. It is not a deliberately created situation……and widowhood is not immoral.

      • Lynda

        Of course a child ought not to be placed with persons living in a perverse sexual relationship. It is cruel and unjust and very harmful to an innocent child. A child ought to be entrusted only to a married man and woman who are people of good character and who will raise the child with objective moral values, and if possible, the Faith.

      • Wake up England

        “Once a false principle is admitted, it is very difficult to arrest its progress”

  • When is he going to be relieved of his priestly status? O’Flanery O’Flaherty Murphy O’Connor Brady O’Grady – how many more agents of the devil do we have floating around these sceptered isles that our brave Irish ancestors would weep over while Rome fiddles and fuddles…

    I’m beginning to think we should stop talking and blogging and get down on our knees all the hours God sends because prayer is all we’re left with…

  • Wake up England

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    A big step closer to the inevitable new evil laws which are coming.

    Inter alia, they will insist that “gay” people have the right to be “married” in a Catholic Church.

    To have their “wedding” reception in the Church hall afterwards; and that the baker must make their cake; that the “honeymoon” hotel must provide a double bed in the “bridal” suite (which will have to be re-named as the wedding suite in order not to discriminate against two grooms occupying it).

    Individual “Conscience” (a much misused term amongst liberals) will VERY SUDDENLY cut no ice whatsoever when manifest by Catechism-believing Catholics; and everyone will face the choice of either criminal prosecution and persecution, fines and potential imprisonment for obeying Christ’s rules; or betraying Our Blessed Lord and His Church to escape the forthcoming witch-hunt.

    Whilst this sword of Damocles hangs ever nearer our Catholic heads, the majority of Bishops continue to say next-to-nothing to protect the Catholic Family Unit from this wicked and perverted distortion.

    This forthcoming Hetro-phobic centred crime against The Family and The Church is pure evil. That it should be orchestrated by a Catholic priest is utterly and scandalously obnoxious.

    The heterosexual norms of the Family which we have taken for granted are about to be stripped of all legal protection.

    As a homosexual man myself, I can accurately predict that the abolition of the age of consent for homosexual sex will be abolished, thus leaving children equally unprotected in law. The campaign for this has already begun and is gathering support within the “gay” community.

    The homo-fascists have designs on YOUR child. The Supreme Court is giving them all possible help.

    • Wake up England


      And before Same Old, Anthony Miller and the other Christophobes clamber up on their anti-Catholic hustings to attack (which they will), may I point out that the subject of the lowering of the age of consent (to 13 years old) was seriously discussed at a dinner party in my house four nights ago.

      Amongst my guests was a female Labour MP at Westminster (who I decline to name and don’t know very well )who broadly supported the idea. Out of eight guests the table split 50/50 over the issue, which surprised me. I was the only homosexual to disagree (there were three other gay men present).

      Three of the guests were Catholic, and again only two of us were against the idea. Interestingly two Jewish friends were very against.

      My house is far from Bohemian; and this open discussion of the left-wing homosexuals’ lobby regarding a lowering (or total abolition) of the age of consent is very much gaining ground in mainstream thought.

      I rely on the honour of anyone who was at my dinner party, and might read this, not to reveal the names of those present at the party or staying in the house.

      • Andrzej

        Well actually it is just a question of time.

        The first step will be to allow kids to choose suicide. Once that is accepted, then clearly consent to sex will have to to follow “because after all we do think they have to right to euthanasia” and so if they consent to that, they can certainly consent to sex.


  • ConofChi

    Garabandal Message 18th. June 1965:
    “…Many cardinals many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them….”. Sadly.

  • ms Catholic state

    An amazing article from the Washington Post, concerning Christendom……..

  • lynda

    The basis of all positive law is reason, the natural law. Without that basis law loses its essential character and becomes arbitrary, the whim of the powerful. This has happened in many jurisdictions across many of the most important areas of the law. It means injustice, lack of certainty, coherence, moral integrity, intelligibility and a capricious edifice that no man owes allegiance to. It cannot command any respect but rather as being a clear breach of natural and constitutional law, requires strict opposition.

  • Bob Hayes

    ‘Fr O’Flaherty, currently Professor of Human Rights at the University of Nottingham’. I dare say he is on first-name terms with another Nottingham academic – Tom O’Loughlin – who was the ‘star’ speaker at ACTA’s bishop-approved event at Sacred Heart, Caterham, a few weeks ago.

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