Speak out against gay adoption to protect children’s rights to a mother and father – Pope Francis to Bishop Scicluna

Bishop Scicluna, auxiliary of Malta, has spoken of Pope Francis’ encouragement that he speak out against the legalisation of gay adoption in order to protect the rights of children to a mother and a father. Consequently Bishop Scicluna delivered a Christmas Day sermon opposing the Parliament of Malta’s introduction of the Civil Unions Bill in September 2013.

CNS news reports:

‘Pope Francis is “shocked” about legislation in Malta that would allow homosexual couples to adopt children and encouraged the auxiliary bishop of that island nation, Charles J. Scicluna, to “speak out” against the proposal, the bishop told the Sunday Times of Malta on Dec. 29.

In his Christmas Day sermon, Bishop Scicluna had defended the Catholic Church’s teaching against same-sex “marriage” and gay adoption. When asked why he would discuss such a topic as part of a Christmas homily, Bishop Scicluna said he had met with Pope Francis on Dec. 12 and the pope advised him to speak boldly on the subject. “We discussed many aspects,” said Bishop Scicluna. “And when I raised the issue that’s worrying me as a bishop [gay adoption], he encouraged me to speak out.”

“[T]hat is exactly what I did in my Christmas sermon,” said Bishop Scicluna. “My sermon was not about the rights of gay people but about children’s rights.”

In his Christmas Day homily, the bishop had said, “The message of Christmas remains always a current message. It beckons and invites us to seek and recognize the true Wisdom that the manger of our Lord Jesus embraces ….

“Around the manger of baby Jesus there are also a woman and a man: the mother who gave him birth and her husband Joseph whom God chose to bring up, along with the mother, the child of Mary.

“God, who generated his Son as a human being without the participation of a man, did not want his Son as man to be brought up without the participation of a man. The silent and essential mission of Joseph was to ensure that the boy Jesus, in his upbringing as a man, was not deprived of a father’s affection and example.

“In the upbringing of his Beloved Son, God himself ordained and chose to be subjected to the wisdom and law of creation according to which a baby should be reared by a mother and father, by a couple made of a man and a woman and not by a couple made of woman and woman or a couple made of man and man.”

Protect the Pope comment: Pope Francis’ encouragement to a bishop to protect the rights of children to a mother and a father does not fit the media narrative of a new pope set on changing the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. It appears that the Holy Father is encouraging bishops to defend the Church’s doctrines back in their own countries rather than speaking out openly himself. Has he come to the judgement that the moment he speaks out clearly against same-sex marriage and adoption that is all the MSM will report for the duration of his pontificate?




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  • Lynda

    … and a child’s right and need not to be subjected to grave intrinsic evil by those who are responsible for his care, welfare and education, his very understanding of himself and human nature. It is a most cruel and perverse form of child abuse.

  • eleanor Peters

    I am against same sex people either marrying or adopting children to be brought up in warped homes. GOD, created man and woman and it should stay they way. How dare ant one yrt to change it. It is not a legal thing to marry some of your own sex nor has never been so. It is a disgrace to GOD and the marriaaage vow. In my opinion it is a choice and should not be looked at as a normal thing. Why I do not know but do know I do not want this to be an aqual thing to a real marriage between man and woman. The Supreme Cccourt was wrong in interferring in a law of GOD. As was president Obama. This will bring our country down and should be taken off of the books. children should not be living in such a home and learning this is right as it is a wrong that will cause them to betray any laws of GOD. amen.

  • I would like to make two comments on this question of gay adoption, a concept which I find entirely unacceptable.

    First, I must make it clear that I have met gay couples who have a stable loving relationship and could offer a hospitable and economically sound environment for a young person coming from an unhappy and broken history, and this might seem – on the surface – better than institutional care.

    In my substantial experience in a national charity during the AIDS crisis, I have also observed some features of gay relationships that make me resolute in opposition to gay adoption in any form.

    Even in the least flamboyant gay couples, there exists in everyday conversation an undercurrent of subtle reinforcement of an “anti-family” ethic which militates against an adoptee gaining a normal view of society. Yes, I’m using the word ‘normal’: contradict me at your peril. Heterosexuality is normal: homosexuality is abnormal. In recent years, even to say this has become politically incorrect.

    Secondly, this abnormality will be doubly reinforced for any unfortunate adoptee by the narrow social life that he or she will experience: gay couples associate with other gays and they are very sociable people. In fact, due to the isolation they have experienced, they tend to be much more socially supportive than straight couples. A child brought up in such a social environment is not just experiencing the influence of two gays, but a whole social circle with a distinct agenda.

    Naturally there has to be a rejection of prejudice against gay people. Catholics should speak out against incidents of violence and the use of abusive and inhuman language against gays. But we should never allow the fear of being labeled “homophobic” (whatever that means) to intimidate us into speaking out against the absurdity of the demands of gays who have forgotten that society’s tolerance has allowed them moral freedom. If their response is to demand the destruction of society’s institutions, they will find that the tide of sympathy begins to turn. Gay adoption is a repulsive idea for most people.

  • Joseph Matthew

    I fully understand the alleged silence of Pius XII but not of Pope Francis. Pius sincerely believed that a constant condemnation of Nazism would lead to greater slaughter.What is the equivalent now?

  • Bernadette

    Sadly schools are either not encouraged or not allowed to instruct children on the rights and wrongs of sexuality; hence youngsters find homosexuality to be an acceptable part of life and grow up accepting same sex marriage as normal. I shudder to think what is facing us in this world.

  • Terry

    I think the Pope is trying to get the local bishops to stand up and be counted i.e. to grow a pair.

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