Last year Fr John Dear, since dismissed for obstinate disobedience, gave a speaking tour of Scotland on behalf of SCIAF

Fr John Dear, dismissed from the Jesuits for obstinate disobedience, gave a speaking tour of Scotland on behalf of SCIAF in 2013. SCIAF, the Scottish Catholic development agency, promoted Fr Dare’s 10 day speaking tour as follows:

‘Celebrated peace activist Jesuit John Dear arrives in Scotland for a 10 day speaking tour in September .  This is a unique opportunity to hear from a leading light in peaceful activism. Fr. Dear has received many peace awards and been nominated on several occasions for the Nobel Peace Prize, with Archbishop Desmond Tutu describing him as “the embodiment of a peacemaker.”‘

But the question is, how can a priest be called ‘the embodiment of a peacemaker’ when he promotes dissent that attacks and fractures the communion of the Church?

In 2005 Fr John Dear wrote an article that promoted dissent on the ordination of women, and the authority of the hierarchical Church:

‘Given the dramatic shortage of priests that will hit the Church in the next two decades, change is inevitable. Sooner or later, whether in ten years or one hundred, the Church will ordain women, allow clergy to marry, permit local communities to elect bishops, welcome gays and lesbians and respect other religions. The tide of history cannot be stopped. The changes will help the Church become healthier, more faithful, and more loving.’

‘Someday, the Church will move from its focus on power, domination, and control to forgiveness, compassion and equality, so that it is not so much Pope-centered, or Vatican-centered, as Jesus-centered, peace-centered. It will act as a grassroots, decentralized movement of creative nonviolence empowering everyone to serve God’s reign of peace and justice, and resist the forces of war and injustice. In the future, the college of Cardinals will be made up of people like Daniel Berrigan, Thomas Gumbleton, Roy Bourgeois–and Helen Prejean, Joan Chittister and Kathy Kelly.’

Fr John Dear was also a prominent advocate of A Call to Action, the US dissent group, that promotes homosexuality, contraception, women’s ordination, and abortion.

In 2001, Fr. John Dear spoke at Call to Action functions in the months of August, September and November. In May of 2002, Fr. Dear spoke at a New York State Call to Action conference. In November of that same year Fr. Dear spoke at the Call to Action National Conference in Wisconsin.In March 2004, Fr. Dear spoke at the Western Regional Call to Action Conference in Pamona California.Lastly, in November of that same year, Fr. Dear spoke once more at the Call to Action National Conference inWisconsin. At that Conference, Fr. Dear stated:

‘I think we need to start a…letter writing campaign to the Vatican, to get one million loving, kind, respectful letters calling for change, for the complete rejection of the just war theory, for more work for justice and peace, and for the ordination of women and married priests.”

Protect the Pope comment: Now that Fr John Dear has been dismissed from the Jesuits for obstinate disobedience SCIAF’s decision to invite him to deliver a speaking tour seems even more unwise. At the time Catholics approached SCIAF to express their concern about his reputation for dissent from teachings of the Church. These concerns were dismissed with the re-assurance that he would only speak about justice and peace. This type of mental ‘compartmentalisation’ lacks credibility and is just a form of word play to hide the inconvenient truth that this priest has abandoned his duty to safeguard the doctrine and discipline of the Catholic Faith.

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  • Joseph Matthew

    I thought he was dismissed for lack of obedience but you have shown him to be a manifest heretic. Is he the only Jesuit promoting heresy? Dissenters could be silenced like the very quiet Fr Flannery but that option is useless.

  • Chrysostom

    SCIAF, like CAFOD, has its own rules. Like CAFOD, it never mentions abortion or the promotion of homosexuality by governments and the EC. CAFOD’s agenda is like that of a left-wing socialist group. In conscience, I am unable to give a penny to CAFOD. Many Catholics would stop supporting CAFOD if they knew what it was about. Go to its website and type the word “abortion” in the search engine (three hits, none of them condemning abortion)- then type in “climate change” – 293 hits

  • Pat

    This is a good article on CAFOD:- I fully agree with Deacon Nick about this “mental compartmentalisation” ruse that has been trundled out so many times when dissenters have been invited to speak on Catholic premises, and the organisers have been rumbled . . . ‘Oh they won’t be talking about that subject, they’ll only be talking about this specific subject’. If I had a pound for every time I’ve heard that one . . .

  • John Dare

    @Nick, In 2005 Fr John Dare wrote an article that promoted dissent on the ordination of women, and the authority of the hierarchical Church:

    Promotion at last :lol:

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