Across the world 918,960 unborn babies have been murdered through abortion during the first seven days of 2014

2014 should have seen the births of these 918,960 baby girls and boys.

2014 should have seen these baby girls and boys sleeping in their cribs and being fed and cuddled by their mothers and fathers.

2014 should have seen these babies laughing and giggling , crying and having temper tantrums.

2014 should have seen these 918,960 baby girls and boys enjoying their mother’s milk and being snuggled in warm towels after being bathed.

But instead these 918,960 baby girls and boys were murdered by doctors, nurses and the admin staff who organised their slaughter.

Instead of being embraced and kissed by their mothers and fathers their parents consented to them being ripped limb from limb and discarded as medical waste.

The murder of these 918,960 babies is an abominable and depraved crime. We will all have to answer the question, ‘What did you do to stop this Silent Holocaust that has murdered billions of babies since the 1970′s?’

Beautiful boy

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  • freboniusthe2

    So sad wait till the Kenny/Gilmore law kicks in, as the song goes” you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

  • Joseph Matthew

    Great picture. Difficult to believe how disability friendly we are meant to be when the disabled can be aborted up to birth.

  • materdolorosa

    moloch was awakened through the egregore of VII. but the egregore continues to sweep away followers of Christ, and pacify followers of whatever the Bishop and his possie put in the trough.

  • Lynda

    And that omits all the chemical murders, and those not recorded as “abortions”.

  • John Fannon

    I’ve been following the furore in the USA over Obamacare forcing companies and institutions to pay for contraception and abortion.

    In this country we already do this silently through our taxes.

    I checked with the NHS last year and they informed me that the annual bill was currently £120M p.a. and the average cost of an abortion was £680.

    £680 is not a large sum given the amount people people spend on tobacco, alcohol, mobile phone bills, overeating. Why can’t these people pay for their own abortions. If they want to commit murder why should I as a taxpayer pay for it?

    There’s BPAS which claims to be a Charity. If you look at its annual report, the amount of money obtained through donations is usually less than £10K. Their income is measured in the millions, as they are basically an NHS agency. If they were really a charity they would be doing the fundraising that all other charities have to do – rattling a tin, selling flags or stickers, running jumble sales. (Imagine being accosted outside a supermarket and invited to buy a flag to contribute to an abortion! Betcha there wouldn’t be many takers). So if the general public would shy away from a direct approach, why should the government acting on our behalf, using our money foot the bill for these atrocities?

  • Michael B Rooke

    In the United States there will be the 41st March for Life on the 22nd of January.

    Adoremus Books in the United States sent out a circular email listing pro life resources that they have available.

    I have used them as a book shop in the past and can recommend them as a supplier to the UK.

  • Michael B Rooke

    On the 26th December I made a post to the Times which was censored.
    The post is reproduced below

    ‘The summary of secular principles are all against life
    The Marie Stopes organisation grew out of eugenics – against life.
    Contraception is against life.
    Abortion is against life
    Homosexual marriage is against life
    Sex selection is against life
    Euthanasia is against life.’

    Censorship may be the action specific journalists or editors and may not be true of all journalists in a newspaper.

  • Walt

    The parallel tragedy that accompanies this ungodly, unspeakable, evil abomination is the multitude of souls which will be damned, due to their voluntary actions, by our most merciful Lord. As a great doctor of our Church once stated, and I paraphrase, “As the millions of leaves fall from the trees in autumn, such is as it is with poor souls falling into the pit of Hell.” May Almighty God, our loving Father in Heaven, have mercy on this lost and most evil world. May we all pray the Holy rosary of Our Lady to end this satanic and diabolical scourge upon the earth.

  • j2y

    It sounded to me that Pope Francis did suggest press these hot button issues about abortion etc for “pastoral” reason.
    Was this image fabricated by the liberal media?

    Cardinal Burke said that we can never talk against abortion, contraception, same sex union, etc enough. Now, Burke was removed Congregation for Bishops.

    What is going on here? Does pope really want to speak less for the most innocent, weakest, and poorest people; the unborn?

  • Damian

    Literally Hell on Earth. The Lord of Lies has created such a moral blind spot on Abortion, hence I believe the rage demonstrated when many proabortionists are challenged over this and why we must never ever stop crying out for this evil to be stopped.When is the next Walk for Life scheduled for the UK?

  • Margaret Allain

    I find it hard to believe that the amazing people running the Good Counsel Network, saving so many babies by their unremitting prayer, witness and lives of true love and unselfishness, have only the financial support that they personally raise by donations and appeals. Should this work not be supported financially by the Hierarchy? Currently they are staggering under a massive overdraft because the number of babies they save is growing and this means their support for mothers, often abandoned by family or partner, by housing them and finding money for them to literally live on. Forty Days for Life gets wonderful write ups and should do, but Good Counsel do this work day in and day out…unremittingly and without seeking any recognition, their deep love and humility is extraordinary. God bless them.

    • katherine

      Dear Margaret Allain – VERY WELL SAID. They are truly an amazing little group of people. Thank you for bringing them to our attention.

    • Maureen

      Good Counsel Network Day of Prayer and Fasting next Monday 13th January. Rosary, Mass, an hour of Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament – whatever can be managed – and Fasting on bread and water for the day.

  • Chrysostom

    As I put previously, it is a scandal that CAFOD, AS A MATTER OR POLICY, will do nothing about abortion. Go to its website and type the word “abortion” in the search engine ( – three hits, none of them condemning abortion)- then type in “climate change” – 293 hits. Nor will CAFOD speak against the attack on marriage. But CAFOD can’t say enough about “global warming”. I have stopped giving any money to CAFOD.

  • Lynda

    Cardinal Keith O’Brien did great work supporting the saving of mothers and babies from abortion by prolife groups.

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  • freboniusthe2

    I read that the pro abort writer caitin Moran in today’s Times has continued her promotion of abortion rights; while I have little time for her as either a great writer, at least she calls the unborn children. maybe this could be a sign that she has begun to reconsider her views DV.

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