Cardinal-elect Nichols met with Quest homosexual group banned by Cardinal Hume according Queering the Church

On the day that Archbishop Nichols was named cardinal-elect by Pope Francis Terence Weldon has revealed on his blog Queering the Church that Archbishop Nichols has met on two occasion representatives of Quest, the homosexual group banned by his predecessor Cardinal Basil Hume because of their advocacy of homosexual sexual activity.

Terence Weldon writes:

‘At the time of the move of the Soho Masses congregation to Farm Street, he has met with the full congregation at a reception after the first Mass, he has met with the full Westminster LGBT Pastoral Council, and with the current chair and vice-chair of Quest (and with an earlier chair, two years ago).

He was also one of the first senior bishops to temper his public opposition to gay marriage, with a statement that there could be value in civil unions for same – sex couples.

LGBT Catholics should be grateful that we now have a friend in high places.  He has already been named to the Congregation for bishops, and will participate in the selection of new men for the office, and is likely to participate in time, in the next conclave to elect Pope Francis’ successor. ‘

In a letter to Charles Keal, Quest’s chairman at the time, Cardinal Hume wrote explaining that his decision to remove it from the list of approved Catholic organisations was that if an organization was listed with ecclesiastical approval, “the assumption must be that it accepts the church’s teaching set out in a manner that is in no way ambiguous.” The cardinal further explained Quest’s rejection of living ‘chaste lives in accordance with the church’s teaching’ raised concern about the direction Quest was taking. ”It is one thing for the church officially to recognize a support group for Catholic homosexual men and women, struggling, as we all do, to live up to the demands of our shared Christian vocation,” but was clear that an explicit part of Quest’s agenda is “to encourage and recognize loving same-sex partnerships,” which the church cannot accept.’

Quest’s constitution clearly sets out their promotion of an active homosexual life-style:

The purpose of Quest is to proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ so as to sustain and increase Christian belief among homosexual men and women by:

1. associating lay men and women who are seeking ways of reconciling the full practice of their Catholic faith with the full expression of their homosexual natures in loving Christian relationships, and providing opportunities for them to meet together for worship, discussion and study.

Quest’s website unambiguously expresses their dissent from the Church’s teaching on the sinfulness of homosexual sex:

[H]omosexual sex is not an incomplete or less perfect expression of human sexuality … I also want to affirm that I regard heterosexual and homosexual sex as having the same potential and value … I disagree fundamentally with Church teaching on this issue.

‘[T]he teaching of the Vatican Congregations….is incompatible with the Gospel”

“Quest, an association for lesbian and gay Catholics, welcomes in general the government’s proposals to provide for legal recognition of same-sex partnerships.”

The Archdiocese of Westminster has appointed a chaplain to be in attendance at Quest’s conference, Fr Francis Wahle, described by Quest as the Diocese of Westminster’s representative for Catholics who feel alienated from the Church.’

Protect the Pope comment: First The Tablet reveals that Cardinal-elect Nichols was under pressure from the Holy See about the Soho Masses and now Queering the Church reveals that Cardinal-elect Nichols has had meetings with the homosexual group banned by Cardinal Hume for dissenting from the Church’s teaching. Why all these revelations about  Cardinal-elect Nichols and the gay Catholic community on the day of Pope Francis’ announcement?


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  • Rifleman819

    What next in the ADW……….a race to the bottom (pun intended) with the Anglicans to see who can conduct the first gay celebrations?

  • Lynda

    Because to have said anything before may have interfered with Bishop Nichols being made a Cardinal. Now they can use their relationship with the Cardinal-elect to further their evil agenda.

  • Joseph Matthew

    Given that the Holy Father himself uses the term “gay” in a somewhat confusing way,by “gay Catholic community” you clearly refer to those who dissent from Church teaching. I have the privilege of knowing many Catholics who struggle with SSA and they believe that they have had very little support from the Cardinal to be.

    • Rifleman819

      You can be a non physical gay and a Catholic…you can be a non practising armed robber and a Catholic .
      SSA and a tendency to covet what is in Mr Barclay’s banks are understandable-the grief comes when you put both these orientations into practice.

    • tro

      The Bishop of Rome should not be using the term ‘gay’, in order to designate homosexuality, at all.

      To use the word ‘gay’ in that way is to accept tacitly the homosexual activists’ ‘definition of the situation’.

  • Rifleman819

    I often thought it………..but you finally wrote it.
    Che sera , sera

  • Dave

    I’m sorry, but on a day when the priest at the Mass I attended referred to traditionalists as “Temple Police”, I have to say I’m moving towards the sin of despair with the Church. I have to assume that the Holy Spirit had His reasons for appointing a Jesuit to See of Peter, but I can’t see it. What I do see is that within a year of Francis’s appointment, we have a red hat being given to a bishop who, by his actions and inactions, appears to be accepting of the homosexualist agenda, if only by the lack of unambigous condemnation. If this keeps up, we’ll be Protestants in all but name. The one hope left to the Church appears to be the ultraconservatism of an increasing number of young seminarians who are as disgusted with the episcopacy as I am. Long may they continue to ignore the bishops.

  • Shaun the Sheep

    The people get the priests, bishops, cardinals, and popes they deserve. :-)

  • “Why all these revelations about Cardinal-elect Nichols and the gay Catholic community on the day of Pope Francis’ announcement?”

    Because they are no longer “revelations”. I have written before about the most recent meeting with Quest, and the other took place before I was actively involved with the group. I wrote about it today, for the simple reason that Cardinal (elect)Nichols is topical, today.

    Simple, really.

  • Ioannes

    Actually, ++Vin is a hate-figure as far as the sodomites are concerned. Check out the reaction of ‘Pink News’ to his forthcoming elevation.

  • iggy o'donovan

    It would be churlish not to wish the sincerest congratulations to cardinal-elect Nichols

  • Mark Stein

    Quest is not an ‘organisation banned by Cardinal Hume’. The CDF instructed Cardinal Hume to remove Quest’s listing in the Catholic Directory but it was never declared ‘banned’.

  • Lisa Graas

    RE: Joseph’s comment – I just wrote this evening that even if Pope Francis uses the term “gay,” we should not.

    • Joseph Matthew

      A really well made point Lisa.A person is not identified by his sexual orientation. That is why when Mr Weldon and co attempt to identify saints by their orientation, they are simply showing how little they undrestand by the term sanctity.There is only one reason why we should stay in the Church and that is to save our souls.

  • Rifleman819

    Mark Stein,
    Jewish doctors in 1930′s Germany were never banned…..ever…..but their licences to practise were removed

  • SteveD

    ‘Who knows what’s down the road?’ A very regrettable end for those who continue to ignore, dilute or seek to change the teachings of the Church for the last 2,000 years would be my educated guess. We need to pray very hard for these people, we live in the times foretold by Our Lady of Good Success, She didn’t say it was going to be easy for orthodox Catholics and it isn’t but she has a prescription against this evil which is to pray and do penance for those who have been blinded to the truth of the Church’s consistent and insistent teachings. Orthodox Catholics were born for this time. Let’s get on with it.

  • iggy o'donovan

    I think we should give Cardinal -elect Nichols a chance. i have never met the man but I doubt he will inflict upon the church the disasters some folks seem to predict.

  • Wake Up England

    Father Iggy O’Donovan:

    As an Irish priest and in light of the Pope’s very recent renewed condemnation of abortion can you please offer an explanation of why your bishops appear to be doing so little to discourage abortion in Ireland?

    Notwithstanding canon law, no politician who publicly voted-in the new Irish laws allowing abortion have been reprimanded by the Bishops’ conference. They all continue to receive Holy Communion which seems totally against The Church’s teaching.

    I am not Irish and nor am I a priest; but like many lay people, I find the facts very disturbing indeed. Therefore I would welcome some light to be cast on this policy of seeming silent inaction.

    Can you help please with some insight on this matter please?

  • iggy o'donovan

    Wake up England. I am afraid I cannot offer an explanation of the stand the irish bishops are taking on abortion. I would suggest you direct your question to them. I know they are against the current legislation but they have never consulted me on the matter. Nonetheless I am somewhat flattered that you would ask me to explain their stance. You will find their statements and explanations on the Irish Episcopal Conference website. I do honestly believe though that they are as powerless in this matter as are their European colleagues. Two years ago the State here legislated for Civil Partnership. The bishops protested strongly but were simply ignored. Also it is not a question of the attitude of Premier Kenny. On these matters Parliament (Dail) seems almost unanimous. Have a look also at the site of The Iona Institute. They would be seen as a quite traditional Catholic group but would give you a good insight on the current state of the Church in Ireland.

  • iggy o'donovan

    Fine Lynda. But perhaps you could give your answer to WUEs reasonaable question. How do you explain the Bishops stance.??

    • BJC

      Fr. Iggy

      Press the reply button when you want to reply to someone’s comment directly.

    • Lynda

      Wake up knows what I have said about this on numerous occasions. I do not want to engage in silly mind games with one who has publicly shown such contempt for the Deposit of Faith over many years. I have been involved in fighting against the evil killing innocent children in utero for 30 years – dissenting priests such as yourself have caused more destruction to faith and morals, with the resultant evils than any outside enemy of the Church.

      • iggy o'donovan

        But you havent answered the question on the Irish bishop’s stance as posed by WUE. My answer may not satisy you but what answer would you give him.

        • BJC

          Fr. Iggy

          Regardless of any answer anyone can give you, the solution is to pray to God for protection from priests and Bishops like yourself.

          St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles, protect us from bad Bishops, and may we be led by faithful and holy ones.

          St. John Vianney, patron saint of priests, protect us from bad priests, and may we be led by faithful and holy ones.

  • Ioannes

    There is one part of Ireland which only permits abortion in exceptional circumstances, namely the six counties which comprise Northern Ireland. Homosexuality was only decriminalized in 1983 and this was imposed by Order in Council when the province was under direct rule.

  • Michael B Rooke

    If a police officer interviews some criminals some might say he was colluding with them. Most would not jump to that conclusion and would consider the officer was doing his duty.

  • Uurs

    England’s Archdioceses open door policy is an invitation to make adultery and heresy to a sacrament. Vincent Nichols election to cardinal was a dark moment for the Roman Catholic Church. He, (Vincent Nichols) will soon find out, that the way to Rome is a long, rocky road that does not know mercy with heretics and he will fail his goal, for his heart is not pure.

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