Sr Teresa Forcades OSB argues against Spain restricting abortion & presents homosexual sex as a sacrament of the Trinity

Sr Teresa Forcades OSB, a a Benedictine nun and a member of the community of Sant Benet de Montserrat since 1997, has given an interview in which she argues against the Spanish government’s plan to restrict the killing of babies through abortion and also presents homosexual sex as a perfect sacrament of the Most Holy Trinity.

What do you think of the draft law on the protection of the unborn and the rights of pregnant women that was presented to the Cabinet on December 20th?

Sr Teresa Forcades OSB: My position is that of the Procès Constituent: criticism and outright rejection, because it attempts social regulation based on some imposed values. That said, now comes my personal motivation for which I take responsibility individually: I think it is a clear violation of the right to self-determination of a woman that a law requires her to be a mother. I greatly appreciate what it means to be one. I think that a woman who has become pregnant without wanting to, even through violence, can experience the pregnancy as something positive, but I’m in favor of allowing abortion as long as the fetus isn’t viable, without considering other factors.

There’s a real ethical conflict, a bio-conflict, between the right to self-determination of the mother and the right to life of the being in gestation. In a situation where the mother can not choose, her rights of self-determination deserve the utmost respect. There may be a mother to whom it makes sense to bring into the world and accompany a child with a serious malformation who we know will suffer and die shortly after birth. Forcing her to abort would be the other extreme and I’m against that. I think that creature is the image of God and I wish we had a world that would accept him or her. But it’s what I believe, and I can’t tell another woman, “I want the state to force you to do what I think is right.”

[Protect the Pope comment: Gaudium et Spes 27 states: 'Furthermore, whatever is opposed to life itself, such as any type of murder, genocide, abortion, euthanasia or wilful self-destruction, whatever violates the integrity of the human person, such as mutilation, torments inflicted on body or mind, attempts to coerce the will itself; whatever insults human dignity, such as subhuman living conditions, arbitrary imprisonment, deportation, slavery, prostitution, the selling of women and children; as well as disgraceful working conditions, where men are treated as mere tools for profit, rather than as free and responsible persons; all these things and others of their like are infamies indeed. They poison human society, but they do more harm to those who practice them than those who suffer from the injury. Moreover, they are supreme dishonor to the Creator]. 

How have you arrived at queer theology?

Sr Teresa Forcades OSB. By studying Judith Butler. I appreciate that queer [theology] asserts the unique character of each person, and that any gender, race, national identity tag … is a crutch that reflects your fear of personal freedom. The process of spiritualization, Christification, and deification is daring to be a manifestation of love and freedom that are God Himself, when He says “you are made in My image.” Buddhism says that personal identity is fiction and should be overcome because everything is one undifferentiated entity. This personal emptiness is only a first step for you to move on to a unity consciousness. But, with the Trinity, the unity is never beyond the difference. The Trinity says that diversity is as exalted as unity, because unity is one thing and uniformity is something quite different.

The religious analysis that understands sex as something that is intended for procreation is a utilitarian view of human love and is contrary to Christian spirituality. To surrender to the mystery of an interpersonal relationship is to surrender to growing towards being an image of God, towards incarnating what God represents on earth. Upon entering, you receive a gift, that this union could engender a child, but that’s perfectly compatible with you being able to be responsible and use contraception when you please.

The opposite of Christian morality is thinking as if there were two ways to use women’s bodies, usually based on the male perspective: the bad one — using them to give yourself pleasure, which would be lust and which is condemned by all the church fathers, and the other one — using them to give you children, and that’s good. No! It would be denigrating the integrity of the partner, of the other person.

So I think that homosexual love is perfectly understandable to the church, because it has what is essential: it’s not having children, but an open intimacy to an interpersonal relationship that includes respect for the integrity of the other. Two people who love one another, desire one another, and respect one another are giving testimony: this is the sacrament, a visible sign — like baptism — that’s saying, “This creature is accepted in this community as any other.” Trinitarian theology says that all sacraments are an embodiment of God’s love. God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are different but they are not complementary. Love is not necessity; it’s not when I need you because I’m missing something. It can’t be utilitarian love.

[Protect the Pope comment: Sr Teresa Forcades OSB argues that homosexual sex is inherently a sacrament of the Most Holy Trinity because by its nature it is not open to the conception of children. This must rank as the most twisted distortion of doctrine among contemporary dissenters because, among other things, it ignores the fundamental truth of Trinitarian generation and the Trinity's act of creation, which human procreation images.  And it also ignores the true nature of homosexual sexual encounters which are more often than not highly promiscuous, and totally utilitarian, exemplified by the gay cottaging culture ].

Protect the Pope comment: Sr Teresa Forcades OSB’s persistent and public advocacy of contraception and abortion brings her under the provision of canon. 1369 ,’ A person is to be punished with a just penalty, who, at a public event or assembly, or in a published writing, or by otherwise using the means of social communication, utters blasphemy, or gravely harms public morals, or rails at or excites hatred of or contempt for religion or the Church.’ Who in the Church will begin the process to impose this just penalty?

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  • Non servum. Well, she was given tremendous grace to be a Benedictine and she has turned her back on God, the Church and her own order. As one who tried to become a nun at Tyburn and did not have the stamina, I am sad that one so chosen would disregard the tremendous beauty of the Rule and of Catholicism for just plain rebellion. She is like a child throwing a tantrum at God-”I will not”.

  • Eleanor

    This nun is sick and should give up her role as a nun.

  • Eleanor, do not confuse sickness for sin and corruption. Do not make excuses for adults with free will. Yes, persistent sin can lead to madness, but she is in rebellion against God, which is her free choice. To say she is sick means that you do not believe in free will. We all choose for or against God, for or against His Church.

  • Rifleman819

    Another pastoral assistant for Richard Dawkins then.

  • Uurs

    Teresa Forcades and Vincent Nichols must be very close friends then … (?)

    One can understand that a Pope gets health problems and headaches with no cure for it with people like Nichols and Forcades.

  • Joseph Matthew

    This nun is far more dangerous than than the elderly liberal nuns of the US. She dresses like a nun and so people think that she is saying something orthodox. She most certainly is not.

  • Joseph Matthew

    A careful study of the Spanish Inquisition reveals that it was one of the most just institutions of its time. Given that the two heretics Forcades and Mascias are from that great nation of Saints John of the Cross and Teresa, they surely deserve just treatment.

  • Bosco

    “It will be bad, exceedingly bad…worse even than Caligula but they have to have the whole terrible truth about just how bad it can be before they come to their senses.

    Let all of the poisons that lurk in the mud, hatch out.” – ‘I, Claudius’ -

  • ConofChi

    Get thee to a psychotic ward!!

  • Bob Hayes

    More of the 1960s malaise.

  • William

    This nun continues to spread error………..and yet it’s the Franciscans of the Immaculate that need correction? Are we really considered that dumb as to not realize what is going on in the Church.

  • Leo Alba

    William my friend I must ask what you mean? The FFI were shamelessly adhering to a version of the Church that was rejected at Vatican II and thus harking back to an era that Pope Francis wishes to move away from. What’s going on in the Church is that the present Holy Father is dragging us kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Surely you’ve already noticed the churches filling up with all those who left the Faith but have been drawn back by the strength and clarity of his teaching. Even the religious orders that managed to avoid falling back into the grip of “traditionalism” have seen a huge increase in vocations, unlike the dreadful Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate who were practically dying out anyway. What’s going on in the Church William is an exciting rediscovery of the vibrancy and vivaciousness of the 1970s, before the papacies of John Paul II and (I can barely say his name) Benedict XVI, who denied freedom to the spirit of the Council and chose rather a hermeneutic of continuity over one of freedom from the one thousand nine hundred and sixty four years of error that went before. Not to worry though – Francis is going to get us back of track. All will be well.

    • Deacon Nick Donnelly

      Leo, are you being ironic in your latest comment? Sometimes irony doesn’t work in blog posts because we don’t know each other well enough. Deacon Nick

    • Augustine

      Leo, I think you are on the wrong site.

      This one is called Protect the Pope – not Attack the Pope.

    • Bob

      Your comment about the Churches filling up is a totally inaccurate. According to a recent survey, there has been absolutely no change in Church attendance since Francis was elected. On the contrary, there was a slight decrease. As far as pulling us “kicking and screaming into the 21st century”, that is the biggest bunch of gobbleygook I have ever heard. God is no respector of centuries. His truth is eternal, His law timeless. You also speak of the great ‘clarity’ of Francis. The truth, however, is quite a different story. The Vatican actually stopped printing his sermons in L’Osservatore Romano because of their lack of clarity and the possibility of his words being misunderstood. Pope Benedict XVI was a brilliant theologian who was also a kind and humble man. Your words…..”I can hardly say his name” unmask the true reasons why he needed to be pushed out of the Vatican by the enemies of the Church.

  • Pat

    This is the diabolical disorientation that Sister Lucia of Fatima warned us about, affecting many in the Church, from Sr Teresa Forcades through to Leo Alba, it would appear. Sister Lucia warned that many would be lost. Live the message of Fatima – it was the last hope held out for us by our loving Mother, for these perilous times.

  • Leo Alba

    Pat…I think the treatment of the FFI is demonic. I think the behavior of these so called religious is both a scandal and thoroughly wicked. I am totally perplexed at the silence of the Holy Father who appointed the man who is persecuting the FFI. Francis, to my mind has been highly critical of many Catholics who have struggled admirably to remain faithful to the Sacraments and the Magisterium in the face of hostility not just from fellow Catholics, but also from those whose responsibility it is to teach and defend the Faith. I am utterly speechless, in light of what is happening to the FFI, at the silence from on high that greets these priests and religious who promote the Culture of Death. While the FFI were a faithful, growing and vibrant order they are being treated wickedly while other orders who appear to be off preaching their own gospel are left to do so unmolested and in peace. That Cardinal Burke alone was the only prelate attending to and supporting the faithful at a small demonstration in the Piazza Santi Apostoli says all I need to know about the situation in Rome as well. I am very concerned about the state of the Church at the moment. Having said that, the papacies of JPII and Benedict XVI have planted very strong seeds very deeply within the hearts of many young faithful and when these shoots begin to break through, and they will, all will be well. It is inevitable that there will be generations of priests and bishops who were drawn to priestly life through the example of these two great men and when they begin to take over the governance of the Church, I am confident that a true revival of orthodox Catholicism will begin. As my Pope I will respect Francis, but I do believe his papacy and maybe even the next one will try to stamp out these new shoots, simply because they are men of their time and they don’t understand them or they see them as something negative (as with the FFI). I don’t know a single seminarian or young religious who hasn’t been moved or in some way formed by the ample writings of Benedict or JPII. I can’t name a single book written by Francis. These are perilous times indeed but I can already see that the future is ours, it always was.

    • Louis

      Leo Alba,

      Bergoglio’s ‘Open Mind, Faithful Heart: Reflections on Following Jesus’ is reportedly a good read. What you will find is a man who holds firm to the faith of the Church. Seminarians and young religious ought to read this book.

      The present pope, like his Benedict XVI, is spiritually close to Communion and Liberation (Cardinal Scola of Milan was once CL’s second-in-command). I doubt anyone in the orbit of CL would have been remotely surprised by Bergoglio’s election to the Chair of Peter. Fear not, the problem is not the pope, but those who purport to represent him and may have their own agendas to pursue.

  • Leo Alba, what filling up of churches? The only ones filling up are the Tridentine Mass parishes. Your comment, if irony, is lost, as forums can only really deal with straight forward comments.

    If you are not being ironic, you and I do not live on the same planet.

  • Leo Alba

    In future I shall add a smiley face if I am teasing :-)

  • Paul Commins

    In former times,this Nun would have been excommunicated as a Heretic.

  • Lynda

    The nun is evil and she ought to be removed from her religious order and state, and probably excommunicated, for the good of her soul and those she has affected.

  • ms Catholic state

    She sounds like a diabolical agent.

  • Why isn’t this woman excommunicated? I think we should send photographs of aborted babies to this woman, to her supervisor and her bishop.

  • Bob

    Why is this nun not excommuicated? She is a total heretic. You have to wonder whether some of these people have sworn allegiance to satan. Maranatha!

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