Pope Francis invites engaged couples enrolled in marriage preparation to celebrate Valentine’s Day with him

The Pontifical Council for the Family has announced an invitation to engaged couples enrolled in marriage preparation to join him in Rome for a celebration of the feast of St Valentine:

Pontifical Council for the Family
Pope Francis meets Engaged CouplesFeast of St. Valentine – February 14th, 2014

Paul VI Audience Hall – Vatican City
11:00 a.m.
Engaged couples who have already attended or are presently going through the courses of marriage preparation are invited to the meeting with the Holy Father.
Please register by January 30th, 2014, at the diocesan office of the Family, the secretariats of the movements and associations, or by writing to events@family.va.

10 comments to Pope Francis invites engaged couples enrolled in marriage preparation to celebrate Valentine’s Day with him

  • Wake up England

    I think there must be a mistake Your Holiness?

    In a Catholic PR foot-shooting exercise, St Valentine’s feast day was changed after the Second Vatican Council. Like everyone else, I’ve forgotten the new date.

    Are we to suppose The Pope’s now done the obviously sensible thing and changed it back to February 14th?

  • I thought St Valentine had been dropped- in the 1970 revision of the calendar- in favour of Ss. Cyril and Methodius.

  • Peter 2

    Seriously?! A Valentine’s Day party with the pope? This has image consultants written all over it!! I am really getting sick and tired of this sort of thing. The previous two articles on the dissent of a Jesuit priest and a Benedictine nun are much more deserving of the pope’s attention then this nonsense. Fire the consultants and let’s get back to real, serious Catholicism please!!!

  • William

    Does anyone doubt that same sex couples will turn out in droves and that Pope a Francis will laugh and smile and take “selfies” with them and cause more scandal and confusion. And then Father Lombardi will have to clarify everything…….again. And does Pope Francis really have that much spare time to devote to something like this?

  • Chrysostom

    Patricius is right: there is certainly no feast of St Valentine’s Day in England any more. In our diocesan handbook, 14th February is designated as the feast of Ss Cyril and Methodius, who are called “Patrons of Europe.” With all the evil done by the EC – the promotion of false marriage, the support of abortion, the attacks on Christianity, the bullying of Catholic countries such as Poland etc – these two saints will have their work cut out. Saint Valentine’s Day was scrapped after Vatican Two along with May Sunday and Corpus Christi Processions, Quaran’Ore Devotions, hymns for the Holy Souls and all the other popular devotions.

  • iggy o'donovan

    Yes the various correspondents are correct. Valentine is not on the official list of saints as far as I am aware. However Feb 14 has become a huge SECULAR feast, a day for treating your partner, giving gifts, and a great deal else none of it having much to do with the alleged St Valentine. Perhaps Pope Francis is trying to “reclaim” the day, a bit like Pius XII did by suggesting that we celebrate St Joseph the Worker on May 1st to counteract the Communists who had made May day their own. Just a thought.

  • Yes, the feast of St Valentine was removed from the universal calendar of the Church, as were a number of other feasts. He is still recognised as a saint and his feast is celebrated by those who use the Missal of 1962, which has the full approval of the Church. There is a shrine of St Valentine, with relics, in the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Whitefriar St,Dublin. The Carmelite friars (OCarm) in Ireland have a page about the saint on their website: http://www.carmelites.ie/stvalentine.html. That page has a link to the texts of the Mass for St Valentine: http://www.carmelites.ie/valentineliturgy.html

    Yes,Valentine’s Day, without the ‘Saint’ – may I suggest you put that word in the headline of this post – has become a secular affair. Here in the Philippines it is an excuse for some for adultery and fornication.

    The core of the story of St Valentine is that he was a Roman priest martyred for officiating at marriages when the emperor of the time had forbidden this.

    Maybe Pope Francis is trying to ‘reclaim’ the day, as Iggy O’Donovan suggests. He is not the only one. The bishops of Australia have been doing so for some years: http://www.acmfc.org.au/st-valentines-day-2014/.

    At a time when some priests and bishops have brought the Church into disrepute and made it extremely difficult for the Church to carry out its mission, at a time when the clear teaching of Jesus on marriage has been rejected by many Catholics and others, any effort to encourage young Catholics to understand that teaching should be encouraged. And a priest martyred for defending the sacrament of marriage is surely worth our attention.

    The church might consider restoring the feast of St Valentine to the universal calendar of the Ordinary Form of the Mass and transferring Sts Cryil and Methodius to another date.

    • iggy o'donovan

      I doubt Sean that Cyril and Methodius will be moved. They are honoured as the great evangelisers of the Slavs, the Cyrillic alphabet etc. Apparently Paul VI had doubts as to whether Valentine ever existed.

  • Valentine’s day is not on the official list of saints. The feast of St Valentine was removed from the universal calendar of the Church. However, Feb 14 has become a great deal, a day for treating your partner, giving gifts, partying etc. but none of it having much to do with the alleged St Valentine.

  • Cletus E. Udoh

    My problem is, why does the world celebrate the Catholic saint Valentine and reject other saints and Holy Days. Is it because it involves worldly love?
    Pope Fransis might have reason for honouring St Valentine. We have many baptised with the name Valentine.
    The memorial day of St Valentine may be abused like Christmas but the St Valentine lives on in Catholic mines. It depends how one understands and what he/she believes. St Valentine pray for us.

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