Why has ACTA buried Dr Woodman’s appeal for support of Fr Radcliffe at Dublin’s Divine Mercy Conference?

The website of A Call to Action has buried Dr Woodman’s appeal to members to email in support of Fr Radcliffe’s participation at Dublin’s Divine Mercy Conference. The original post read as follows [Update: Readers have pointed out that though the post has been dropped off the home page blog it is listed under latest news, bottom left hand corner.]

‘I have recently come across a petition to try to stop Fr Timothy Radcliffe from speaking at a Divine Mercy Conference in Dublin on the grounds of his views on gay issues.  Although he is liberal on such matters he actually opposed same-sex marriage, so it is ironic, but the main point is that he is a great and holy man and this is a big insult to him organised by the usual suspects.  I would like to encourage anyone who can to write an e-mail to divinemercyconference@gmail.comsupporting his attendance.  Thanks, Tom Woodman (Coodinator Portsmouth)’.

On 29th January Protect the Pope posted:

 Fr Radcliffe openly dissents on the Church’s teaching on homosexuality and Holy Communion for the divorced and re-married. Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP frequently celebrated Mass for the gay dissent group the Soho Masses Pastoral Council. During the reign of Pope Benedict XVI Fr Timothy Radcliffe was stopped from speaking at the General Assembly of the Catholic development agencies. Fr Radcliffe is well known for his liberal positions on morality, including his public opposition to the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. Fr Timothy Radcliffe’s attendance at the International Divine Mercy Conference in Dublin is a profound insult and scandal to faithful and loyal Catholics who have a devotion to Divine Mercy, St Faustina and Blessed John Paull II. The organisers of the Divine Mercy Conference should pay close attention to the fact that Fr Radcliffe is being supported by an English dissent movement that seeks to change the Church’s doctrine and discipline on many vital areas of faith and morality.

Protect the Pope comment: Why has ACTA High Command buried Dr Woodman’s post from its website? Did they realise that by publicly supporting Fr Radcliffe that they were showing their dissenting hand thereby undermining their PR policy of saying they only want to encourage dialogue? Dr Woodman’s post rather gave the game away, ‘ Although he is liberal on such matters [gay issues]….’ Or is it that ACTA doesn’t want to be publicly associated with Fr Radcliffe in light of his submission to the Pilling Report?



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  • Bob Hayes

    Deacon Nick, the article is still there – just buried!

    ‘Dialogue’ appears no longer to be a priority for ACTA and its website.

  • AsitIs

    Deacon Nick, bet your name is………!

  • Reverso

    I think it was because Fr Timothy is addressing the conference and the ‘petition’ is no longer required and acta simply like to keep their web site fresh and interesting.

  • freboniusthe2

    maybe the fact that he is to attend the conference, will enable Fr Radcliffe to experience the power and necessity of Divine Mercy and to repent of those views that are at variance with those of the Church; after all, did not Jesus say to St. Faustina: ” The greater the sinner, the more right they have to avail of my mercy.”

  • Fr Tom Craig

    Usually when hearing confessions during the Sacrament of Reconciliation it was like being pecked to death by a flock of ducks. However, when one heard the confessions of members of Divine Mercy groups they were frequently about demonic visions and delusions bordering on psychosis. Far too much obsession with sin; it was preventing them living the lives to the full. A rather dark and joyless existence with too much emphasis on ritual devotion. The sacrament of reconciliation, which they were never shy of was more than enough. It’s one of the reasons the Vatican issued a cease and desist order until 1978 despite the lobbying of the then Archbishop of Krakow. A few sessions with Fr Timothy is exactly what some, but not all of them need.

    • Trulytruly

      Catholic priests never reveal anything of what is said to them in confession.

    • Mr Grumpy

      ’1467 Given the delicacy and greatness of this ministry and the respect due to persons, the Church declares that every priest who hears confessions is bound under very severe penalties to keep absolute secrecy regarding the sins that his penitents have confessed to him. He can make no use of knowledge that confession gives him about penitents’ lives. This secret, which admits of no exceptions, is called the “sacramental seal,” because what the penitent has made known to the priest remains “sealed” by the sacrament.’

      Is this too on the doctrinal hit-list?

    • Was this when you were a Catholic priest or now as an Anglican?

    • Kieren

      As a Catholic priest I find Tom Craig’s comments disturbing. As a minister of the sacrament of reconciliation, no priest should judge the reasons why someone should come to the sacrament, we are simply there to offer the grace of God’s forgiveness. I have read many of Fr. Timothy’s books and have been challenged by his writings and find myself often disagreeing with him. Likewise I know many who are devoted to the divine mercy chaplet and I cannot agree that they live a joyless and dark existence. Does not Pope Francis stress the mercy of God? Is that not what the sacrament of reconciliation all about?

    • lynda

      This is disgraceful commentary and ought not have been published.

  • Kinga Gray - Grzeczynska LLB

    Fr Tom Craig

    Your comment on the ‘ one of the reasons the Vatican issued a cease and desist order’ on the Divine Mercy is not absolutely correct.

    When Sr Faustina died in 1938, in her convent in Krakow, Poland, there was already an established interest in the Devotion to The Divine Mercy. Rome was ill advised as to the translation of her Diary – Divine Mercy in My Soul. Therefore, Rome was misled by inaccurate translations.

    Furthermore,on the Image of Divine Mercy, the two rays flowing from the Sacred Heart of Jesus were red and white in colour. White represented the Water that gushed from the pierced side of Our Blessed Lord, which makes Souls righteous (Baptism) and red represented the blood which is the life of Souls (the Eucharist).

    The Communists in 1945 Poland saw the Image of Divine Mercy as too patriotic because of Poland’s colours of red and white. 1950′s and 1960′s tried to implement a systamatic elimination and destruction of the True Faith in the Roman Catholic religion.

    The Communists failed and Poland produced John Paul The Great. The Champion of The Divine Mercy. Through his determination the devotions were allowed and reintroduced. Sr Faustina was beatified in April 1993 and canonised in April 2000 – the first saint of the new millenium.

    Divine Mercy Sunday brings extraordinary gifts from God. According to the Priests I know, deep and very sincere confessions are made and very heavy burdens and sins are lifted from the penitants. Surely, that is a special Grace from God.

    Kinga Grzeczynska
    Roman Catholic

  • Bob Hayes

    Deacon Nick, whatever the ‘modesty’ of the ACTA website, its Google Group is far more revealing:


    The penultimate entry promotes ‘Catholic Church Reform’ – the ‘radical everything’ umbrella group. A click on the ‘Reform Groups’ tab of its website reveals the usual suspects as bedfellows


    Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests, ACP Ireland, Quest, Call to Action (US), Roman Catholic Women Priests (Germany), We are church (Austria) and many more.

  • Rifleman819

    Dear All,

    I am wondering whether to be a foot soldier in ACTA’s Army you must have a BD MTh like Ann Lardeur or a Doctorate like T. Woodman Esq ?
    And the final selection involves being 65+ and a wholesome surfeit of self- regard?

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