ACTA starts letter writing campaign among parishioners to ask Archbishop Longley to drop the Revised Roman Missal

A Call to Action have escalated their campaign to get the bishops to drop the revised translation of the Roman Missal by starting a letter writing campaign among parishioners to ask Archbishop Longley to revert to the old version of the Roman Missal. The Parish Newsletter of St Peter’s Parish, Bromsgrove contains the following announcements:

ACTA Roman Missal Campaign


This letter-writing campaign is the next phase of ACTA’s campaign announced in The Tablet four weeks ago posted on by Protect the Pope at the time:

The Tablet reports that ACTA has written a letter on behalf of its 1,500 members calling on the bishops of England and Wales to drop the new translation of the Roman Missal with a news report and an editorial. The original  2012 letter in The Tablet from the seven priests that founded the dissent movement A Call to Action expressed hostility to the new translation of the Roman Missal. The seven priests wrote:

‘While we support our bishops in their desire for the renewal of our Church, we recognise that certain basic teachings of the SecondVatican Council seem to be bypassed by the Roman Curia so that real collegiality is not fully exercised and much of the responsibility of the local bishops has been abrogated by the Curia. The recent imposition of the new translation of the Mass texts is an obvious example of this.

Sarah MacDonald and Christopher Lamb’s news report on the recent letter from ACTA to the bishops states:

‘In England, the group A Call to Action (Acta) wrote last month to the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales saying that dissatisfaction over the new Missal continues to surface at meetings of its 1,500 members. It says that a perfectly good translation of the Mass was produced in 1998 but was suppressed by Rome Acta’s letter calls on the bishops’ conference to consider adopting the 1998 translation for use in England and Wales. It points to the German bishops who are delaying the implementation of their new translation due to opposition from Austria and Switzerland.

“The Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales recently showed strong leadership and confidence in the people, when it promulgated the synodal questionnaire on family life so widely and so fast…Please may we ask, therefore, that the Mass translation should be back on the agenda?” the letter says.

It adds that action by the bishops would be in keeping with Pope Francis’ views on collegiality and subsidiarity where bishops govern the Church with the Pope and local churches are given considerable autonomy.’

The editorial also expresses hostility to the Holy See and support for the resistance of the German bishops:

‘And because of the insistence on using English words as close as possible to their Latin equivalents, substantial parts of the new rite in English are ungainly, long-winded and obscure. One surprising aspect of the process by which the new translation was introduced was the apparent docility of bishops’ conferences in English-speaking countries.  Unlike their German counterparts, they seemed to shrink from any public criticism of what the Vatican was trying to impose. Pope Francis has signalled that he is ready for bishops’ conferences to play a larger role in the governance of the Catholic Church, and liturgical reform and translation is one area where this would make perfect sense.’

ACTA’s campaign against the Revised Roman Missal led to Fr Butler, the chairman of Brentwood Diocese Liturgy Commission, writing to The Tablet and all the priests of the diocese to encourage them to drop the authorised Missal and revert to the old version. Fr Butler’s act of rebellion forced Bishop T McMahon to write to his priests to state Fr Butler’s letter did not reflect diocesan policy.

Protect the Pope comment: The failure of the Bishops of England and Wales to deal with the dissent of ACTA and the co-operation of some dioceses in assisting ACTA has resulted in this first phase of them fomenting rebellion in the Church. If the bishops continue to fail to acknowledge that ACTA is a dissent group that seeks to challenge the doctrines and discipline of the Catholic Church, this problem will only get deeper and more widespread.


27 comments to ACTA starts letter writing campaign among parishioners to ask Archbishop Longley to drop the Revised Roman Missal

  • John Kearnety

    It is the deceit and dishonesty I object to. It is not so much that the new translation tries to keep the language as close as possible to he Latin but rather that it introduces again passages from scripture and since Fr Butler relies on his scholas to guide him,
    his knowledge of scripture is obviously poor, he unhapppily choses scholars to his own liking. At the prelude to the Consecration for example the priest says “From he rising of he sun until its setting…..” Fr: Butler willl find this unacceptable. He would not if he read Malachi 1:11 which prophecies the Mass. Then there is this phrase `Like dewfall from heaven` well maybe it is beyond us common folk. When I used to talke early morning walks with my wife we would never refer to dewfall, of course not, we ignorant people talked about `piss from the sky” ,of course we did, we are ignorant But what can we make of “and with your spirit”,was this phrase again just to keep close to the Latin? Actually in the Church of the third century there was a St Hippolytus who descibed how at the Christian service the people would say this to the priest. I, ignorant though I am , believe it is good to remember that we are not just the church of today but the Church of yesterday and tomorrow.

  • Rifleman819

    Deacon Nick ,

    How grateful we must be for the Magisteriun of ACTA-aka midget Luthers.

    And how the hell(an apt phrase) does this stuff get into Parish Newsletters in the first place?

    Does Mgr Wilkinson draft his Newsletters…or has editorial control been lost elsewhere?

  • excommunicate the lot of them. i notice that irish names are prevalent in the dissident group. god help us .again,as i have said before,they can go to the local heretic -so called c of e crowd -and curry favour with them!god bless.philip johnson.

    • Lynda

      I think they’re not satisfied unless they’re fighting against the imperial oppressors!!! They don’t have the Faith but a Marxist ideology.

  • Joseph Matthew

    Should we not write letters defending the current translation?

  • John

    I notice from the newsletter of this parish that there is an ACTA file at the back – meaning back of the Church. I think we should bombard the PP, Fr Wilkinson and Archbishop Longley with complaints.

  • Benedict

    “1,500 members” they claim, who are these people? Are they like the people who turned up at the Eastbourne meeting for a gentle meeting on ‘Collaborative Ministry’, are the counted as ACTA membership?

    Are they people who financially commit themselves to supporting ACTA, wear the badge, agree with the deeper aspects of ACTA’s more hidden agenda?
    Who are these 1,500? Are they Tablet subscribers? Or are they recipients of the ACTA Newsletter, or emails?

    ACTA should be asked to identify quite what in means by ‘members’. The claim of “1,500″ is too easy to make.

    I suspect they are two three pensioners in Sidcup with a few fellow travelling near retirement clergy like Mgr Butler; those bores who have been claiming to speak for us for years, but who in practice have driven us from the Church.

  • Charles

    As a 2012 convert I continue to be amazed, astonished and flabbergasted at the outrageous arrogance, pride and anger of all these dissenters/heretics/schismatics!! However, “nothing new under the sun” as the saying goes and we only have to look at what is happening in Germany right now as a portent of things to come in the UK if our “Church of Nice” bishops do not take appropriate action.

    May I refer readers to the 8th February article “Where Are the Good Shepherds?” at
    Also the most recent four/five episodes of “The Vortex” at

    In today’s “Magnificat” there is a lovely reflection by Fr Robert Barron entitled “A Light Unto My Path” from which I quote:-
    “One of the worst things that Christians can do is to fuss about their own happiness or their own success, for their entire purpose is to give themselves for the happiness and fulfilment of others.”
    AMEN to that I say!


    “Like the Tridentine Mass, can we presume it isn’t abrogated?” Well there’s a category error for you! How ignorant!

    • The Tridentine Mass was never abrogated. The Mass of Paul VI has also never been abrogated.

      They are free to celebrate Mass using the Pauline Missal whenever they wish. They may use the Pauline Missal in its original Latin, or they can use an approved translation in the vernacular. In the English language there is only a single approved translation.

      ACTA’s ignorance is incredibly wide ranging.

  • Rifleman819


    Very well said…..

    ACTA people seem to want the rest of us to treat God as our Mate, with ACTA being the path to Him.

    Well ……God isn’t our Mate……….He is our Creator.

    And ACTA are nobodies.

    • BJC


      “ACTA is the way, the truth and the life, no one can come to the Father except through them” (Book of Tina 9:13). The whole thing is just totally ridiculous!!

      • Rifleman819

        Ah yes, straight from the First Church of ACTA,Calvin.
        C/O Tablet House, Relativist Avenue, Seculartown AC66 TA6.

        3RD Book of Makeup Verses 23.5-34:

        “And the activists of AC-TA sayeth unto Moses “Much we have learned in the camp of Baal.The Dance of the Liturgy, the pentangle of the Priestess…and yeah…the clamour of tambour and worship of the Goat”

        And Moses sayeth :”Begone ye acolytes of the Horned One… the land of ARundel and Brighthelemstow…..where dwell the ambivalent presbyters of Luther, Prince of Reform.
        But harken ye not unto the Barque of St.Peter…for thine tickets of passage are mark-ed.Thine teeth will gnash and thy feet will stamp but still the Lord will not permit thy hegemony.

  • BJC

    There’s always a professor lurking around with ACTA, isn’t there, all to give themselves some sort of respectability. What they don’t tell the unwary is that this professor has signed the “Jubilee Declaration” which is little more than a front organisation to reject Humanae Vitae, promote women priests and reject the Church’s teaching on homosexual acts. The complete lack of transparency that is ACTA comes to the fore again.

    I found this sentence intriguing as well:

    “Copies of a letter sent to our Bishops……is in the ACTA file at the back”

    That means they’ve even got their own little pigeon hole at the back of the Church with which they can poison the minds of the unsuspecting parishioners. Charming.

  • Damian

    Lack of obedience, opens the way to pride and willful disobedience and we all know who’s behind that approach and where it leads. The pettiness of what ACTA is ‘calling to action’ about is self serving and sad, especially when there is so much desperate urgent need in the world that we should in all conscience address first and foremost.

  • Rifleman819


    In the ACTA heaven …only those with approved post-nominals will be admitted.
    They are Cathars to the core.

  • t mc cormack

    What comes to mind when reading what these Clergy advise is “give them an inch and they’ll take a mile” T

  • Michael Sheridan

    Mgr Graham Wilkinson has only recently returned following a Heart Attack and, I believe possibly Heart Surgery. He may not yet be up to speed with what is happening with the Newsletter, which will have been in the hands of a Parishioner who may have been duped into including the ACTA stuff. Information probably arrived looking very official and whoever has been putting the Newsletter together will have thought that it was okay to include it. We can be assured that Bernard Longley will be very orthodox.

  • katherine

    Can we………”….be assured that Bernard Longley will be very orthodox” ?????

  • katherine

    addition to my last comment….if we are so assured about Archbishop Longley doing the right thing then I assume when the pro lifers turn up to March for Life this year,that at least the Cathedral will be open, and better still the Archbishop himself or at least one of his staff will be there to extend hospitality (personally all I am asking is an open Cathedral…) to us all. Last year was a disgrace on the Archdiocese of Birmingham when we had all travelled from near and far.

  • John Glen

    The Parish Priest has returned from sickness weeks ago. Was he not aware of his own newsletter’s content? Come on, credit us all on here with a little more intelligence. The comment that parishioners may have been duped into including ACTA information in the newsletter is foolish. There is an ACTA folder placed at the back of this Church, ACTA meetings are regularly advertised. How can anyone be duped by the request to write to the Archbishop to change the translation of the Mass. More questions need answering here and do not make excuses for these people.

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