PHILIPPE, THE KING OF THE BELGIANS Refuse to Sign the Child Euthanasia Law

Today, on the 13th of February 2014, a frightening law that extends euthanasia to children was passed by the Belgian Parliament:Doctors are now permitted to kill children “under the age of 18”who are terminally ill and suffer from severe pain without any prospect of relief. In this new law, the decision to kill a child must be approved by the parents and the physicians in care. It is further necessary that the young patient is aware of the situation and understands what euthanasia means. One can only imagine what this means to a young child who sees their parents in despair over his or her suffering.

This law is unique and it serves as a signal to other leaders throughout Europe that it is permissible to introduce such laws in their countries. There are also frightening reports of lax or unregulated use of euthanasia not only in Holland, but to an increasing extent also in Belgium. Belgian pediatricians said that the law is not medically necessary as “palliative care teams for children are perfectly capable of achieving pain relief, both in hospital and at home”. Many members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe signed a declaration saying that this law “betrays some of the most vulnerable children in Belgium” and “promotes the unacceptable belief that a life can be unworthy of life which challenges the very basis of civilised society”.

After the Belgian Parliament adopted the law, it is now up to King Philippe of the Belgians to sign it. In theory, he can refuse his signature. This is, however, very uncommon and could stir up heated debates. But, this puts King Philippe in a position to make the strongest possible case for the dignity of every human person. His uncle, King Baudouin, had heroically not consented to a liberalisation of abortion in 1990.

Petition to: Philippe, the King of the Belgians

Your Majesty:

You are the King of the Belgians and as such committed your people. You are use to signing every law that has been adopted by the democratically elected Parliament, even if you do not agree with them. However, there are laws that will affect not only Belgium but also Europe in the long term.

Such is the terrifying euthanasia law regarding minors, which will be have signal character to the rest of Europe. Please listen to the many voices at home and abroad, warning you of the dangers of this law – your Episcopal Conference and the members of parliaments across Europe who have spoken up clearly against this law.

As concerned citizens of Europe, we write you to urge you not to sign this bill, even if it will be a challenge for you to defend this decision. Please do not say yes to the most frightening law on euthanasia worldwide.

Listen to your conscience and stand as a monarch with ethical principles. Show yourself worthy of the challenge for which you have been prepared throughout your life.

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  • It is up to the Belgians to work this out among themselves, they will arrive at their own consensus.

    But… and for me it is a big BUT… I also think it might be just as well if this experiment were confined to Belgium and allow enough time for the consequences and/or benefits to become clear. This is uncharted territory…

    • ms Catholic state

      Children lives should not be experimented upon. That’s callous.

    • tro

      That’s a kind of Nazi defence of the Belgians: ‘It’s their country: they should be able to legalise whatever they want.’

      Who needs Natural Law, eh?’

    • Augustine

      What an astonishing comment!

      This is not uncharted territory Conrad – other governments have chosen to do this in the past.

      And I think the “consequences and/or benefits” are pretty clear for all of us – lots of dead children.

      Children who are not considered intellectually or psychologically mature enough to be allowed to vote or to get married.

    • Lynda

      Yes, let’s kill the Belgian children rather than caring for them – as an experiment, with controls, you know. Let’s watch and analyse it, in a scientific way, you know. Do it all in a methodical, systematic, even “clinical” way. Morality and the sacredness of human life, the protection of life, and the salvation of souls – be damned! The evil of your heart is shocking. You are a disgrace. Repent and convert.

  • Will sign. This abomination is however a direct consequence of believing one can kill a child in the womb.

  • Lynda

    Have signed and circulated. This will never stop but only get worse unless we fight back, with our bishops, priests giving us leadership.

  • Michael Petek

    If necessary, Your Majesty, suspend the Constitution and rule without a Parliament.

  • Paul

    What will the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child say of this?

  • Jane Beaton

    The culture of death has picked up speed indeed. I have signed and I agree wholeheartedly with Lynda’s and Non Angelus’ comments.

  • Nicolas Bellord

    It would be useful to know the exact details of this legislation. It seems that the child has to request euthanasia and that the parents and a physician have to give consent. Now a request is not a consent. Anyone who has attended a death will have heard the request “I just want to die”. Of course what they mean is that they want a natural death releasing them from this world and wanting to see God. They are not asking to be killed. But if a child says this, is that a request for the purposes of this legislation? I suppose it is accepted that a child cannot consent so they have fallen back on this request idea. Apparently the child has to be aware of what is about to happen. If that terrifies them, as surely it will, are they allowed to withdraw the request?

    Again what if they are unable to make a request or they are so mentally inadequate that they cannot be aware of what this is all about? Surely in the eyes of these euthanasia enthusiasts this will be a stronger case for euthanasia as they regard the child as little different from a cabbage? What then? Will further legislation say that the need for a request and awareness is no longer required so that just the parents and the physician can decide on death?

  • The awful word that is put on the old in need and the handicapped young person is `burden`. This word is used by politicians who pass such bills, and doctors who put such things into effect. They pass the message on to the old especially who feel they have `no right` to be a burden on their families. The word love is used to justify the killings, yet what we have is a rejection of the person and the burden on the family. When asked a question about those who were not `normal` Jesus answered that they lived “so that the works of God could be made manifest” in other words that we would be aware of just how much we owe to God. I hasten to say that such suffering is not deliberately desired by God but a sick child for example can move the hardest heart to love. Love is the key. In a world where God interfered to make people perfect where would his love be manifest. I know parents who struggle almost 24 hours a day with a helpless child and their love is such a wonderful example and makes me and so many others proud to know them. I had a child who was violent and handicapped from an early age. One night my wife shouted out “God, why did you allow him to be born?” Immediately the penny catechism answer came to her “To know him, love him, and serve him in his world and to be happy with him forever in the next” Luckily my son after a visit to Lourdes lost his violent traits and now attends Church regualarly and even visits a statue of Our Lady in a Protestant churh on a regular basis. Every life is under the protection of God.

  • ms Catholic state

    The Bishops must be bold….and request a meeting with the King, asking him not to sign this into law. I think we should tweet the Pope asking him to demand this of the Belgian Bishops.

  • Kinga Gray - Grzeczynska LLB

    Is it little wonder that we have storms,floods, despair and consequential damage when God sees that we are allowing same sex marriages, child euthanasia laws, abortions in the millions, self styled euthanasia, etc?

    Increasing members of mankind who will dispatch a human without any moral scrupules are becoming more powerful. Licensed killings may become ‘normal’.

    Is mankind reaching a moral crisis level that will change all behaviour as we know it?

    Plenty of food for thought in your posts this week.
    Hope you are better, Deacon Nick.

    Kinga Grzeczynska

    • Augustine

      It is astonishing that so much abuse was hurled a couple of weeks ago at a certain politician by the media when he suggested that the floods were the judgement of God on our country.

      Fast forward two weeks – and Mr Cameron now talks of the flooding as being of “biblical proportions”.

      And most left-wing commentators speculate that it is the result of global warming.

      In other words – we defy Nature at our peril. Consequences will follow – as sure as night follows day.

      We also defy the Natural Law at our peril. Consequences will follow – as sure as night follows day.

      • SteveD

        According to St. John Chrysostom, floods are God’s punishment for sodomy as they prevent farmer’s seed from being given life by the womb of the earth in response to the seed being wasted by men. The first same sex ‘marriages’ will be ‘celebrated’ in the UK in a few weeks time.

        • Michael B Rooke

          St John Chrysotom frequently makes parallel comparisons between the flood the destruction of Sodom. Taking a couple of examples

          ‘For there was never another Sodom, nor another Gomorrha, nor another flood. How long do ye trifle, talking of a cycle and nativity?’

          ‘The people, it is said, sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play. Such were they at Sodom, such were they at the time of the deluge. For touching them of Sodom likewise it is said, that in pride, and in plenty, and in fullness of bread, they waxed wanton. Ezekiel 16:49 And they who were in Noah’s time, seeing the ark a preparing for so many years, lived on in senseless mirth, forseeing nought of what was coming. For this cause also the flood came and swept them all away, and wrought in that instant the common shipwreck of the world.’

          Taken in that context in his homily (4) on Romans 1 can be seen as interwoven references to the flood and the destruction of Sodom rather than identifying sodomy with the flood.

          “God brings them to a right mind by things present. For such is the burning of Sodom, and that conflagration! And they know it well that have been at the place, and have seen with their eyes that scourge divinely sent, and the effect of the lightnings from above. (Jude 7) Consider how great is that sin, to have forced hell to appear even before its time! For whereas many thought scorn of His words, by His deeds did God show them the image thereof in a certain novel way. For that rain was unwonted, for that the intercourse was contrary to nature, and it deluged the land, since lust had done so with their souls. Wherefore also the rain was the opposite of the customary rain. Now not only did it fail to stir up the womb of the earth to the production of fruits, but made it even useless for the reception of seed. For such was also the intercourse of the men, making a body of this sort more worthless than the very land of Sodom. ”

          However in a modern context it might be seen that land that had been drained since the time of the Normans, and people who lived on that land on the understanding of drainage being carried out were let down by people who had other preoccupations rather than what they were employed to do.

    • Michael B Rooke

      @ Kinga Gray

      The subject of events in the Old Testament being attributed God has been recently tackled by the Congregation of Faith.

      “The purpose of this reflection can be summed up in a two-fold question: (a) How can Catholic theology respond critically to the cultural and political opinion which sees an intrinsic link between monotheism and violence? (b) How can the purity of religious faith in the one God be recognised as the principle and source of love between human ”

      The document is currently only in Italian and an English summary may be found on this link.

      The full Italian document is on this link.

      If the link in Italian is dropped into google then selecting ‘translate’ an unofficial translation may be obtained.

  • SteveD

    His father temporarily abdicated rather than sign a controversial bill into law.It became law anyway. Who would want to be King over such a nation? He should just abdicate full stop and advise his heirs to empty bins rather than rule the Belgians for the sake of their own souls if nothing else.

    • Lynda

      Yes, they were Christian Kings – let them leave the rotten royalty, and take up as soldiers for Christ in any capacity they can. That way they can fight for Christ and His Holy Church, which they can no longer do as Kings.

  • Augustine

    I think you will find that -ska indicates the female version of a name in Polish.


  • Augustine

    Queen Elizabeth I considered that the storms that defeated the Spanish Armada were providential – and had a medal struck to commemorate to commemorate England’s victory. The medal was inscribed with the words “Flavit Jehovah et Dissipati Sunt” – God blew and they were scattered.


    And during the Battle of the Bulge, General Patten ordered a Catholic Chaplain, Colonel James H. O’Neill to compose a prayer for fine weather. Patten ordered that 250,000 prayer cards be produced – and ordered his men to pray.

    The GIs under Patten command knew better than to disagree with “Old Blood and Guts” – and did what they were ordered to do.

    On December 20, to the consternation of the Germans and the delight of the American forecasters who were equally surprised at the turn-about-the rains and the fogs ceased.

    A coincidence? Patten and his men did not think so.


  • Lionel (Paris)

    I support your step asking His Majesty not to sign the Child Euthanasia Law

  • Owen Meany

    No, I don’t think they are kidding. They do actually mean that they are quite sure that their God diverted the Jet Stream, got the sea to pound the Cornish coast, flooded the Somerset levels and caused tons of untreated sewage to flow through homes in the Thames Valley because people of the same gender have been allowed to marry.

  • Stdven Tomlinson

    Make sure no profit can be made from the death, organ donation ect., and see if there is such a push for it. Not my most important reason for resisting this ruling, the other reasons have been covered. Gods will not our will be done!

  • ciao

    The problem with letting what happens in Belgium stay in Belgium, is that it won’t stay put.

    Belgium has desensitized themselves to killing with euthanasia for 12 years, so they think nothing about lowering the age of euthanasia or assisted suicide to include children.

    The Belgium law to decriminalize the killing of children, is the catalyst that has opened the door worldwide, to unethically harming children, taking their organs and making it legal. Just as legalizing abortion started the ball rolling after it was made okay by law to kill. Now, look at the abuses. Euthanasia is the same evil. We will be abandoning children and they must bear not only their illness, but now they will be bearing the heavy burden of making the choice to die and leave all they know and love. A decision that a child should not have to make. It is cruel and cold and not compassionate.

  • So what would you propose?

    They surely know your point of view and your arguments. So writing to or about them is unlikely to change their minds.

    Just think how you would feel if a bunch of Walloons all of sudden started tell Westminster what they thought of them?

    I doubt you can convince any UK politician to pursue it at the EEU

    They have yet to commit a crime… this may change soon, but until they do and it can be brought to the International court you will have to sit tight like the rest of us. The court happens to not be all that far from where all this is going down so they will be well informed I’m sure.

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