Endangered in their mother’s wombs for decades, now Belgian children are endangered in their beds

Belgium’s children have been endangered in their mother’s wombs for decades through abortion and curettage, and now they are in danger of being killed in their beds at home or in hospital with the legalisation of euthanasia of children under the age of 18.

The Belgian legislators justified their evil action against the advice of 120 pediatricians by saying euthanasia would only be restricted to a small number of children each year. Every time a country legalises  gravely evil acts they always attempt to minimize the moral significance of the new illegality. When the UK legalised abortion in 1967 supporters said its impact would be limited, but 5 millions murders later the UK is seeking to liberalise the killing of babies through abortion even more. When Enda Kenny passed his abortion law last year the pro-abort politicians and supporters said that only a small number of children would be effected. But in the months since legalising abortion there have been moves to include more categories of babies that can be killed.

And pro-abortionists want parents to the right to kill babies and children if they decide for whatever reason that their children are a problem or inconvenience. A pro-abortion Democrat politician recently argued that a baby having colic was a good reason to have an abortion. Wessel-Kroeschell said:

‘“I want to let you know that we as women know about babies. We love them. We adore them.  But we also know that they have the challenges they bring. They have colic, the sleepless nights, the finances, the disciplinary challenges, the education challenges, the birth defects, the mental health issues, the learning disabled…the list goes on and on. And what women do know is that we know where our limits are.  We absolutely know where our limits are –whether we’re ready, whether we’re physically ready, whether we’re emotionally ready, whether we’re finically ready to be parents– And we have the right to make those decisions.”

The next step is for parents to have the legal right to kill their children if they have colic, or give their parents sleepless nights, discipline problems, in fact any type of problem.

Ann Furedi, the director of the industrial abortion provider BPAS, is a supporter of After Birth Abortion, which is another term for infanticide. Furedi holds that ‘ There is nothing magical about passing through the birth canal that transforms it from a fetus into a person.’


Belgium’s euthanasia of children has opened the door for the Culture of Death practitioners to gradually push the boundaries of when its acceptable to kill a child.

BPAS Chief Executive says people have trouble with late abortion because the baby ‘looks like a baby’


20 comments to Endangered in their mother’s wombs for decades, now Belgian children are endangered in their beds

  • Independent

    Will any aged traveller be safe in Belgium if falling ill?

  • Michael Petek

    For parents to be given the legal right to kill their children outside the womb as well as in it would represent a reversion to the practice in ancient Rome by which a father had the power of life and death over his child. When his wife or mistress gave birth to a baby, a father would signify his acceptance of it by lifting it from the floor.

    If he left it there it would be taken away and exposed in the open air. Many of these children were rescued by Christians and adopted into Christian families. This time, that option will not exists. Still, we do have the clear command of God Himself:

    “If a man sheds the blood of another, by man shall his blood be shed, for man is made in the image of God.” (Genesis 9:6).

  • Joseph Matthew

    The generation that celebrated legal abortion has reached that age when they want a legal assisted death. There is a logical slope from abortion to euthanasia.

  • freboniusthe2

    Have these people learned anything from the Holocaust! it seems that they have forgotten the primary aim of history is that those who fail to learn its mistakes, will invariable repeat them QED!

  • Lionel (Paris)

    It is terrible!

  • Chrysostom

    When I was a boy, Belgium, was the very heart of Catholicism, giving its sons and daughters as priests and nuns for the whole world. There was then no abortion anywhere in Europe; the word “gay” meant cheerful; the big problem with Catholic churches in Belgium, England and all over the world was that they could not hold the vast numbers who were at Mass. Then we had the Second Vatican Council which did NOT order the least change in the Holy Mass, did NOT authorise Holy Communion in the hand, did NOT authorise altar girls; did NOT say that all religions were the same; did NOT order extraordinary ministers; did NOT order us to ignore Communist persecution in China and elsewhere; did not tell us to ignore the Holy Souls; did NOT order us to smash statues; did NOT order us to stop the Mary Processions for Our Blessed Lady; did NOT order us to change the Requiem into a “celebration of a person’s life” with instant canonization. But the people in charge told us that these changes were all ordered.

    We used to know the gospels in those days and remembered Our Blessed Lord telling us how to recognise what was good and what was bad:”By their fruits shall ye know them.”

    • Michael Petek

      The Council did NOT affirm that the sorcery we call contraception was OK, yet a global survey has just discovered that 78 per cent of Catholics think it is.

  • ms Catholic state

    There should be a worldwide boycott of Belgium over this….All Catholic schools in Britain could start by refusing to take school trips to Belgium for now on.

    Sadly don’t hold your breaths….many secondary schools in Britain are only vaguely aware they are Catholic…and probably aren’t even know of this deeply anti-Catholic, anti-human law being passed in Belgium….but we live in hop.

    • iggy o'donovan

      I note your call for the boycott of Belgium. I am at the moment planning a visit by a group of young people (mainly Catholic) to some of the Belgian battlefield sites like Ypres and Messines. I think your proposal may be ill considered. I believe Her Majesty may be also planning to visit the “Front”.

      • ms Catholic state

        I don’t think my call is in the least ill considered. I only think the world won’t care enough….or won’t be bold enough. We’ll just let it pass. But maybe faithful Catholics in Belgium can change it. They are already protesting silently about this. They call themselves the Sentinelles (like the ones in France).

        But I think Catholics should boycott Belgium.

        • Bob Hayes

          Last month I was in Brussels on work and, aware of the forthcoming vote, felt rather perturbed at being there. While I can understand calls for a boycott of Belgium, an even-handed approach to boycotts could leave many Catholics virtually stateless. Let’s face it, my homeland (Britain) is a state which operates a de facto system of abortion on demand within the legislated time limits. Add to that the death by dehydration practices of ‘care’ for the elderly and infirm and a boycott of Britain is surely in order too?

        • iggy o'donovan

          “Catholics should boycott Belgium”. But most Belgians ARE Catholic. What are they to do??

          • ms catholic state

            then I suppose we better pray that the King will refuse to sign. But it seems that this law was advanced by indifference……including Catholic indifference. A boycott of Belgium might shake this callous indifference. consider that the PM didnt even bother to show up for the debate. sad really.

      • Bob Hayes

        An Irish Catholic priest deferring to the British monarch. Got to love your irony Fr Iggy.

        • iggy o'donovan

          Yes a British monarch who in her hugely successful visit to Ireland two years ago openly paid tribute to dead Irish patriots who died fighting against her ancestors. Her majesty came here as an “instrument of peace and reconciliation” and I am happy to acknowledge that. I know there are divided views on the very idea of monarchy but Britain is singularly fortunate in having the present occupant on the throne. A few years back we were thrilled to witness President McAleese and Queen Elizabeth jointly open a memorial in Flanders to Irish soldiers who had fallen in the Great War wearing the uniform of the Crown. So as an Irish person I see no irony in deferring to the present monarch, a good friend to Ireland.

          • Bob Hayes

            A little too serious there for me Fr Iggy. I too am cognisant of H.M. The Queen’s diligence, tact and diplomacy in the service of British governments since 1952/3.

  • Bob Franks

    ” Furedi holds that ‘ There is nothing magical about passing through the birth canal that transforms it from a fetus into a person.’ ”

    Quite right, life is just as sacred inside the womb as outside it. But if the likes of Ann Furedi see no difference to a baby before or after birth and yet can be involved in their mass murder, they clearly have no regard for anybody’s life unless it serves their own interests.

  • iggy o'donovan

    Thanks Bob. Point taken

  • Thanks for all your work in keeping us up to date with the attacks on the Church and its teaching from within and without.

    As a result, you’ve been tapped for a gong! http://hughosb.wordpress.com/2014/02/18/belatedly-an-award/

    Pax semper.

    Fr H

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