Resources: By Rev Nick Donnelly

Stations of the Cross with Pope FrancisStations of the Cross with Pope Francis

By: Ed. Rev Nick Donnelly

Amid all the sound-bites and comment on the words and actions of Pope Francis, this booklet invites you to stop and pray with the Pope and truly understand his message of love and mercy. These meditations on the Passion of Christ offer, in the words of Pope Francis, not only a deeply prayerful journey along the Via Dolorosa, but valuable insight into the mind and heart of the recently elected Holy Father.






Praying the Rosary with the Saints

        Meditations on the mysteries of the Rosary by well known saints

By: Rev Nick Donnelly

The Rosary contains the essence of the Gospel, particularly with the new Mysteries of Light, which enable us to meditate on the public ministry of Jesus. This way of prayer has been loved by countless saints, who found it a genuine path to growth in holiness, offering them and us a privileged means for daily conversation with the Lord. Our communion with the saints joins us closer to Christ. They appeal to so many of us because of the love, truth, and sincerity of their lives. In their personalities and actions we see a reflection of the face of Christ, and in their words we hear his voice speaking to us. This booklet enables us to pray with them to Jesus, with Mary.



Living with Illness and Suffering

        The Catholic way to hope and healing

Practical guidance on bearing suffering and sickness.

By: Rev Nick Donnelly

This booklet of practical advice, discernment and reflection, meditation and prayer, has been written for people coming to terms with chronic illness and other conditions – long-term sickness, disability, grief, depression, anxiety and other forms of suffering. This timely exposition of the Catholic understanding of the dignity and value of each life eloquently answers today’s vocal minority who press for easy answers, including assisted suicide.  Accessible and thorough, this text has been written with great compassion and insight.